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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Common Sense Health!

Good Morning All!  Is it?  No, not really, But we will go with it and hope it changes the day. LOL!

I am up way to early, I was awaken by a headache this morning.  My brain fluid is high, I know this because of the Skull pressure, Pain in my neck, Vision is blurry, Face and Eyes are swollen.  A few hours upright in the recliner will should help.  The shunt will then drain the excess brain fluid.  This is what happens if I lay down for more then 4 hours.  And yep. I went to bed a little early last night.  Go figure.    I would sleep in the recliner, but m a side sleeper and that is a little hard to do in the recliner.

So, Did you catch my title?  Common Sense Health!.  Yep, That is what this post is about.  As we get older and Life really starts to hit you in the face.  Okay, make be your like me and been sick since you were a baby.   But any way.  Your always looking for better ways to improve your life.

Well,  With Hubbys new diagnosis of diabetes,  and me having been boarder line diabetic all my life,  and with our first grand baby due in 5 months.  We need to really try and make our selves healthier.

So on this "World Wide Web" Super information Highway. (The Internet. LOL!) I have been doing a lot of looking for health imformation.  And have come across one I like.

Yep, its called "Common Sense Health"  Its a great newsletter with lots of great information.  You need to register for the news letter to get it in your inbox.

Todays Newsletter is about "How to Balance your Hormones Naturally" This page shows you a list of things you may be having issues with if your Hormones are out of balance.  As we get older, this happens.  So maybe your having a few of these things going on.   Read this article about "Glycemic Foods" And here is a list of Food to eat and what to stay away from. "Glycemic Food List".

Im printing out this list to make my grocery list.  And take this with me.  To help me remember to pick up better foods.

I hope yall find this newletter helpful.  I really like it.

Have a great day,
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to get back to my type of Normal!

Man, I'm not normal by any means.  So being sick, my normal is even worse then "My Normal" LOL!

My sleep is still off, so not getting good sleep. I think I have been on this sleep pattern for a year now. Im finally starting to get over this cold thing.  I took my 5 days of Z pack and think its just now starting to work.  My ears are starting to unclog and can here a little more.  Nose is finally starting to slow down and still have a little cough. Im on my 3rd week, so hopefully its on its way out.

I have a really low immune system because of all my medical problems. So a normal 3 day cold will take me 3 weeks to get over.  I started the new inhaler and its working pretty good,  So thats a good thing.  And the doctor upped my Prozac to 40 mg.  So hoping that starts working soon.  Im really struggling to find some creativity.  

I think my husband is finally getting this diabetes thing.  I think with me being in bed for over a week, that left him to fend for him self, and he started seeing that what he was choosing to eat was making him feel worse.  As this weekend, we were sitting on the screen porch, and he was telling me, that he finally was getting it.  And this past week, I would hear him testing on his own with out me telling him 2 hours after every meal.

I got a call from his kidney doctor and they said they are still working on his surgery date.  They only do them on Wed. and there are many in front of him.  And I havent heard back from my lab work on friday yet, Im hoping they dont find any thing else. Lord knows, I dont need any more problems, and cant afford to buy more meds. 

Other then that,  the new garden is doing wonderful.  Hubby planted it on Saturday and today, all the seeds have sprouted and are about 4 inches tall, Wow.  That was fast. Now to just keep the bugs away, we will be fine.  Seems like we spend more time growing stuff just to feed the bugs. LOL!

Okay, I have some stuff to work on in the next week  to get ready for the 2nd Anniversary at VDBC.  So I need to get busy.  And still have some projects to work on as well.

I will be back in a few days to check in.  

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Looks Like Im Going To Make It!

Just checking in again since its been a few days.  It took all I had to get out of bed yesterday and go to the dentist to get my stitches out.  They suggested I call my primary because I shouldn't be that sick.

So I called and yep, they said, get right over there.  So I left the dentist office and went over there.  My doc said, that the pulling of the tooth stirred the bacteria and caused a Fibromyalgia episode. Because I have such a low immune system. And she still thinks I have lupus.  But said lupus is like Thyroid problems, they dont show up on test until you really have other problems going  on. 

So she sent me for more test for lupus and other stuff. Which I know will come back bad, but hey, when your on a slim budget, you cant afford all your meds. So I know I will get yelled at when the test come back. Oh well.

Today, I started on a Z pack for major bacterial infection.  And hoping to feel better in a few days.  I got my prozac doubled so that should start helping with a few things in a couple days.  I canceled my teeth cleaning for next week, as I really dont want to go through this again.  Doc said I need to build up my immune system again before I go back. 

Today I was out of bed for 7 hours and think im about ready for bed again.  Tomorrow, Im shooting for half a day.  I want to work on a layout, for the sketch challenge that came with my new Kit.  Which will be for Aunt Lois 90th birthday present.  I missed her party sunday, But I figured I better not go and get her sick.  As she just got out of the hospital is it is.

Well, I will check in, in a few more days. 
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I think Im still here!

