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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowman Slider Card Tutorial

This is my first Slider card and I'm really happy how it turned out.  I used my files RM00103 "December Snowman" file from the Calendar Months I made for my Perpetual calendar.  And the title is from my file RM00117 "Seasons Greetings Card".  

I used Glossy Accents for the water, Puffy paint for the snow ring around the water. 2 Pennies, Thick foam dots or tape. Cutter blade, heat gun,  Your card base, and all the pattern paper and your cut images.

Most of it is pretty easy, You assemble your image pieces, and put your pattern paper on your card. And then look at how you want to arrange the rest.  And do a dry run with the card. So you can check for placement.  I also ran my snow drifts though the cuttle bug with the swirl embossing folder.  Then I made an extra piece to match the first because, of the embossed paper, I wanted to make sure the penny slides okay.

Next, you want to take your 2 pennies and put a piece of foam tape or a square foam dot on the center of the penny.  And measure how wide you need to make the slider opening.  Put thick foam squares or scraps along the edges.  And make sure you put the penny with the foam square on it, in the slider slot. and make sure it slides and clears all adheasive and foam.  If it does. Then attach the plain piece on so you dont see the penny or the foam .

Okay, has to snap a picture of Smokey.  She was napping on my paper while I was working on my card. She is so cute.

After you put the back piece on, then just attach it to the front of your card.  And then put your little image on the penny.  I used a thick piece of foam square for the pennies. So I was able to use puffy paint and glossy accents on the water and it clears just fine.  I used Glitter Glue on the snowflakes on the paper. and Foam dotted the 2 little trees and the snowman.    I just love how this turned out.  My husband and son loved it as well.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Continued Sale with Free File bonus

I have reactivated the Sale I had over the weekend.  I know a lot of you have taken advantage of that sale.  But if you were busy shopping or spending time with Family.  Don't worry.  I have extended the sale for one whole week.  This one will end on Sunday Dec. 5 at midnight.  So don't let this one get past you.

I'm offering 40% off all my files even my collections and large collections.  And I have a lot of Christmas Card files in store.  And with any purchase (Cart total over 1.99) you can click the special offer button on the bottom of the screen and you will see all my files on sale,  But you will also see RM00124 for Free .  So add it to your cart.

You can find my store here.  RSMobleys Designs

This is the free file you will get with your purchase.  I cut this out of Metallic Recollection Jewel Card stock, Used a cute Christmas Ribbon and I embossed the vellum as this one has a lot of open space so you see the pretty details in the vellum.

And while your there.  Check out some other sales.  I know Chris is having a sale today as well.  And if you need ideas for gifts.  Check out the NOV GIFT GUIDE.  Some of these files might be on sale.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Clickable Signature Line In Thunderbird Email

Do you have problems getting your Email Signature in Thunderbird to have click able links.  To like your blog, Your business website , Facebook or any thing else.

Well, it was a real bugger for me and after a lot of Internet searching.  I finally found some directions and decided to pot this here on my blog for others and as a reminder for myself.  Yep. I have a bad memory, some days worse then others.  So this is a good place for me to post stuff just so I can find it later. So if it helps you as well,  hey,  that is a double benefit. LOL! 

So here we go, In as simple steps as I like to do it.

1.  Open your Thunderbird email and click "Write Mail"
And in the body of the email type what you want.  Like your name and the name of your links. ( Change Fonts, Size and Color now).


Sharon Mobley

RSMobleys Designs Blog
RSM D Facebook
My Files at VDBC Forum

 And select the line of words and click the "Picture" up in the tool bar above your email text box and select "Link"  and you will see your words and a line to paste your link.  And hit OK.

2.  Click any where in the email text box and Ctrl + A ( this will select all your Signature)

3.  While that is selected go up to the Tool bar and select INSERT > HTML .  You will see a box with all kinds of codes for the text selected in step 2.  With that box up hit Ctrl + A, (it will highlight all) then Ctrl + C (it will now copy to clipboard).  And CLOSE  do not insert

4. Up top on tool bar. Go to TOOLS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS . Click on your email and see a box with your name and email address and under that a box.  SIGNATURE TEXT.

