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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Colors Are Touching "Oh My"

I know you girls have seen a lot of my "Storage and Organization"  on my forum.  Well.  It seems I'm running our of space in my Craft room already.  So trying to condense things.  And couldn't figure out what to do.

Until,  Jill and I were all over town looking for Canning Jars.  And can you believe no one had any!  So then I remembered.  I have a bunch of new ones I bought last year to put my Ribbon, Fiber, Flowers and Buttons in. 

So My hubby suggest merging them all in a huge jar.  So he took me to Old Town Pottery, (I just love that place.. Every thing under the sun as such a great price)   Well, we went yesterday and he kept pointing out these jar.  I kept saying, "No, That's not big enough"  Well,  I found this Huge Glass Jar with a pretty design in it.  And it has a wood lid with a rubber ring so it fits tight.  He says"Are you kidding, You need one that big"  I said,  No, Actually I need a couple" LOL

So he put 2 in the cart.  I think they are like 3gal Jars. I mean, they are huge.  And they were only 3.99 each. 

Well, today, I took the leap and did it.  And now stressing a little that all my colors are now touching.  Those with OCD will know what I'm talking about.  I had every color in its own jar.  Here is what I had for "Some" of my flowers.  I have to put the rest I have in other containers in here. 
I had 13 of the Pint Canning jars with flowers. So yes. 13 colors.

And those only take up half of this Jar so I may add the rest of them .

Next I did the Ribbon and last minute decided to throw the Fiber in there as well.  These are all the Ribbon and fiber less then 3 ft.

9 quart jars of Ribbons and 8 pint jars of Fiber. 
And here is Smokey checking out the new jar and trying to figure out how she is going to get the ribbon out of there.  You see, every morning, I find ribbon strung out though my house.  She climbs up the shelf and Pulls the Rolls of ribbon out. This is why I got those Craft lockers for ribbon.  I have to load those yet.

Okay, here is the Huge jar filled to the top with all the Ribbon and Fiber.  So looks Like I might have to get another one for Ribbon or stop buying Ribbon, Yeah, Right.  Oh yeah!  I just sent in 16 ribbons for a Ribbon Swap at VDBC and now I will get 16 new ribbons back.  So excited. LOL!

And then I said, well,  I have more canning jars with button sorted by color.  So what the heck. I had bought these two beautiful Old Glass jars at a yard sale this weekend.  So I used one for my buttons.  The one filed with buttons is from Planters Peanuts 1984  and the empty one with the wheat is from Planters Peanuts 1982.  I think I'm going to start collecting these jars. I just love the designs and how old they are.

And one last look at Smokey, She is playing in the big bag that the Jars came in.  And Bandit is checking her out and trying to figure out why she is in that bag. LOL!.

 My next post will be 2 more wedding layouts.  I finished 4 and will show you the other 2 as soon as I figure out what they are missing.   And now I'm down to only 4 pages left. I think. LOL.

Friday.  Make sure you stop by. I will be posting some blog candy.  One lucky "Follower"  will win.


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