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Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Weekend Here!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Here in Florida, it was hot.  Saturday it was 87 and Sunday it was 92 and man, this is only March.  I think I better uncover the pool and get it ready for the summer now. LOL!.

Friday, Was my birthday, and I spent the afternoon with a good scrapping friend. I haven't seen in several months as she had a baby and between working full time and having a little one.  Its hard to meet up.   But we got to meet up and go to Joanns on Friday,  and we bought some scrapping supplies. And She hasnt bought any since the baby was born.  And then we ate some lunch and then she went to pick up her little man and we took him to the park and we chased him around for about an hour.  He is 14 mths old, but seems like he is 2. He knows about 30 words and knows sign language.  We had a good time. 

After I got home.  She IM's me and says, "Help me find a cricut"  So yep, She now has a cricut expression. LOL!  I told her, with a little one she has to scrap his pictures so she is all for it. 

Saturday, My husband and I took down the Aluminum awning that we put up on the back of our mobile home over our deck.  So we can put up the new one we bought from some one a few weeks ago. 

Sunday, We got to visit our grandson Preston. He is getting bigger and has little fat rolls on his legs now.  He is 7 weeks today and now weighs 9lb 8 oz.  Which is awesome,  Remember he was 5 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs. 3 oz.  So he is doing great.  My husband got to see and hold him for the 2nd time.   Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Sunday, My husband and I started putting the puzzle, I mean, Screen room, LOL!  Up.  And wow, it was like a puzzle.  When we took it down where we bought it from, It looked like all the side sections and window sections were all the same size, So we didnt mark those.  But, Nope!.  Every one of them were different.  So good thing for me.  I marked a lot of the uprights so I knew where those went.  And we put the top frame on and attached that.  And then the center supports were easy to fit in place to find the right ones. 

The last side was a bit of fun because.  The room was 10 by 26.  And had 3 sides, just like we needed.  But the door was on the end of the long side, and then there was a built in closet and rounded to the other side where there was another set of windows. Here is a picture of what it looked like when we got it.  So you can see where the door is and the aluminum closet is.

  So we stopped it where the door was and turned the corner and put the door on the short side so it opens to where our other porch is. And will still have the one set of windows on that side.   It was a bit of fun makeing pieces fit,  But it worked out perfect if I do say so myself.   I till take a picture of that when its up more.  We decided to replace all the screens so it was easier to take a part.  And they were kind of shot from this hot Florida sun any way.   With this room now shortened.  We will have some covered deck space but still open deck space left for your grill.  With works out perfect.  I can't wait to get the screen room in and put the windows in.

Does any one know what that tented see though vinyl stuff is they have on the porch windows.  We now need to replace several of them as the wind on the interstate did a job on several of the ones on the out sides.

Well, that is how my weekend was. Busy, Busy, Busy.

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And my Monthly Challenge ends on March 31 and so does my "Spring Blog Candy" so make sure you don't miss these. This will probably be my last reminder. As I'm going to be busy test cutting a bunch of new files.

See ya in a couple days. Thanks for stopping by!


jzayler said...

What a couple of babes! lol. Preston is so cute!

Ginger (Games) said...

Do you mean that tint for car windows? It is put on with water and a squeegey thing. I remember seeing it at a auto shop. But I wonder if a home deopo or lowes might have it as well. Hope you can find it!

The baby is getting big! Yeah!

Sharon said...

No, Not window tent. These screen rooms have the flexible tented vinyl. Its like a plastic and you install it just like the screen.


Brittney said...

I'm a new follower! Congts! Your Gandbaby is cute.

ms.schwiet said...

Mymymy what a cute grandbaby