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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's A Boy Banner and Cup Cake Wrappers

As you all know, the past few weeks have been busy for me.  I have been working on making these decorations for my Daughters Baby shower last Sunday.  And then big surprise. Baby Preston arrived the very next day.  5 weeks early.  So I have been playing first time Gramma and loving every minute of it.  Taking pictures and going to visit him.

He is 8 days old today and is getting cutter by the day.  I seen him 4 times last week,  And I seen him today. So 5 times in 8 days  ain't to bad. LOL!  I promised my daughter I would not be at her house ever day.  Maybe every other day, LOL!  Okay,  I will try and make it only like 2 times a week.  Right now all he does is sleep. He sleeps for about 5-6 hours wakes up to eat.  Sleeps another 5-6 hours and eats again.  I cant wait for him to be awake when im there. LOL.

Okay, Enough about my little grandson.  I am now able to show you the decorations and other things I made for my Daughter.

First up we have a "It's A Boy!"  Banner.  I love how this turned out.  I haven't made one before.  So this was pretty fun.  And every one at the Shower loved it and couldn't believe I made it.  So that was a nice feeling to know others liked it.

It was pretty hard to get a good picture of this as I made it big enough to span the wall so this reaches 6 feet across.  

I used blue satin and brown satin ribbon to string up each flag.  Each flag has Scalloped boarder with Solid triangle.  And then I made a accordion Medallion as the mat for the back of the letters.  And then double matted on top of that.  and I used pop dots and Grand Calibur to emboss the letters.  Each flag is 7.5 wide by 8.5 long.  So its good size for hanging on the wall.

Here is a close up of the banner.  You can see the pattern paper I used.  The blue and brown dots is 2 sided paper from Heidi Grace.  The Accordion Medallion  some use as flowers.  But I used this to give a little more details to this banner.  As its for a boy, I didn't want to bling it up with stickles and ribbons.  And it gives it some great dimension.  I  then added a double mat to hold the letters that I first ran though the Grand Calibur and embossed for more effect.  I think it turned out beautiful.

This file is available in store and comes with the mats for the flags. file for Accordion Medallion , double mats and letters for both  "It's A Boy! and It's A Girl"  You just cut, assemble and add ribbon and you have the perfect banner for your Baby Shower.  Or you can use the banner for other party's and just change out the words.  This file is available in my store  RM00138

Next, I made Matching Cup Cake Wrappers.  I have sized the files to fit your standard cupcakes you make at home and these also fit the Walmart Cupcakes.  So they should fit most cupcakes.

I used the same Heidi Grace paper for the wrappers and toppers.  I just alternated the papers and cut  12 in blue dot and 12 in brown dot and added mats in contrasting colors.   The wrappers say "It's A Boy"  and I also added "It's A Girl" to the file so you have both in one file.  I also included the toppers that are double matted and say "Baby"  And the words cut out of the shape so no small letters to glue. 

This file is available in my part of themy store RM00139

I am working on several things at the moment.  And one is Selling my Finished Creations.  I will give you more information on that as soon as I can.

Next up, I will show you some of the things I made for the baby's Nursery. 

And don't forget about my Creative Team Call  .  You have one more week to apply. If you like my cutter files and you would like to get them for free in exchange for your finished samples.  Then this is your chance to apply for the next term.  You can find details here.  RSMobleys Designs Creative Team Call.

Hope you enjoyed my Banner and Cupcake wrappers.
Back soon.



MichelleMyBelle said...

everything turned out nice, like the banner.


Penny Duncan Creations said...

Oh how FUN!!! What an awesome job...but you already know that!!! My aunt is getting so excited because she will be a grandma in July of identical twins...we're not sure yet if it will be little girls or little boys but she's getting excited for us to work on baby shower plans!!!!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments ladies.

Wow, how exciting to be expecting Identical twins. Congrats to the family.


Jill said...

Loved the Banner and Cupcake wrapper as evidenced by the one missing on the one layer in your photo- It was delicious!-hehehe- and the best shower event was having him the next day. Have fun with the baby.....
Oh, BTW- have you converted that Christmas topiary tree to an SVG yet?
Easter's coming.......

Sharon said...

I know, you couldn't wait to get in to those cupcakes, LOL!.

You mean the 3D paper ball. You used for a topiary. Yes, its in svg already. You can import that in to MTC and be ready to go.