Check the box above it "Use HTML" this will allow you to insert your Signature in there.  So Click in the box and Ctrl + V to paste.  And Click OK.  the box will close.

Now to test.  Close that email .  Don't save.   And open a new email.  Write. and email this to yourself.  Enter YOUR email address.  Add a subject like Test New Signature.  And type some thing in the body like, "Check click able links in Signature.   This is how I remember what I'm doing, Yes, no memory and short term. LOL. 

You should also see your new signature at the bottom.  But you want to test the click able links.  So send and check your email.  Open it, and click each line and see if they are what you want.  If so,  Congrats.  You did it.

If not, Start from the beginning.  Its not really a lot once you do it a couple of times. 

I hope this helps others with Thunderbird email.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cricut Gypsy Manual and Video Links

As y'all know, I got my new Gypsy and Expression about 2 weeks ago.  And you seen my first project using both.  I was winging it the whole way.  Having never used either.  And it wasn't all that bad.  The Gypsy has a little learning curve.  But I think that is because it don't come with a stitch of information.  Like a Manual.

Okay, in the package there was a little card with 4 pictures to show you how to turn it on. And that was it. And in the help file in the Gypsy there is a tiny bit of info.  So after I finished my projects as I was on a last minute time frame.

I went looking on the good old Internet.  And found a few things.  I found the  47 page User Manual for the Gypsy.  (I really think this should come in the box. Don't You?)  Funny thing is,  I just read it and its every thing I figured out on my own the first day by just playing with it. So yay,  Got that down. 

And then I went looking for Videos and found this wonderful website with a lot of videos for the Gypsy called The Bug Bytes.  May sure you follow her blog and sign up for her emails.  They are always full of great information.  I have to watch all those video. 

This is another great blog "Creative Critters Cricut Club"  She has a lot of information on the Cricut and Gypsy. And lots of projects by Cart listed on the side.  And make sure you follow her blog as well.

That's all I have for now. I will add some when I come across them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Sale and FREE Bonus File

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful time, how ever you spend your holidays.  Either with friends and family, Or just by your selves.  Just enjoy the day off work and the time together.   Oh, if your traveling.  Please drive carefully.

Okay, now for the sale.  I'm having a sale in my part of the store.  RSMobleys Designs

The sale runs Nov 25-28 ( But I think its activated now. LOL!)  You get 40% off all my files. (Yes that includes Collections)   And as a BONUS any of my files you purchase during this sale.  You will get my newest Christmas Luminary FREE.

Note: Add any of my files to your cart.  You will see the discount price.  Click the button below "See special Offers"  and all my files on sale will come up.  And the first one is the FREE Christmas Luminary. (ADD THAT TO YOUR CART).

Also:  I have disabled the RSMobleys Designs Customer Appreciation Coupon for this sale. But your purchase does qualify you for next months Coupon.

If your wondering what kind of files you might want to by.  Well,  I have 3 Fall luminaries in store. That are super fast to cut, No small pieces.  You can add these to your Thanksgiving Dinner table tomorrow.  Yes. They are that fast to cut.  Just cut, Score at 3 and 6 and glue together.  That's it. Add a ribbon if you like.

Also, To get a jump start on Christmas gifts.  Check out just a few of my Holiday Files in the Nov Gift Guide.

I have every thing from Vinyl Words for your home made glass ornaments,  3D poinsettia you can use as a bow on a Christmas gift, it comes with a matching tag.  Or cut several as an arrangement down the center of your table.  I have all kinds of Vinyl decals that will be perfect for some glass etched projects.  Or I have 2 Different Holiday Door Signs. And several Christmas Card files.  And many other things.  So now is the time to buy those files and get started. 

