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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New blades for KNK Groove and Cricut Expression

I have to tell you about these new blades I bought for my Cricut and come to find out they fit my KNK Groove as well.

I was so excited. because, I have needed a new blade for my KNK for a while. Because no matter what I tried it would tear the paper, And the blade wasn't that old.  And hadn't used it that much.  So I started using my Cricut Expression in place of my KNK until I could get some blades at a really good price.

Well, I had hear a ton of great reviews on these blades by Roland.  And they are super cheap.  So I figured I wouldn't be out much if they didn't work.

Well, I ordered a set of 60 degree blades.  You get 5 blades for $9 and free shipping.  So hey, why not try it.

The came the other day, And I tried them in my Expression and they fit perfect and work great.  And then I compared them to my KNK Groove blade,  And these are just a tad shorter but same size other wise,  So I put one in.  And tried test cutting my new Easter Flower Collection today.  And OMG! It cut like butter.  No more ripped paper.  So they do work,  I don't know for how long.  Compared to the the KNK blades.  But hey.  When your on a super tight budget like I am.  You have to save as much as you can.

If you would like to check out these blades.  You can find them here. Kinkishop721


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Blog Button!

I got up this morning and realized, when I had my blog redone, I'm missing my blog button.  So I played around with my blog header.  And played in Paint.net.  And I was able to make one.  I don't think it came out to bad for my first try with this small image.   The png header image I had to work with wasn't high resolution,  But I think it looks pretty good for now.

This blog button is 150 x 150 so it will fit on the side of your blog with the rest of your buttons.  Please add mine if you like my blog.

And, I also found a tutorial on the net on "How to add your button to your blog with that code box under it".  And Woo Hoo!  It worked on the first try.  So I'm super excited. 

So, To add my button to your blog. 

1.  Over on the top right.  You will see my button with the code.
2. Copy the code
3. Go to your blog dashboard
4. Add Gadget
5. Select HTML and paste the code
6. Save and view your blog.

You can move the button to any place on your blog by:
going to your blogger dashboard and clicking on the button box and dragging it where you want it.  And save and view your blog.

That's all there is to it.

I will be back with a blog post on some new blades for my KNK and Expression.

And don't forget about Blog candy, Tomorrow is the last day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Weekend Here!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Here in Florida, it was hot.  Saturday it was 87 and Sunday it was 92 and man, this is only March.  I think I better uncover the pool and get it ready for the summer now. LOL!.

Friday, Was my birthday, and I spent the afternoon with a good scrapping friend. I haven't seen in several months as she had a baby and between working full time and having a little one.  Its hard to meet up.   But we got to meet up and go to Joanns on Friday,  and we bought some scrapping supplies. And She hasnt bought any since the baby was born.  And then we ate some lunch and then she went to pick up her little man and we took him to the park and we chased him around for about an hour.  He is 14 mths old, but seems like he is 2. He knows about 30 words and knows sign language.  We had a good time. 

After I got home.  She IM's me and says, "Help me find a cricut"  So yep, She now has a cricut expression. LOL!  I told her, with a little one she has to scrap his pictures so she is all for it. 

Saturday, My husband and I took down the Aluminum awning that we put up on the back of our mobile home over our deck.  So we can put up the new one we bought from some one a few weeks ago. 

Sunday, We got to visit our grandson Preston. He is getting bigger and has little fat rolls on his legs now.  He is 7 weeks today and now weighs 9lb 8 oz.  Which is awesome,  Remember he was 5 weeks early and weighed 5 lbs. 3 oz.  So he is doing great.  My husband got to see and hold him for the 2nd time.   Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Sunday, My husband and I started putting the puzzle, I mean, Screen room, LOL!  Up.  And wow, it was like a puzzle.  When we took it down where we bought it from, It looked like all the side sections and window sections were all the same size, So we didnt mark those.  But, Nope!.  Every one of them were different.  So good thing for me.  I marked a lot of the uprights so I knew where those went.  And we put the top frame on and attached that.  And then the center supports were easy to fit in place to find the right ones. 

