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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Camera is driving me Crazy! Help!

I used to love my Lumix TZ1  it took the best pictures.  But it seems like in the past few months.  The Picture quality has been getting worse.  The pictures aren't as clear and crisp as they used to be.  And the lighting seems to be off. 

I have reset it and its no better.  I went and got some GE Daylight 100 watt bulbs.  And tried to see if that would help.  Well this is the picture I got.  It has a lot of red hues to it.  Does that seem Right when using 2  100 watt daylight bulbs.
It seems to me, I looking at the card in the white box and its nice and bright,  But when I take the picture. This is what I get.  With a lot of red tones.

I just tried taking this picture with a blue back ground and the flash and it looks washed out,  You cant see the details.

And taking it out side in the bright sunlight gives me this. 

Which is a little better, but if I'm taking this out side and it so bright you cant open your eyes.  Shouldn't this picture be brighter then this?

Okay,  So do y'all think I need a new camera?   Any suggestions one a good one on a budget.  I don't want a big fancy one.  Just a really good point and shoot.

I have had this one about 3-4 years.  And from what I understand is.  The camera itself don't go bad with age.  The actual digital quality goes bad after you take a lot of pictures.   I noticed the same thing happening with my last camera a Fuji 3.0 I used to take great pictures and after about the same amount of time.  It started doing the same thing this one is. 

I have got out the book and I did a manual reset to factor settings and that didn't help a whole lot. 

So any suggestions on this problem.  Or a new camera.



jordiegirl said...

Sorry I can't help as I'm not good technically with a camera. I just have a fairly simple Fuji Finepix F300EXR which I bought last year. My other one is a Vivitar Vivicam 4000. I've had the Vivitar about 4 years and it is still okay but bought the Fuji because it has a better zoom on it and I think it's 12mp compared to 6.3mp on the Vivitar which was a decent thing when we bought it.

The Fuji is a bit more complicated but I am learning to use some of the different settings. I don't want a big camera to lug around or learn to use so I like both of these as they fit in my pocket or handbag.

I love the card by the way it is fabulous, managed to see it on your last photo.

Ginger (Games) said...

For cameras I stay with the big names, Kodak and Minolta (just me). I also, say get the most pixels you can afford. The more the better the quality of little details.