If you have any issues with the sale and getting the free file.  Just drop me a line at rsmobley85 @ gmail . com (NO SPACES)  and I will be happy to help you out. 

And don't forget the NOV GRAB BAG,  you only have a few days left to GRAB it. LOL!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Craft Items for Sale

I have added a lot of things to my tab above. "Craft items for Sale"  There are pictures and item descriptions.

Let me know if you have any questions.  rsmobley85 @ gmail . com   (No Spaces)

If you don't like my prices, please make me an offer.  And the more you can fit in a priority box the better it will be for your shipping cost.

I accept paypal and will ship with in 2 days of receipt of paypal.  Unless its Thursday, Post office is closed.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will try and answer them for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pictures With Santa

This is the 2nd (Right side) of the layout I posted yesterday. I wanted it to match the other side.  I used my file "Pictures with Santa" RM00037 .  I had made this last year and cut it out so had already had it ready to use.  So I had to make the other title from yesterday in the same font.  So yes, they do match and you can make a super cut double layout for your family pictures this year.
 I used Kristal (K Andrew Designs) DK128 Gingerbread Tea Cottage file   (Right now you get it free with $5 purchase in her store).   Or just click the link to buy it for $2.49.  It was so cute, I just had to use it for this layout.

Here is a close up of the Gingerbread Cottage. I added glossy accents to the dripping fudge to make it look real. LOL!  I added curtains to the windows an yellow stickles for the light.  And lines on the door to look like wood.  The sign also goes with it.  I think I will add my Daughters new last name on the sign.  Yeah!  They should be closing on their house on Tuesday and getting it ready for the new baby to arrive in March.

The snow at the bottom  is also part of her file.  I just flattened them and made a few more a little smaller for layers to cover the bottom of the layout.  I also used Puffy Paint on there in a swirly motion so it looks like drifts.  And what is snow with out a little sparkel.  Yep, You know it.  I just had to use some Sulyn glitter glue.  Kristal got me turned on to that and I just love it.  I think its hard to see in the picture. but its on every thing white snow. Well,  Not Santa.  LOL!

I really love how this turned out. I hope my Daughter loves it as well.  Here is the two of them together.

I hope you enjoyed my newest layouts, I think I'm getting better and this.  This is layout 16 & 17 for me this year.  I know, that's not a lot. But for a card maker,  And just doing layouts this year. I think I'm doing pretty good.  
I will be posting about my adventures with my new Cricut Expression and Gypsy in a few days.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby's First Christmas Layout (CWC Challenge)

As you know, I'm expecting my first Grand baby in March of 2011.  Okay, I know.  Its really kind of early but I figure the baby will be about 9 months old next Christmas.  But I was doing a Challenge for Cooking with Cricut blog hop.  Its due by today, Man, "Cutting" it close.  I Know!  LOL!

Since we are expecting a little boy Grand baby. I did this one in a boy theme.  I think it turned out so dang cute.

Now all this is not my work.  As this was for a Cricut Challenge for the blog hop last weekend.  You had to use a Cricut or some other cutter.  Well, I think I got that covered. I just got my Cricut Expression and Gypsy a few days ago.  So that is why it took me all week to get this layout done.  Well, actually its a 2 pager. I will post that in the next post.  So I had to learn the Gypsy from the get go. Man, that was some work.  I did it.

The Title "Baby's First Christmas" RM00123 is a file I designed today to go with this layout. You will see why in the next post.

The Trees. Teddy bear and present, Train set, Little boy and Rocking horse are all on the Christmas Solutions Cricut Cart.  I just love that cart and it was free with the Gypsy update. Woo Hoo!.
Here is a close up of the trees, I cut 12 trees, 3 different sizes on the same piece of card stock with out taking out the mat.  I was impressed with myself for figuring that out my first go on the Cricut E and Gypsy.  And you can see the front of the train.  I used a silver pen on the front grill, and the light and bell.  And that white stuff is puffy paint heated.  And of course Sulyn glitter glue on the snow.  Hard to see in the picture, I just cant capture the sparkles.

