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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wow, I just realized I have a candy addiction!

Okay, So, I know this is Off Topic, from Scrapping but, here it goes.

I'm not a big Chocolate candy person. Unless its the occasional Twix or Peanut butter cup. But I prefer the White Chocolate peanut butter cups. Yum!

What got me thinking was.  I really don't eat a lot of candy but at holiday times.  Like for Valentines. I bought a bag of Sweet Tart Hearts and that's it.  No other candy.  Love those things.

Then for Easter, I usually buy 1 bag of Jelly beans. Or maybe 2 if I find one I really like or haven't tried. But they have to be good kind like Brach's.  Smuckers, Starburts, Hawaiian Tropics, or Jelly belly.

Well, today I was at Joann's, and I seen some thing I haven't seen before.  And Oh My Jelly Beans!  I have a new love.  I picked up this pretty green bag  and it said Brach's Jelly Bean Nougats.  So I said well, I love Chewy fruity stuff and hey, these have jelly bean pieces in them.  So I bought a bag.  And wow, they are so good.  This could be a bad thing. LOL!  This is how I got to thinking about having a candy addiction.

Other then these, I only eat candy at Halloween time.  And that has to be Laffy Taffy, Mary Janes, and Peanut butter kisses.  Okay, and some Indian corn. LOL@.

So do you have candy addictions?



jzayler said...

M & M's - I can't leave them alone.

Lynn C. said...

Candy addiction???? Not fussy. Any milk chocolate candy that has nuts, caramel, or anything gooey. I don't like chocolate covered cherries though. I go on different candy kicks. Just thinking about it makes me crave some chocolate. Off to grab a handful of M & M's.

Sharon said...

LOL! Sorry Lynn for making you need to tend to your addiction. LOL!

Okay, I do like snickers, and milkyways but I really would rather has some thing fruity and chewy like Laffy taffy, Man that stuff gets me in trouble. LOL!


MichelleMyBelle said...

I have to say Dove Chocolate.