Man, the last week has been "HELL" Yes, I said it.. I feel so bad, im just over it.

As you all may know, I have been dealing with tooth pain for a week now.  About 5 years ago, I put a ton of money in to my teeth to get them all taken care of before I went on disability. All the medications I have been on for years have really taken a toll on my teeth.  Well, I ended up getting most of my top teeth capped through the years. Only have 2 left on top to cap. But the bottoms that do most of the work.  Are now having issues.  It seems that the Dentist used the Silver (amalgam) fillings.  And it seems that they are leaking and now all my teeth are deteriorating from the inside out.  So they are all brittle.  And just falling apart.

This is what happened last week.  The week before, the filling came out, then a few days later, half the tooth fell off, then the center filling fell out, this is when all the pain started because the root was now exposed.  I have been in so much pain this past week.  I tell you,  Tooth pain is unlike any other pain in the world. It has got to be the worst. 

I told yall what happened at the Diabetes Class on Wed.  I went to the dentist on Thursday.  And of course they wanted to save the tooth.  So they tested it and it just crumbled so no way to cap it which cost $700 with our insurance.  So they checked the root and it was fine, No decay or gum disease. So my option was to do a root canal and post or some thing to the sound of $1600 with our insurance, Are they insane.  So my only other option, was to have it pulled.  For $60.  Well, the root being good, didnt want to come out.  They pulled and tried all kinds of tool, I remember hearing, things like, Extractors and Baby elevator and Large elevator, then the words, This is going ENDO!.  Lord, I knew what that meant.  Yep. More shots to make my mouth numb.   And they had to cut my gum open and get it out.  So now I have stitches in my mouth.

The pain was so bad from the trama, but the tooth pain was gone, and yes there is a differance in pain.  The vicodin she gave me, made me itch.  So I stopped taking that,  and started taking 2 darvacet ever 4 hours. Man, that stuff only last 2 hours. So your in pain the other to.  And they wonder why people get addicted to this stuff. Because when it wears off, they take the next dose so they dont feel the pain,. But I didnt. I dealt with it. I dont take pills unless I absolutely have to.

So the past few days, I have been dealing with a sore mouth with swelling, and the rest of my teeth on that side are sore from the trama.  And have only been able to eat soft soups and pudding for the past few days.  Even eating that makes my mouth hurt.  Since my Husband went hunting for the weekend.  I told my daughter and husband, they had to fend for themselves for the weekend.  I was not cooking, since Dad was gone and I can only have soup.  So they have ate out all weekend. LOL!

So yesterday after noon,  I started feeling a little better, Didnt take any pain meds.  The swelling is starting to go down.  I know this because now I feel the stitches rubbing on my tongue and side of my mouth. Yuck! But thats good the swelling is going down.   So I started working on a file for a layout challenges  im going to try and do.   And figured. I would rest the rest of the night and just cut it today.

Well, about 11 last night, I started getting a sore throat, I thought that was odd, but later that night, I had a runny nose.  And then, my throat was so sore all night I couldnt swallow, And I cant drink out of a straw or suck on a caugh drop.  So now, I have this cold.  Im not sure if I got it from my Daughter that came home with it on Wed.  Or If I got it from the dentist office.  I have a really low immune system. So I dont leave the house much. But it never fails.  I get really sick after going to the doctors office , hospital or dentist.

So now, dealing with this cold. Feel Crappy! again, And have to miss Aunt Lois 90th birthday today.  I Dont want to make her sick, she just got out of the hospital.  So will have to go see her when I get over this cold when ever that is.

So whats for dinner today.  Hubby will be home later,  So I stuck 2 roast, Carrots, Onions and stew seasoning in the crock pot, And after 8 hours, about 5 pm. Dinner will be done.  I Love my Crop pot.

I sure hope you all are nice and healthy and feeling a ton better then I am.  And getting lots of crafting done.  I so want to play in my new room.  And play with my new MCS kit.  Its just beautiful.  But that will have to wait a few more day.

Also, "Customer Appreciation Customers" you still have a little over a week to use your coupon for this month, and you can use it more then onces. 

For those that contacted me about having issues checking out with pay pal.   On your cart screen at the top.  There is a thing about using IE8 with pay pal. And have to do the compatibility mode thing for you to be able to check out.  Let me know if you still cant get it to work. 

Have a great week. I will check in,  In a few more days.  Hopefully feeling better by then.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club!

I told yall yesterday, I had some thing exciting to tell yall.  Well, I almost forgot to post and tell yall today.

So what is this news. Well, If you read my title.  You might know what it is.  A few days ago.  I was on the net surfing for some creative inspiration to get me going again.  And I came across some absolutely beautiful layouts.  Just my style.  So elegant and lots of details and such beautiful flowers and embellishments on these layouts. 

So I went blog hopping,  And all these blogs had the same kind of layouts.  I was totally in love.  So I Joined my very first Kit Club.  Called "My Creative Scrapbook"  OMG! Are these kits beautiful. I also joined their forum.  Wow, these girls are talented.

