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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New blades for KNK Groove and Cricut Expression

I have to tell you about these new blades I bought for my Cricut and come to find out they fit my KNK Groove as well.

I was so excited. because, I have needed a new blade for my KNK for a while. Because no matter what I tried it would tear the paper, And the blade wasn't that old.  And hadn't used it that much.  So I started using my Cricut Expression in place of my KNK until I could get some blades at a really good price.

Well, I had hear a ton of great reviews on these blades by Roland.  And they are super cheap.  So I figured I wouldn't be out much if they didn't work.

Well, I ordered a set of 60 degree blades.  You get 5 blades for $9 and free shipping.  So hey, why not try it.

The came the other day, And I tried them in my Expression and they fit perfect and work great.  And then I compared them to my KNK Groove blade,  And these are just a tad shorter but same size other wise,  So I put one in.  And tried test cutting my new Easter Flower Collection today.  And OMG! It cut like butter.  No more ripped paper.  So they do work,  I don't know for how long.  Compared to the the KNK blades.  But hey.  When your on a super tight budget like I am.  You have to save as much as you can.

If you would like to check out these blades.  You can find them here. Kinkishop721



teela said...

Sharon, thanks for the info on the Roland blades. when I looked at kinkishop721 it said for vinyl. Will these work on cardstock w/Cricut expression? Please answer via email asap. thanks! Teelayoung@ hotmail dot com

Sharon said...

Yes, they are posted a vinyl blades. because they sell that cutter. But they do work perfect in our KNK groove and Cricut Expression. And yes, they work on cardstock. I cut some super thick cardstock with these yesterday.


Patti said...

Thanks so much for this link. I've been reading about people using the Roland Blades in their various cutters in the last few days and have been searching online. This is the best deal I've seen, so I just ordered a set for my cutter. Can't wait to see how they work!

Sharon said...

Great Patti,

I am super happy with how it cut on my KNK. It has been cutting like crap for a while. So I figured it was in need of a new blade with all the cutting I do. And it cut like butter on the first try. I was so happy. I think Im going to order some more since they are on sale. LOL!.