Here is a close up of the other half of the train.  The teddy bear with a blue ribbon of course. LOL!  And I cut the Rocking Horse a little to big and Cut the little boy a little to small.  But it all worked out.  I just cut his legs off at his waist and put one behind (Other side) of the horse, and positioned the body and put the other leg under it so it looks like he is riding it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Don't you!   Although,  I couldn't figure out where his hair cut file was so I just used a piece of brown paper. but now in the picture. I see the line, So I will have to redo that.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  I absolutely Love how it turned out.  I cant wait for my GB to get here so we can put a picture on it.  Oh man, Next time will be the first time we have had to buy toys in a lot of years. LOL!

Check my next post as it goes with this one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Wacky Pets!

Here is a link to a video I uploaded on Utube so hopefully it works, As this is my first upload.


This is my kitten I showed you a few weeks ago, we got from a woman down that street that threw the little thing out.  She has gotten big and man she is such a hand full.  She is true to her Gray/Brown Tabby personality.   She loves me and lets me know it, as they are one person cats.  Every night about 11:30 "Smokey" comes and has to lay on my chest while I'm in the recliner. She wants to lay on her back and be held like a baby.  After 15 minutes she runs off.  Then I go to bed and every morning at 4:09 am, she comes in and wakes me up.  She lays on my chest. or my side which ever its up at the time.  And she will head butt me.  And bite my chin or put her nose on mine.  And pull on my fingers.  If I put the covers over my head.  She goes to the end of the bed and and bites my toes, then comes up under the covers to get close to my face.   After about 15 mins of this, She runs off. 

The Little Chihuahua in this video  is "Bandit".  Yes, so we have "Smokey and Bandit" LOL!  I love that movie when I was little.  But any way, It took a while but they are now getting along really well.  As you can see in this video.  They just roll and play for about 5 mins.  Then stop.  They do this 4 times a day. And the sound is on, you can hear my radio in the back ground,  but they do not make a sound.  No growling or any thing.  Just playing.  Bandit is much happier now he has a buddy.  He has been really lonely since our Shelti passed a few months ago.  

This is how it is every morning at my house.  I open the front door and they love the sun that comes in.  And right now I have the sliding glass window up as its beautiful out.  Bandit takes the sunny spot next to the door.  And next to him is "Lizzy Bell"  After Lizzy McGuire, the show, My daughter named her that as she loved that show when she got Lizzy as a kitten 12 years ago. Both Bandit and Lizzy are my daughters but as she just moved with her husband and have a baby on the way.  She gave them both to me. Woo hoo!.  I do love them.. And next to Lizzy bell is "Smokey"   We are missing one cat in this picture. "Rusty" is his own person and don't hang with the other cats to much. He just lives here. And takes up little space. LOL! 

Here is Lizzy Bell and Smokey playing in a box of paper.  Why is it kids and pets love boxes and paper. LOL!

Okay, you tell me.  How can this be comfortable. LOL!  This is as well as a lot of pictures of my pets.  Are taken in my scrap room.  As its just me here all day.  I spend all that time in my Scrap room  and of course the pets have to be in there with me.  I have cat beds lined up along my shelves and they each take a bed. Lizzy, Bandit and Smokey.  Rusty is never with these 3.  He is 11 and has always been like that. 

Smokey has her own bed. But this wild child loves to pull down the curtain on front of my Shelf and lay on it.  So we don't have it up there any more and she now lays in the bed.  Man, have to Kitten proof my house. LOL!  They pets are usually quiet and sleep while I'm working and when Jill is here for our scrapping play dates.  But I usually end up tossing Smokey out the door and closing it.  As she can get in a lot of trouble. Its like an amusement park to here. LOL!   She will grab things and run off with them.  Or she will knock the flowers I'm using off the counter so that Bandit can play with them.  These two I tell you,  Get in some trouble some times.  

