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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

VDBC Forum Updates! Challenges and More!

This post is about all the stuff going on at the forum or getting ready to start and some things getting ready to end.

So in case you happened to miss one, you still have a chance to do a few or get a start on some new ones.

First off,  I posted a Monthly Challenge for January.  You have until Jan. 31 to enter your layout. Using all items posted for a chance to win a $15 coupon to any of my files in my store.  There are 2 entries so far so you have a really good chance to be a winner.   If you would like to play along.  Here is the link to the Monthly "January" Challenge in the forum.

The "Sketch" Challenge has started back up. Yay!.  Im excited about this one because, I love Becky Fleck "Page Maps"  and love the files created to be used along with the sketches.  And I need to finish my daughters wedding album in the next 5 weeks. For their first Anniversary.  So if you would like to check out the challenge and play along go here. Feb Sketch Challenge

January Grab bag!.  You only have a few more days to grab this awesome value for only $7.  You should see some of the cards that have already been posted using several of the files in the bag. Wow, they are just awesome.  Oh, Yeah, I still have two more to post, I better get on that. LOL!.

January Grab bag Challenge is still going on.  So if you have bought the grab bag already or if you haven't you still have time to purchase and make one of the files and enter in the challenge to have a chance to win the next grab bag free.  How awesome is that.  You should check out the post any way just to see some of the awesome cards made from the January grab bag.  And this ends soon as well.

January bingo is almost over and Feb will be posted soon, So make sure you watch for the sign ups for that one.  But if you signed up for the January bingo.  Ginger is looking for more entries in the layout bingo challenge she posted. So post and let her know if you want to get a layout in if you signed up for bingo.

Swaps!  Did you know that we are already thinking of swaps to start.  From what I hear there is a ribbon swap in the works.  So be watching for sign ups for that.

Feb Newsletter, have you signed up!  If not, you still have time you only have to sign up one time. To get our Newsletter in your email in box 2 times a month. With updates in the forum so you don't miss any thing. like Free file, Tips and Techniques, Recipes, you name it you never know what you will find in the newsletter.

Wow, that is a lot going on, I hope I got every thing going on in one post.  If I remember some thing else. I will post it in the next post showing my next card.

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Anna said...

Sharon love your blog!!! and thanks so much for the updates to VDBC Forum. I had no idea so much was going on. I got to start checking more besides just bingo and Chris's and Diana's membership.

Sharon said...

Your very welcome Anna. And to see what active at the forum.

Just click on "New Post" at the top. and all the hopping new post will show up.


Ginger (Games) said...

Great update Sharon. Thanks!

Sharon said...

Your welcome. Did I miss any thing, is so email me and I will add that to my next post.