The last side was a bit of fun because.  The room was 10 by 26.  And had 3 sides, just like we needed.  But the door was on the end of the long side, and then there was a built in closet and rounded to the other side where there was another set of windows. Here is a picture of what it looked like when we got it.  So you can see where the door is and the aluminum closet is.

  So we stopped it where the door was and turned the corner and put the door on the short side so it opens to where our other porch is. And will still have the one set of windows on that side.   It was a bit of fun makeing pieces fit,  But it worked out perfect if I do say so myself.   I till take a picture of that when its up more.  We decided to replace all the screens so it was easier to take a part.  And they were kind of shot from this hot Florida sun any way.   With this room now shortened.  We will have some covered deck space but still open deck space left for your grill.  With works out perfect.  I can't wait to get the screen room in and put the windows in.

Does any one know what that tented see though vinyl stuff is they have on the porch windows.  We now need to replace several of them as the wind on the interstate did a job on several of the ones on the out sides.

Well, that is how my weekend was. Busy, Busy, Busy.

This will probably be my last reminder for these.  The March Grab bag ends and will no longer be available after the 31.  So make sure you grab all these files for an awesome price of $7. 

And my Monthly Challenge ends on March 31 and so does my "Spring Blog Candy" so make sure you don't miss these. This will probably be my last reminder. As I'm going to be busy test cutting a bunch of new files.

See ya in a couple days. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Go Green" Challenge, "Thinking Of You"

I'm hosting my monthly challenge at the VDBC and for March, The theme is "Go Green" as in the color.  So here is my card for my challenge.

My challenge for March is to use Green, White and or Cream. So I have a Cream cardstock for the card, And the sentiment on the front and inside.   I then used green pattern paper from Fancy pants "Happy Together"  green paisley is "Always" and the one with the birds is "Grin"  I sewed the edge with sage green thread.  And the Ribbon is also sage, it was from one of my MCS kits.  

I stamped the image with Just rite stampers "Thinking of you " set.  And heat embossed with Cream and gold glitter embossing powder.  And then cut it out with spellbinders Ovals.  Used L3 for the first layer, S4 for the green layer and L4 for the frame cream layer that is also embossed.  I also used sage ribbon from my stash for the center, and I had a slim piece of paper trimming left, and it fit perfect in the center of the ribbon,  And used 2 gold brands to finish it. After I sewed the edges.  I used a TH edge distresser and rippled the edges a little.  All ovals are mounted on Pop dots. 

The inside matches the paper and ribbon on the front. 

Notice I'm still having camera issue, I'm trying all kinds of settings with the white balance and this still isn't right. 

Thought y'all would like to see little Smokey checking out my sewing job on this card.  I was reaching for the scissors and she poked her head though.  Good thing I was done.  Jeez!

Other Reminders:

VDBC March grab bag (I'm one of the designers)  Only avail able till next thursday

Blog Candy   You have till next Thursday to comment and become a follower, and post the blog candy some where.  You can leave up to 3 comments. One for each thing


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exciting Announcement ! Sharon's Finished Creations

What is that you ask!

Well, I have just started posting my finished creations in the VDBC store.  So you will now see in my store.  My finished cards and other projects and craft items.   If you have loved some of the cards and things you have seen on my blog.  Well, now you have a chance to buy these one of a kind items. 

You can go to my store RSMobleys Designs  And if you click on SKU at the top and then click on the last page.  They start there. 

 I have my first 3 of 16 cards listed tonight.  I give you all the information on each card and all special things used.  Most cards have a finished inside to match the front.  And don't freak.  The price you see includes shipping until we can get that set up differently.   I will ship your cards with love and care and in padded envelopes or if you buy a few. I will put them in a box to protect them.

Most of these cards were made with some of my files and I have probably showed techniques on these on my blog.  So they will look familiar.

So now, I will show you the first 3 I have listed.  Be looking for more to hit the store in the next week.