And here is Smokey girl checking my work on this Christmas Luminary.  I think she likes it.  She goes around to the back and lays under the mat so it rubs on her back.   She is just crazy I tell you.  I hope she calms down as she gets older and before the baby gets here in March.  Or I will have to keep her in the bed room during the day while I'm baby sitting.  

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a small part of my wacky pets this stuff goes on ever day. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Luminary 3 Winner

Thank you all very much for all the wonderful comments you all have left on my Luminaries.

I do love them and hate to pay those store prices.  So I just make my own.  I will be working on more though out the new year.  So be watching for those to hit my blog for a chance to win one. 

I have one more Christmas one to work on,  And get posted.  One is already in store.  And one is in the Dec Grab bag.  I will be showing you those in the next few weeks.

Now on to the Winner of the Fall luminary 3  "Thanks" With Acorn and leaves. I just love this one too.

                      Winner is. Janet  #17
Congrats Janet.  Please email me at rsmobley85@gmail.com before Tuesday Nov 23 for your free file.  Hope you enjoy your file.

And thank you to the other 4 winners for contacting me already to claim your free files. Hope you enjoy your free file as well.

My next post will be about my pets tomorrow.  And a video I learned how to load from my camera.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Luminary 3 "Thanks" with Acorn

Here is the last of my set for this year.  Never know what I will come up with for next year.

This Luminary is like the rest.  One layer X'2  with no small pieces.  I make sure that when I design and cut these.  There are no small pieces like the centers of the letters or any thing that you have to worry about.  It takes a while to make these so that they dont have pieces but still have details.  But the end result if Awesome.

I have these sized 3x3 finished so that means your score lines are at 3 and 6 inches with a little over hang to attach the other side.

Next we have the Christmas Luminaries.  I have made 2 so far, one more to make,  One I will post  in a few days. The other one is in the Dec Grab bag. So you have to wait till Dec to get that one.  And the last, I have yet to make.   But be watching for it.  Then I need to work on the rest of the holidays.

If you have a luminary you need.  Drop me a email and if I use your idea to make a file. You get that file for free before it hits store (unless it personalized of course) then it dont go to store.

So as with my others.  If you want a chance to win this Luminary file.  leave me a comment and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winners of Fall Luminary 2

Since I only got 3 comments on that post.  Im going to give all 3 the file. 

So Renae, Sharon & Cherbear  Please send me a email at rsmobley85@gmail.com by Sunday Nov21.

To receive your free file.

I will post the last one tomorrow or possabily late tonight.  Its been a busy day here and im just whooped.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Luminary 2 and Winner of 1st

 The 2nd Luminary in the Series of 2 is "Happy Thanks Giving" on one side. And on the other side is a super cute Turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving Luminary (RM00121)  

 This luminary cuts in one layer. No pieces. As I edit all letters to make sure the centers are attached some how.  So you don't have worry about gluing those back on.  I used alcohol inks on a white frosted vellum.  And used a cute Fall ribbon that has all kinds of fall leaves.

Leave me a comment on this file and One lucky person will win this file.  I will post the winner tomorrow afternoon.  When I post the last Fall Luminary.  Or if you cant wait to see if you won.  Then you can purchase this file in my store at this link. RM00121  And don't for get.  If you got a Customer appreciation coupon from me.  Be sure to use it before end of Nov. And its good for more then one purchase.

If you didn't get one and want to know how to get on my Customer Appreciation list.  All you have to do is purchase ONE file from my store. And the next month, I pull orders and sent a coupon only to those that purchases at least One file from me in the prior month.  So buy in Nov get a coupon code in Dec. Then when you use that coupon, that purchase will get you a coupon for the next month.  So that means you will never pay full price for my files again.  How great is that?

