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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan Grab bag Card 4 0f 4, Last day!

What a beautiful weekend it was here in Sunny Florida.  Mid 70's during the day, and around 50 at night.  Just perfect weather.  The kind that makes you want to work out side in the yard.  So that is what we did.  Hubby and I cleaned up some of the dead plants and tree limbs in the yard.  Removed all the dead veggies and left over green veggies in the garden and put them in the compost bin.  And got the raised beds ready for the new season.  And finished cleaning the shed and the my tool shop.

Today, we planted 30 strawberry seedlings, 8 asparagus seedlings.  We then planted a bag of onion bulbs. And also planted some Collard green seeds and Some head lettuce seeds.  Then I made some newspaper planter pots and planted 8 Vine tomato seed pots, 2 cherry tomato seed pots and 8 green pepper seed pots.  I'm not sure I have enough tomatoes so I think i will plant a few more.  I want to be able to can our own tomatoes this summer.

Next I need to plant some oleander seeds and some Crape Myrtle seeds so they will be ready to plant this summer. And be able to root good before next winter.  I love growing my own stuff. Such great satisfaction in knowing you grew it your self.  The broccoli is about done growing.  We had some for dinner this past week, and it was so good.  The cauliflower is just starting to grow heads and the Brussel sprouts are as well.  So have a few more weeks for those. Before we can pull those and plant beans and peas and squash in there place.  I have some Bok Choy I let go to seed so I can collect those. They are just starting to turn brown so have a few more weeks on those as well.

Okay, enough about my garden.  Now on to the last card.  

I almost forgot to post my last card I have in the January Grab bag.  And just to let you know.  Today is the last day you can get this awesome deal for only $7.

RM00128 Jean Pocket Card  "Birthday / Fathers Day Card"

This card looks like a Jean pocket and is perfect for Men and Teen boys.  The file comes with the front , Belt with loops and comes with 2 changeable pockets.  One pocket says "Happy Birthday and cuts right out of the pocket.  So no small letters to glue.  The other pocket says "Happy Fathers Day" and also cuts right out of the pocket.   Now, for a added surprise.  I have also added the sewing holes to this file.  So all you do is cut and then use a needle and thread to finish the pocket and waist band.

And also,  If you notice.  I made this to fit a Gift card in side the pocket. So how perfect is that for the man in your life.  I cut this out of paper that looks like Denim and its looks really cute.

One of my CT Members "Gloria" with OmasCrafts.  Made all 4 of my cards in the Jan Grab bag.  You can see 3 of them in this post.  And you can see the Jean pocket card here.
I love how Gloria used the brads on the pockets and the staples up top for the belt loops.  Super cute.

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