This is my First Wedding card I made.  Its very special to me.  It has 2 different embossing patterns,  the edges are inked with a gold leaf pen.  The doves are my file and they have stickles on the edges of their wings and mounted on pop dots.  I used ribbon to attach to the connected gold rings.  I heat embossed the stamped saying on the front and finished with a white and gold ribbon.  The inside is a stamped quote "This Marriage"  and is also heat embossed in gold to match the front, and mounted with gold brads. You can purchase this card here.  Wedding Card SM0001F

 This is my Penguin Slider Christmas Card.  I know you remember this one.  This one was published in the Gingerstreets Scrap ezine in January.  This one was made using my cutter file.  And has lots of layers.  The trees are on pop dots,  and they have puffy paint for the snow.  The snow boarder is embossed with swirls.  The pond has puffy paint and Glossy accents to make the Ice look slick. And the Penguin slides from side to side.  The inside has matching pattern paper to the front and white cardstock and a light blue ribbon. You can purchase this card here.  Penguin Slider Christmas Card

This is one of my favorites.  I love how this card came out.  I needed a Manly Birthday card and thought this would work.   The cardstock is tan, and brown, with pattern paper.  And the center image is Stamped colored and heat embossed with clear embossing powder and then the back ground is inked with 3 different colors and mounted on green cardstock.  The sentiment  is Stamped and inked "Happy Birthday" and mounted with a silver metal frame and gold brads. And has a brown ribbon.  The inside has the same matching pattern paper and white cardstock and matching ribbon.  You can purchase this card here. Horse Birthday Card.

Well, I uploaded 3 of my favorite cards.  I hope you enjoy them and the person to receive them loves them as well.  They are made with lots of love. 

Be watching for more of my Hand made cards and other projects to hit the store in the near future. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Camera is driving me Crazy! Help!

I used to love my Lumix TZ1  it took the best pictures.  But it seems like in the past few months.  The Picture quality has been getting worse.  The pictures aren't as clear and crisp as they used to be.  And the lighting seems to be off. 

I have reset it and its no better.  I went and got some GE Daylight 100 watt bulbs.  And tried to see if that would help.  Well this is the picture I got.  It has a lot of red hues to it.  Does that seem Right when using 2  100 watt daylight bulbs.
It seems to me, I looking at the card in the white box and its nice and bright,  But when I take the picture. This is what I get.  With a lot of red tones.

I just tried taking this picture with a blue back ground and the flash and it looks washed out,  You cant see the details.

And taking it out side in the bright sunlight gives me this. 

Which is a little better, but if I'm taking this out side and it so bright you cant open your eyes.  Shouldn't this picture be brighter then this?

Okay,  So do y'all think I need a new camera?   Any suggestions one a good one on a budget.  I don't want a big fancy one.  Just a really good point and shoot.

I have had this one about 3-4 years.  And from what I understand is.  The camera itself don't go bad with age.  The actual digital quality goes bad after you take a lot of pictures.   I noticed the same thing happening with my last camera a Fuji 3.0 I used to take great pictures and after about the same amount of time.  It started doing the same thing this one is. 

I have got out the book and I did a manual reset to factor settings and that didn't help a whole lot. 

So any suggestions on this problem.  Or a new camera.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Cricut Gypsy with Lot of Extras

 I have put my Cricut Gypsy up for sale on ebay. Includes every thing in the picture.

Here is my Ebay listing.  Tell your friends if they are looking for a like new Gypsy.  Comes with every thing in picture plus one pink and black sleeve not in picture.  And loaded with 9 carts.  This ships in a Flat rate Priority box. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's A Hoppin Saturday!

Have you been hopping around the web this weekend.  If not, You might want to head over to Lori's Blog "Beloved keepsakes".  She has another cute free file for you today.  And some awesome give aways to celebrate her return to the store.  And she is also having a 50% sale in her store.

And Chris is having a give away on her blog today.  Visual Design by Chris.  She is giving away one March Grab bag.  And if you already have it.  Then you can win the April Grab bag.  So make sure you go over and check out Chris's Give away.

And While your at the store.  Make sure you stop by my store "RSMobleys Designs"
All my designs even collections are Half off,  thats right 50% off this weekend only.  Sat and Sunday.  Then Monday they go back to 25% off for the rest of the month.  So get them now while you can save the extra. 