Now on to the winner of yesterdays Fall Luminary 1

The winner of the First Fall Luminary File is : Post #6   Luan Rochefort

Congrats! Your the winner of the "Fall Luminary"  Please send me your email address by Saturday Nov 20. My email is rsmobley85@gmail.com.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  If you have a special request for a luminary. Let me know. I will see what I can come up with and if I make that file.  You get it for free.

One last thing. Did you get the VDBC Gift Guide?  What! You didn't get it.  Well your in luck, I have the link to if for you.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can get the newsletters and not miss any thing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Fall Luminary 1

I have created 3 new Luminaries.  These are beautiful Fall themed.
                                   Fall Pumpkin Luminary RM00120

This first one says "Fall" on 2 sides and on the other 2 sides it has a beautiful pumpkin with a swirl flourish underneath. With some fall Leaves.

Again, I colored the Vellum with Adirondack Alcohol Inks.  I love the stained glass look.

I cut this out out of brown card stock.  And used Butterscotch & Currant for these.

If you would live to have a chance to win this file.  Leave me a comment in this post.    And Random. Org will pick one lucky winner to receive this file for free some time tomorrow.  

I will have the 2nd file posted this weekend, With another chance to win that file.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got my Cricut Expression and Gypsy!

Wow, what a day!

I just ordered my Cricut Expression/Gypsy Combo from HSN on thursday.  And it already came today on Tuesday.  Wow that was fast. 

I think I got a great deal on it.  I first signed up with Shop at Home.  Which is a website you log in to and shop online and get cash back.  For HSN its 5% cash back.  Then went to HSN and logged in.  And purchased this Combo. # 961-598   and then selected the 9 payments and then applied for their credit card and got an instant $20 off with free shipping.  So that was pretty good,  And I got back $20 back from shop at home.  So That is pretty awesome.  If you sign up at Shop at Home. For your online purchase, Or at Ebates. ( same thing as Shop at home) Please give my email as referance. ( rsmobley85@gmail.com ) we both get a bonus for your first purchase. 

I got it unpacked, and hooked up the Cricut.  And unpacked the gypsy, carring bag, car charger and carts.  And wow, no instructions.  So it took me a while to get it going and I got  the gypsy hooked up to the Expression and did the 2 updates on that. 

Then went to the website to register my gypsy.  And did the download of the Cricut Sync and got stuck, I couldnt get the software to run.  So I  IM'ed my friend Kristal of K Andrew Designs.  And she walked me through the rest of the set up.  Thank goodness for Kristal.  Why in the heck dont that thing come with a instructions , step by step manual.  It came with a card that has 4 pictures that show you how to turn it on. Thats is.  What the heck. 

Okay, so after I got all that done and registered at the Cricut site.  Then I helped my friend Jill hook up hers as she bought the same combo as me at the same time.  If you know us by now, We always by the same things. LOL!    So tonight she says  "Are we buying MTC"  I said, Yep, LOL!. 

So after a long day, Im just whooped,  I will register the Cricut and all the carts that came with the combo tomorrow.  Wow, First day of having it and I have 10 Carts. LOL! 

I did a search and found the user manual and other stuff for the Gypsy on their website.  After I had it all loaded,  but it does still have lots of informations.   So check it out if you havent already.

So im done for the night.  Tomorrow I will work on registering the Expression, carts, reading some Gypsy tutorials,  Looking for Videos,  And working on some Fall Luminaries.  Busy day tomorrow.

So good night and Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 8, 2010

3D Calla Lily Flower Tutorial & Winner of Free File

Today I'm posting a tutorial on how I did these beautiful Calla Lily's that I made for my Daughters Wedding Layout.

                        3D Calla Lily Flower RM00119

In this picture is the finished product.  You can be as creative as you like with this file.  I used white card stock for the flower and cream for the center and sage green for the stems as these are my Daughters wedding colors and it would match perfectly to other pictures I have yet to scrap and match the rest of this layout.  I just love how they turned out.  And they are pretty stiff so they should stay pretty nice.

