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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awesome Day! Newsletter, Free File, Challenge and MTC.

Wow!  What a day this has been.  Its actually been really good day for me.  I hope it was for you as well.

Today, the VDBC Newsletter came out. Did you get it?  If not, just click the link and you can check it out.  Also you can go to the store home page and sign up to receive them in your email so you dont miss any.

I offered a free file in the January Newsletter.  So make sure you go read the newsletter to get my free file.  Its only available untill the 15th. So go get it while you can.

Monthly Challenge January:  I posted a new challenge in the VDBC forum.  And this challenge will last all month long.  Ends January 31st.   If you complete the challenge.  You will be entered for a chance to win a prize from me.   So go check it out.  And enter.   I can wait to see what you all create.

And now, For my Awesome Cutting experience today. As you all may know.  I'm now a Cricut and MTC girl.  And now understand why so many of you love your Cricuts.   I'm working on some gifts and decorations for my daughters Baby shower.  And I used my Cricut Expression and Make the Cut 3.2.  And OMG!   I got my entire cutting project done in like 15 mins.   I cut about 100 small pieces and some super micro tiny.  Out of 10 different colors of card stock with several colors on the mat at one time in 2 passes.  And it cut ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!  The first time.

No re-cutting, No using a blade knife to finish the cuts. No corners catching and ripping the paper. No sanding the back of the paper to get the image out. No Multiple cuts.   It was like heaven.   I ran the mat with all the colors on it and the piece still in place.  And showed it to my Husband and my Son.  And they were super impressed with how tiny some of the pieces were.  I mean, tiny. Like the eyes were so small, I didn't expect them to cut out.  And I would just use a pen or marker to draw the eyes.  But they did cut out.   And the hole was barley the size of a ink pen head to go in.    WOW!  I was super impressed and Im really loving cutting with MTC.  And have to tell you.  Version 3.2 is just awesome.  It makes the Cricut cut so much faster.  And im loving the layers thing in MTC.  I have been designing some of my newest files in MTC using some of the tools.

Like, If you see my files in the January Grab Bag I made the Lattice card for my "Deepest Sympathy" Card and I made the Jeans Pocket card in MTC and it was so super easy.  Im still designing other parts in KNK just because Im used to it.  But Im sure when MTC gets a pencil icon.  I will start fully designing in that.

If you would like to try out the MTC software.  You can download a trial version to play with and see how you like it.  You can click on the MTC picture and download the free version to play with.  And there are tons of Free tutorials, Videos and Weekly Webinars on using this awesome software.  So why not try it.

Well, Im done chatting for tonight.  I hope tomorrow is just as nice as today.

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Anna said...

Got my freebie and the Grab bag for this month. Thanks so much Sharon. I also got the expression gypsy and brought the MTC...Now just to find time to learn it all. Thanks again so much.

Sharon said...

Your welcome Anna, Congrats on your machines and MTC, it truly is a wonderful program. If you have any questions ask, I'm leaning it as well. but may be able to help you with some thing.