You still have time to enter my blog candy.   You have until March 31st.  To comment on the"Spring Blog Candy" Post.  (You must be a follower of my blog to win)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Free File, Sales, Newsletter, Challenges, Bingo. Wow!

There is a lot going on at the Visual Designs by Chris forum.

The new"Newsletter"when out this morning and its packed with things to read, As there are several tutorials listed.  And several of the designers are having great sales to Celebrate Lori coming back from her move.

For the free file.  There is one on Lori's blog and one hidden in the store.  The clues are in the newsletter so make sure you check it out.

And you have 2 weeks left to grab this months Grab bag.  I'm one of the designers in this months bag.  There are some super cute kids files in there.

Also, there are several challenges going on right now.  Im also hosting the monthly challenge. This month is "Go Green"  as in the color green. LOL!

All your links are in the "Newsletter"  So make sure you check it out. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Preston" 5 weeks Old Already!

Wow how time flies.  Monday March 14, Was Preston's Original due date. And if you remember. We had the baby shower 5 weeks ago and he decided to be born the next day.  So he was 5 weeks old on his due date.

He is growing and gaining weight.  He is just now wearing a few newborn clothes.  His legs are a little long for the preemie sleepers now.  He no longer has to go to weekly Preemie appointments.  And new visit is in a couple weeks for his first set of Shots.

I got to go over and visit with my daughter and bring her the Wedding Scrapbook album I made for her.  And I got to hold Preston.   He has lost that pink new baby look and its looking like a cute little boy.

Here is Preston just looking at me as I was telling him, I'm his Gramma.   He is starting to be more awake. This was the longest he was awake I have seen him.  It was only about 15 minutes.  But I got to talk to him.  And he was looking all around the room.  No smiles yet.  But its so awesome to have them look at you while your talking.   I cant wait for him to get a little older. And know I'm his Gramma and how much I love him.

I better get started on some baby layouts.  I will be using several of the files in the March Grab bag.  They are super cute baby and kid files.  If you have any old pictures of your little ones or grand kids.  Now is a great time to get this set of files and get those pages done. 

Don't forget about my blog candy.  You have till the 31st to comment. I will pick a winner on April  2.  Click the blog candy picture at the top of the post.  To take you there.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fiskar Punch Tutorial

You all know by now, How I just love boarder punches. I have several of the Martha Stewart punches, And several of these Fiskar punches.  And I love how easy the Fiskar are to use because they deal with Whole Inch.  And Martha's deal with I believe Increments of 1 3/4 inches.  I only have 2 of these Boarder and Corner punches.  And I'm on the look out for more.  

I have showed you all a tutorial on this punch I have before.  But it was on a square mat I was using for a layout.

But while working on my Daughters Wedding Album.  I discovered some thing I didn't know about these Fiskar boarder and corner punches.  I knew they did the square mats because that is what all the Fiskar sites show. 

But I found out. That since Fiskar punches for in even 1 inch increments.  That you can do other shapes.  For example.  I used a 4 x 6 picture of Me and my wonderful Hubby, at my Daughters wedding last March.

I used Fiskars Boarder and Corner Punch "A Tisket A Tasket",  And I cut my mat for my picture 1 inch bigger on both sides.  So for a 4 x 6 picture your mat should be 5 x 7..

Next you punch your first corner and first straight part. And continue with just the straight parts down the side.

When you get almost to the end of your paper.  Look to make sure you stop when you have 1 inch left.  You will now turn the mat to make the corner punch.
You will punch your corner and your first straight part. And continue down till you have 1 inch left.  And turn again.  Untill you have gone all the way around.

Your last straight punch will finish your cut frame.  And should look like the picture above.

I have showed you this before.  I like the look of this frame better with the tiny outer frame clipped.  You just take some fine point scissors like Cutter bees.  And snip the little tab that holds the outer frame to the rest of it.
This is what your punched and cut frame will look like after the trimming. Now, if you look at the corners. You see the little tabs in the corners. Well, guess what.  That holds a 4x6 Picture perfect.  So you can do this for other sizes.  Like 5x7 you cut your mat at 6 x 8.  How cool is that.
Here is my finished frame for this picture.  My husband and I don't have but a few pictures of us over the years. So this is my new favorite picture. 