So here we go with this Picture tutorial.

First, resize file to your needs.  Resize all at same time.  And go by the size of the largest petal from top to bottom to figure out how big your flower will be.

Next, think about how may you want to cut. When I do some thing like this.  I usually cut several or a page at a time, and just put them in a baggie so I have them cut and ready for next time. LOL!.  And the Array function in KNK workes great for this.

I used a stylus to rub the center petal so it was more flexible so it was easier to roll, I guess you could also Mist with water, I will have to try that next time. I think that might actually work better for a smoother look.

 I used a wood skewer to roll the center. You can also use the end of a small paint brush.
Next, take the larger petal and roll just the edges so they become softer.  So that you can curl them later.

Put glue all over the center piece and stick it down inside the larger curled petal. 

And now put some glue on one side of the larger petal and close it around the center.  It should now look like this. Like a Calla Lily.
Next roll the green stem tight. It will be tapered so its wider at top and smaller at the bottom.
Now apply glue along the edge and inside the top where the flower will be glued. (Oh I use Aleen's Fast grab Tacky Glue) Love that stuff.

Now insert the flower and press the edges of the stem.  And this is what your finished flower will look like.  One on the left is just a straight petal Calla Lily.  The one on the Right.  I turned it over and used my stylus to rub the sides until they curled.  Sorry, I for got a picture of this step.

And this is how it looks with both of them curled and Sulyn Glitter glue on the edge.

I hope you enjoyed my Picture tutorial. I haven't got up the nerve to do a video yet. and the way I ramble on, I'm so sure I would run out of time. LOL!

Okay, So yesterday, I posted that one person that commented on my layout yesterday would win this file for free.

And the Lucky Winner via Random Org Generator is:  TOMTOM  Post #3

Congrats.  Please email me at rsmobley85 @ gmail. com   (No Spaces)   by Sunday Nov 14 to receive your free 3D Calla Lily File.

So Sorry for the repost: I forgot to add the picture from random org.

If you didnt win this file.  Its now Available in my store. You can click this link RM00119 to get to the file or click the tab up top to get to my store to see my other files.  Edited 10/1/2011 to add new store link. 

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Ceremony 2nd Wedding Layout

I finished my 2nd page for "The Ceremony" Wedding layout for the album.

I used the October Sketch Challenge from the MCS forum.
You will see that, I used the 3 tags at the top of the sketch as a place for more pictures.  I have 600 pictures to scrap so Im trying to use as many as I can in this album.  So that was a great way to squeez in 3 more.  Because the Title and Journaling box is on the left side layout already so dont need one on this side.

I used the same sizzix die for the leaves and same flowers from dollar tree on this one so it will match the other layout.  I also used Sulyn Glitter glue on the flowers to get them extra bling.  Im using the first one on the page.  And the Chunky glitter glue.  I have yet to find the Swirl.  My Friend Kristal sent me one and I love it.  But no one carrys it here.  So Im still on the hunt for it.  I also added some of the half pearls on these photos to tie them in to the other plabe. along with the same boarder punch from MS.  Im just in love with those MS punches.  This one is called MS Double Edge Doily Punch  I just love this.  I was at Joanns last week and all the MS punches were 40% off, Oh man.  If I only had the money to buy more.  But I was good and only bought this one. 

And this is a close up of the hand made flowers I made.  These are Calla Lilys.  My daughter had them in her wedding so I wanted to add them to the layout.

Im working on converting this file and uploading to the store.  I will do another blog post for that.  Along with a tutorial.  To show how to put them together.  I think they turned out pretty good.  What do you think.

Leave me a comment and become a follower of my blog and Tomorrow.  I will pick one person to receive my 3D Calla Lily Flower file Free. 

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Freebie AI, GSD, KNK, SVG & WPC

Happy Friday every one.

Im ready for the weekend are you.  I did a new layout for a challenge on the MCS (My Creative Scrapbook) forum.

