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Monday, January 24, 2011

Comment posting change

Hello all,

You all know I love your comments.  And I had a few visitors tell me that they didnt like to have to log in to leave all kinds of information just to leave me a comment.  So I changed the posting from registered to Anonymous.  So they could post.  And wow, Im getting a lot of spam.  And I dont want any of that nastyness getting on the blog.  So I have added the word verification.  I know a lot of yall dont like that.  But really it does help protect all the readers of the blog with out having to moderate all the post.  I know I just type the word verification on all the blogs I visit because I know its there for protection.

So please dont let that stop you from leaving comments on the blogs you love.  Its really just to protect every one from any undue nastiness. 

Wow, I have been so sick since Thursday and still not feeling all that great today.  But Im out of bed and going to try and work on refinishing my scraproom chairs.  And one other project I need done by next week.

And lordy be, Smokey is driving me nuts. She is in heat for the first time.  And She is just misserable. Shes not eating.  Walking close to the ground and we are on day 6 of the loud Yowling all day and night. I called the vet this mornig.  They said, that it generally runs about 5 days,  So she would be close to done, She said, she will just stop all of a sudden.  Then we can get her in to be fixed.    I also checked in to getting her front claws declawed as she is only an indoor cat as my others are.  And not to mention I now have to replace all my curtains.   And OMG!  It has gone up.  The vet said it now cost $300.  Jeez.   Looks like I will continue to just clip her nails like I do now.  Lordy what do deal with because we love our pets.

Have a great day.


jzayler said...

Glad you're feeling better! Don't worry about the word verification. If people really want to comment they'll take the extra 2 seconds to enter the word and if not they they what they had to say wasn't very important anyway.

Sharon said...

Thanks Julie.

I am feeling a little better, but still get dizzy after I stand up for more then 15 minutes. But I did get both craft room chairs one coat of poly on, Good thing I can do that sitting down. lol.


Ginger (Games) said...

Sharon, I use to put caps on my boys until they stopped that clawing thing. Now they only use their post. I think they were called soft paws, ebay has them too. They come in many colors and super glue on the cats nails. They fall off like when they shed their nails normally. Works great. If you want some let me know I think I still have a few left. Ginger

Sharon said...

That sounds interesting Ginger. Never heard of that before. My hubby like to of freaked when he heard how much it was to declaw now. It didnt coast that much to get out other 3 cats done over 12 years ago.