If you have any questions on this punch or tutorial.  Please ask. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Blog Candy!

Happy Monday,

I'm so loving this awesome weather we are having here in Florida.  Okay, well, its kind of Wonky, but I still love it.  I was beautiful Friday,  Warm,  and Saturday we woke up to 40 degrees and Frost on every thing.  And Sunday it was so hot and we got a sunburn working in the yard. And this morning it was in the 50's's. LOL!

Well, with every thing here Blooming with Spring around the corner.  I thought a bunch of "Spring" colored Blog Candy would be perfect.  

"Spring Blog Candy"

3D Easter Embellishments
18 pc Spring color Flower Buttons
100 Adhesive Rhinestone (2 shades of Green, Yellow, Blue, then Red, Pink, Purple)
2 sets of Studio G clear stamps
3 Glittery flourishes
2 Bottles of glitter glue (Light green and Mauve)
6 Flower dots
5 strands of spring ribbon (3 feet each total of 15 ft) All spring colors.
6 skeins of Floss for sewing on your cards or layouts. (All spring Colors)
Baggie of spring silk flowers
Fiskars Threading Water boarder punch( New in package Scallop boarder with holes)

This blog candy should help you make some beautiful spring cards and layouts.  If you would like a chance to win this "Spring Blog Candy"

1. Be a follower of my blog (post comment, letting me know you either are a follower or just became a follower.

2. In a 2nd comment.  Let me know what you love about "Spring"

3. In a 3rd comment.  Share this blog candy on your blog, or face book or some thing.  And leave me a comment letting me know you Shared.

So yep.  You have 3 chances to win.  So its up to you how many times you enter. But the winner must be a follower of my blog.  Leave me a way to contact you. 

You have until March 31st to submit your comments (Up to 3 Comments On this post only) And on April 2nd I will pick a winner.  Good Luck. Winner has one week to contact me at rsmobley85 at gmail dot com.  (April 9, 2011)

I'm really sorry but this is open to USA residents only.  Due to shipping cost.

Thanks y'all for stopping by!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Im So Sorry, I will post blog candy on Monday.

If you all remember, I posted I was going to post my blog candy today.  Well,  You see,  I got myself in to a big job today.

We went looked at and bought a screen room addition. With the roof, Sides, screens and All the windows with the tented vinyl in them.  There are 20 windows I think.  The room is the size of our deck in the back of our mobile home 10 x 26.  So if we drove about an hour away and took it down.  Then we could have the entire room for $300 ( yes three hundred dollars) LOL.   So its an awesome deal to pass up. Every thing is foam insulated and so is the roof.  So we couldn't pass this up as we have been trying to figure out how to save on a no spare budget to screen in our deck.  So for $300.  We are doing it.

And now this will give me a Year round room on the back of the mobile home.  And I will be able to use the roof Pans for a 10 x 26 Awning on the front of the mobile home now.

So today, we got all the windows out, all the screens out, all the kick plates on the inside and outside with the foam panles. All the side poles and and all 3 Down spouts out today.  So tomorrow.  We will go take down the roof.   Good thing we have some help.  So I will be busy all weekend,

So I will post on Monday. 
Sorry yall,


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding layouts "Parents Dance and Reception"

Whew!  I'm done with my Daughters album.  And I'm going to run it over to her tomorrow.  And also see my Grandson for my visit this week. And of course get some new pictures. Hopefully Preston will be away so I can get some pictures with his eyes open. LOL!   That little man sleeps 6 hours at a time. Eats and goes right back to sleep.   I bet he does that until his original Due date next Monday.  By then he will be 5 weeks.

Okay, back to the Wedding layouts.  There are several in this post.  5 layouts actually.  Here are the first 2.

 Again, I used one of Becky Flecks Page Maps.  This one is dated 8 / 2010.  This is my take on the Sketch,  I used  more DCWV Luxury stack

Wedding Layout "Father & Daughter Dance"  I used the Fiskars boarder and corner punch for these frames.   I will have a tutorial on that in a few days. I added green pearls to the corners.  And the roses are from my 3D Flower Collection.

