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Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple free file and Smokey Picture

Im working on my project for my Monthly Challenge I host on the VDBC forum (You still have time to play along for a free file).  And decided I needed a quick file to fix some thing that bothers me. 

Im making a little mini album.  And I really hate when you punch holes or use grommets and you can see the little tabs that hold the grommet in place.  So I made a fast but usable file.  And thought I would share for those of you that might need it as well.  This is a Hole Reinforcement file.  You know when you have hole punched paper and the hole rips.  Yep, this is those covers to fix the holes.  Nothing fancy but usable.

Right now, I have this file in only MTC 3.2.  if y'all need it in other formats. Let me know and I will convert it later.   Down load "Hole Reinforcements"   Password iagreetou.

Smokey Update:

My little trouble maker is doing much better and back to her old self since we had her spayed a few weeks ago.  And yes, she is getting in to every thing like always.  Yesterday,  My husband was putting up a new ceiling fan in our room and he yells for me.  So I go in and he dropped the screwdriver and Smokey picked it up and was running off with it.  This morning I get up and there is ribbon strung out across the living room floor.  And a few of my flowers in there as well.  So I have to find a new place to keep those.  And remember to keep the door closed.

So, This morning, I thought I would come in my craft room and make a new Photo Light box. And what do I see.  Yep.  Its Smokey, sleeping in my old Photo light box.  I have a white sheet in there and one on the top to diffuse the light,  But it wasn't working that well, its kind of small. So I made a lot bigger one today and got some new light bulbs and will give it a go later. 

I will try it out when I finish my project for my Challenge.  And post the pictures soon.

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Penny Duncan Creations said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....LOL That is SO sweet!!!! I have a kitty about that same color and she things any place she wants is her bed!!!! LOL

just jayma said...

Thanks for the freebie, and what a sweet kitty!

Brenda said...

Oh, but we love our furry babies soooo much. I love how she's curled up. My Smoki loves to play in my scraproom also