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Friday, March 11, 2011

Im So Sorry, I will post blog candy on Monday.

If you all remember, I posted I was going to post my blog candy today.  Well,  You see,  I got myself in to a big job today.

We went looked at and bought a screen room addition. With the roof, Sides, screens and All the windows with the tented vinyl in them.  There are 20 windows I think.  The room is the size of our deck in the back of our mobile home 10 x 26.  So if we drove about an hour away and took it down.  Then we could have the entire room for $300 ( yes three hundred dollars) LOL.   So its an awesome deal to pass up. Every thing is foam insulated and so is the roof.  So we couldn't pass this up as we have been trying to figure out how to save on a no spare budget to screen in our deck.  So for $300.  We are doing it.

And now this will give me a Year round room on the back of the mobile home.  And I will be able to use the roof Pans for a 10 x 26 Awning on the front of the mobile home now.

So today, we got all the windows out, all the screens out, all the kick plates on the inside and outside with the foam panles. All the side poles and and all 3 Down spouts out today.  So tomorrow.  We will go take down the roof.   Good thing we have some help.  So I will be busy all weekend,

So I will post on Monday. 
Sorry yall,


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