Wedding Layout "Mother & Son Dance"  This one is almost identical to the left layout.  I just flipped the scalloped side so its now on the right.

January Sketch Challenge on the VDBC.

This is actually the first layout I did. I did this last year for the January 2010 Sketch Challenge at the VDBC.  The file for this is still available.  I Made the flap that opens so that She can add all the guest names or more pictures inside.  I created the lace up the side. So it opens .

These are several pictures from the reception.  I ordered these in wallet size, so they would fit the frames.  I cut 3 of the one set of frames that are all attached, and flipped them, So that I could use a lot of pictures on this layout.  Let me tell you,  Those kids had a great time with all their country line dancing.  It was fun to watch them having fun.   And my daughter danced all night in her gown.   After the reception ended about 9pm.  All the kids headed over to one of the groomsman's houses for a After Party.  They had a big bonfire and ate a ton of strawberries from the fields.

This is the last layout.  18 in total.  This one I did a little different colors.  but still from the same Luxury stack.  I used another Fiskars punch called "Rope"  How fitting for this layout right. LOL!  I knew I was going to use that for this layout. to give it that country feel.   The guys are in their cream shirts with pearl snaps on the front. And their boots.  And of course their Jeans.   And then there is my Daughter still in her dress. And she put on her boots later in the reception.  And then the beautiful bridesmaids put their boots on as well.   If you can tell by now.  They kids are just "A Little Country" LOL!.

And to finish off the album.  I wanted to put the invitation I made for them in the album.  But ran out of pages.  So I just adhered it to the inside front of the album.  Its the first thing you see when you open it.

Well, that's it for the Wedding album.  I will be back with a tutorial and make sure you stop back by on Friday.

If you have little one's  then you will for sure want to check out the March Grab bag.  I'm one of the designers in this months grab bag.  And I just love all these files for Kids.  I think you will like them as well.  You can find the link to the March Grab bag here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Layout "The Cake"

I bet y'all are glad I'm almost done with these Wedding layouts.  I know, I'm ready to move on to other things. And design new files.  And work on my other project. More on that soon.

Here is the layout I did yesterday.  I love Becky Fleck Page maps.  So I used another one  for this layout.  This one is from May 2010

This is my take on the Sketch.  Still using DCWV Luxury stack, I'm just about out of this paper from 2 stacks. So having to get creative with the paper I have left.  So this sketch helped with that.  I only had one sheet of this bazzill cardstock left and one sheet of this brown shimmery paper so this worked perfect.  I cut both in half and Adhered both to the thin white paper that comes in the Album pages.  Then used Martha Stewart punch Infinite Loop Double edge punch for the center.   To cover the center seam where the two papers meet.

I then thought the boarder looked plain. So I had to bling it up a little. LOL!. 

I used a white ribbon and laced it up the center.  It reminds me of the back of my daughters Wedding Dress.  Then I added some rhinestone flowers and added a green rhinestone to the centers.  And added Pearls in the middle of those.    You can see the little photo corners.  I had added those at last minute. The pictures looked like they needed some thing. So I designed a cute photo corner with a heart.  I cute them small so they wouldn't over power the photo.  I added a small pearl to the heart centers.  I think it looks perfect now.

This is the second page. I put these in order that they happened.  And wow, Did they make a mess.  All his friends told him to put the cake in her face. She asked him not to and his mom asked him not to.  But, he didn't listen.  But Luckily my daughter is a good sport and got him back. LOL!  And it ended with cake all over the place and a smile on both their faces. LOL!

Here is a journal tag for her to fill out after I give this to her.  I used a journal stamp and used spellbinders to punch it out.  I added green rhinestones and tiny white pearls to the corners.

I did 2 more layouts today, but when I was uploading the pictures. WOW!  I noticed I spelled one of the titles wrong.  Man, how could that happen! Jeez!   I had cut all of these titles several months ago.  And now I don't have the paper so I need to run and find some tomorrow.  Or change both titles on the page.  So I will post those next after I get the title changed out.

So come back soon,