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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan Grab bag file 3 of 4

Here is card 3 of 4 from the January Grab bag.  I you have not bought it yet. You still have 5 days to grab it before its gone forever at the price of just $7 for 12 Cards you can use all year, and just changing and switching titles you get way more uses.  This is a great way to start a new card stash for the new year.

You can make several cards and get them finished. But not put a title on it till your ready to send it.

This is my Happy Birthday / Thinking of You card.  RM00130

This card will cut as entire card, and comes with the vines with the flowers and 2 titles.  So you can change it out to make both cards.  

Here are two examples of my card that were cut by some of the Grab bag customers.

This card was created by Esther.  I love how she used the black on the inside.  You can now see how the front of the card bottom and side edge is the shape of the vine.  I love how this color combo turned out. Beautiful.

This is the same file.  And this card was created by Gloria (one of my CT members)  I love the spring colors of this card and I'm thinking.  You could use a Happy Easter Title on this card as well.   This is also Beautiful.
Great jobs Girls.

I have 4 files in this Jan Grab bag and so do the other girls.  We wanted to start the new year off with a year of cards.  So you will be getting 12 cards that will actually make more just by switching titles or images.  I have this file sized to cut and fit A2  but please test card size first as your soft ware may open at a different size.  You can see all the files in this Jan Grab bag here.

Update on Me and Smokey.

I think we are both getting better.  Today, I actually feel good.  I have energy, and I got my other 3 dining room chairs recovered. They look great.  And I spent a few hours getting coupons printed and then when hubby got home he took me to Publix to do some shopping today was the last day for all those great buy one get one free sales.  I was sick all week, so wasn't able to go.  But whew.  Just made it.  I saved $120 and $40 of that was paper coupons.  I didn't even get to use all the coupons I brought because they were out of the stuff.  But my hubby was shocked.  He said.  "Wow. We don't get a cart this full for that price at walmart" LOL!    So now that I'm feeling better.  I need to finish my projects for my daughters baby shower next Sunday.  Guess I will work on that tomorrow.

And Smokey, bless her heart.  She was so miserable being in heat.  The vet said every thing she was doing was normal. But wow, I felt so bad for her.  And she was driving us crazy and you had to guard the door or she would sneak out.  She did get out 2 times but My hubby and I, were quick and were able to get the little chihuahua to coral her in the corner of the house so we could grab her.   I called the vet on Monday they said call me the day after she stops the Yowling, and we will get her right in.  Well after 7 long days. She was back to her normal loving, in to every "Smokey" self.  Boy, did I miss that.   She ate yesterday which is good.  And then she laid on my chest in my recliner while I read my magazine and she just looked at the pictures.  Then when I went to bed.  She followed me in,  And had her nose and forehead touching my cheek, and her paws were around my neck.  And we slept for a bout 4 hours and off she went.    Right now.  She is curled up around my feet under my snuggie blanket. She does this all the time.  Just to be close to me.   I sure love this little girl.

So tomorrow morning.  Smokey Girl and I are off to the vet.  She has a 8am apt to get spayed.  So she wont have to go through that again.  All my pets are spayed or neutered.  Its much safer for them and their health.  And they live long lives.  My oldest cat Passed last year at the age of 15 and the 2 I have left.  Are 12  & 13 and  we have this little girl. I think she is about 6 months old maybe more.  And we have little Bandit. also fixed.   I have to leave her all day, But I get to pick her up around 5. I'm sure I will miss her while she is gone tomorrow.

Well, I think I'm headed to bed for the night.  Still need some rest.

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