This one is another for Daughters Weddign album.  This is one of 2 pages.  Havent done the 2nd yet. But that will be done with the Oct Sketch Challenge.  Will post when I get it done, Has to be in the next 5 days. Dead line is Nov 10.

I am still using the luxury stack from DCWV.  that is the back paper and the tan pattern paper.   The flowers are from Dollar tree.  The green leaves are a sizzix Die.  Rhinestones in centers of flowers, The boarder is a new MS boarder punch I bought on Wed, and just love it, So easy.  Its a double sided punch.   The white Mesh in the back ground is your free file. (Now In Store Here) Its a file I made for this layout.   Its a Double Wedding Ring Quilt patter.  But I'm sure you can use it for other things besides weddings.

The flowers needed some thing,  Yep, you guessed it,  It needed some Sulyn glitter glue on them. I just love that stuff.  I need to get more colors.  They have such great shine. Much better then Stickles I think.
I also added some white and green pears to the acrylic overlay on the picture.  I think its the perfect touch.

I had a few of these Double Wedding bell charms left from the Wedding so added one with a bow to anchor the top.
Here is another shot of the flowers on the other side.    I still think some thing is missing but I cant figure out what.   Can yall tell me what its missing.  I and really trying to get this scrapping pages thing down.   And its coming along,  But seems like some thing is missing.  Or may be my style is just clean and neat.  Not cluttered. LOL!

Oh,  Did I tell you,  No I dont think I did.   I was a bad girl yesterday. LOL!  My husband was really happy for me.  He is so wonderful.  He gets excited when I buy some thing.  Because I usually dont. And he knows, It had to be one heck of a deal for me to buy it. Which means it had to of saved him a lot of money. LOL!

So what did I buy.  Well.  I bought a Cricut Expression combo kit that comes with 3 carts and the Gypsy, a carrying case and car charger and stuff.  Im so super excited.  It should be here by Nov 15th.  And no, Im not waiting till christmas to open it.   Im so excited.  My first cutter was the Original baby bug when it first came out and it didnt do enough for me.  Then I sold it and bought the Blue craft robo, I still have, for some reason.  And bought the KNK Groove 3 years ago this Chrismas.   And for some strange reason.  I have been wanting a new Cricut Expression.  Why, I really dont know,  Maybe because, Every one else has one, and I didnt, So why not, LOL!   Or because it seems that the Cricut has taken over the cutter world and I want to be a part of it. Okay, that sounds good, LOL!

So as soon as I get it,  I will be posting more about Mr. Cricut.  And learning the gypsy.  Im so excited.  I am also looking at buying SCAL 2.  Oh, I will need to get some Cri Kit pens as Kristal says they are the bomb. LOL!

Okay so on to your free file.  If you would like the RM00118 Double Wedding Ring Quilt Mesh.  You can download it from 4 shared.  I will leave it up all weekend.     I will be adding a matching card to store soon.
This file is now in store link above

Im headed to dinner so if you have any problems. I will check in when I get back,

Have a great weekend.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov Grab Bag

Hey y'all

The Nov Grab bag is now up and in store ready for purchase.  Some really cute Holiday files in this one.

You can get this one time Collection in the VDBC store for only $7 by Clicking this link.  Nov Grab Bag.

And make sure you sign up for the VDBC Newsletter because the Holiday Gift Guide will be coming out soon.  With all kinds of Great Gifts you can make and give for Christmas or use for Holiday decorations.

Be watching for some new files and tutorials in the next few days.  Im taking a break tomorrow to go to the beach.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Glue Arts Want's Your Vote!

Did you vote today.  I did,  The only voteing I did was on the Glue Arts Blog. LOL!
Head on over to their blog and cast your vote today! Glue Arts Blog!
5 lucky winners will get a Glue Arts Gift pack.  I would so love to win this. But if I dont. Good luck to the rest that vote. 

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