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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fiskar Punch Tutorial

You all know by now, How I just love boarder punches. I have several of the Martha Stewart punches, And several of these Fiskar punches.  And I love how easy the Fiskar are to use because they deal with Whole Inch.  And Martha's deal with I believe Increments of 1 3/4 inches.  I only have 2 of these Boarder and Corner punches.  And I'm on the look out for more.  

I have showed you all a tutorial on this punch I have before.  But it was on a square mat I was using for a layout.

But while working on my Daughters Wedding Album.  I discovered some thing I didn't know about these Fiskar boarder and corner punches.  I knew they did the square mats because that is what all the Fiskar sites show. 

But I found out. That since Fiskar punches for in even 1 inch increments.  That you can do other shapes.  For example.  I used a 4 x 6 picture of Me and my wonderful Hubby, at my Daughters wedding last March.

I used Fiskars Boarder and Corner Punch "A Tisket A Tasket",  And I cut my mat for my picture 1 inch bigger on both sides.  So for a 4 x 6 picture your mat should be 5 x 7..

Next you punch your first corner and first straight part. And continue with just the straight parts down the side.

When you get almost to the end of your paper.  Look to make sure you stop when you have 1 inch left.  You will now turn the mat to make the corner punch.
You will punch your corner and your first straight part. And continue down till you have 1 inch left.  And turn again.  Untill you have gone all the way around.

Your last straight punch will finish your cut frame.  And should look like the picture above.

I have showed you this before.  I like the look of this frame better with the tiny outer frame clipped.  You just take some fine point scissors like Cutter bees.  And snip the little tab that holds the outer frame to the rest of it.
This is what your punched and cut frame will look like after the trimming. Now, if you look at the corners. You see the little tabs in the corners. Well, guess what.  That holds a 4x6 Picture perfect.  So you can do this for other sizes.  Like 5x7 you cut your mat at 6 x 8.  How cool is that.
Here is my finished frame for this picture.  My husband and I don't have but a few pictures of us over the years. So this is my new favorite picture. 

If you have any questions on this punch or tutorial.  Please ask. 

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Rhonda P said...

I love the Fiskar corner and border punches. I have used them on rectangles before but never thought of using them to hold pictures. Thanks so much for this information.

Sharon said...

Your welcome.

I was thrilled when I figured this out. So I just had to share.


Jill said...

You're just always full of surprises- thanks for showing this neat trick.

Caroline said...

Great tutorial Sharon, thanks for sharing :)

Sue aka barracudasue said...

That is just SO cool, Sharon! Love your bits of information to make something a little different!