This is my first kit club and joined just in time last week, to get in on Septembers Kit.  Isnt it just beautiful?  Look at every thing you get in this kit, A few of these papers have lots of glitter on them.  I love all the prima flowers.   I am hoping this helps me to get more pages done, since every thing matches, Which was my biggest problem. Matching stuff.  And this Main Kit is only 31.99 a month.  Not bad I dont think to get all this stuff and have it match.

I was planning on creating a project with it today.  But looks like its not going to happen. I am dealing with a really bad took ach this week. I can handle a lot of pain, but tooth pain has got to be the worst.  And I just cant handle the pain,  I had a 8 hour class today at the local hospital for my husbands Diabetes.  Well,  We packed our lunches. And went, and were there the first 4 hours, And I was in so much pain, I was shaking. And my husband being difficult and saying, He dont have Diabetest. And not wanting to listen.  I was just not up to dealing with him since I was in pain, so at the lunch break, we came home. And I took some Darvacet. And that helped a little.  But not much, I will have to reschedule the 2nd part of the class next month.  But in the mean time, Im going to the dentist tomorrow. And get this tooth pull.  And hopefully my pain will be gone.

So for now, Im logging out, and taking more pain meds and headed to bed.  Man, I hate tooth pain worse then any thing.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3D Poinsettia Flower Bow Tutorial

Here is my next 3D Flower "Poinsettia" Bow.  RM00107

For this project.  I used my 3D Poinsettia as a bow for a Christmas Present.  It made such a beautiful and unique bow.  In this file,  I also added a matching tag.  So its the perfectly wrapped gift. 

 After I wrapped my box.  I measured the top where I wanted this Flower bow.  And resized the file so that Flower was a little larger then the top measurements.  So that I could curl the leaves and it would still reach the edges. 

 I used my Score Pal to make the veins in the petals.  If you notice in the picture.  If you line up the first petal so 2 lines are in a good location on the petal.  Look at the 3rd petal and it will be lined up as well, so you can do one side of one, and one side of another. And when you get around your done. Make sure you do the line down the center first. 

 You can use either side you like.  I like to use with the Valleys.  So when I ink them, the veins show up better. 
 Here is how it looks after you ink.  Use a sponge and Die inks, and rub or drag over the petal. So that it makes the veins show up better.  The front one is inked. 

Next take a wood skewer  to roll the petals either direction.  I roll the bottom and middle layers under.  And the top layer I curled upwards. 
Do the same thing with the leaves. And again, you can use either side, its up to you.
And here you can see the vines on the first one that is inked, shows up better.  Try and use a color paper lighter then the ink you want to use. So you get good shading on the veins and edges.
And you curl the leaves either under or up. Or curl just the edges, or just the tips. Its really up to you.  If you want a Distressed look,  Lightly mist with water.  And crumple up and let dry and then carefully open.  And you will have a distressed look. I like Clean and elegant.
Next, If using as a bow,  Use several thick pop dots for your layers. If using on a scrapbook page, then use glue dots in the centers and use small pop dots under the petals so they stay up.
I used just a little Stickles "Fruit punch" on the edges of the petals of the flower.  And used Yellow stickles on the center.  And there you have it.  A beautiful bow to use on your presents. Or scrapbook pages or cards.

If you would like to make these for your Christmas presents or Scrapbook pages.  You can get my file in my part of the store. "3D Poinsettia Bow & and Tag" 

Tomorrow, I have some thing really exciting to me to show you.  I hope you enjoyed my picture tutorial. LOL!  I dont know how to do videos.

EDIT: Added new store link for this file. 
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Prima Idea Book!

I have been drooling over all the beautiful layouts done with primas.  Ha, I know. They have been out for a long time.  But I never really noticed them until a few weeks ago. 

I joined their face book page "Prima Marketing Flowers"  and seen all the wonderful layouts done with these beautiful flowers.  Now they have a Prima Idea book.   And they are sold out already.  So im trying to win one.

This book shows you samples of beautiful layouts and tips on how they were done. And what prima products were used.  I see lots of prima products in my future. LOL! 

Go check them out and repost on your blog for a chance to win the book. 

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whew! Busy Weekend

Man, when the weekends come, I know its time to get stuff done.  So this weekend, I helped my hubby redo the garden.  Remember back in March I think it was, we had redone our in ground garden to raised beds, It was doing great, But Hubby got sick and couldnt tend to it, I tried but its a lot of work for me to weed.  And then hubbys doctor told him, he couldnt eat any veggies.  Well, he said, I guess we will let the garden go,  So we did.  And all the plants died, and the grass took over. 

So last week, we just sprayed every thing there with a heavy dose of grass killer,  it takes about a week before you see its actually working, then all of a sudden its totally brown.  So we have spent the past 2 days, pulling all the grass out of the raised beds.  And just mowed down the dead grass in between. we tried to pull it up but it was pulling up the black weed cloth and mulch, so we just left it, moved it down, and will continue to spray around the beds with grass killer. Maybe it will help keed the ground coverd like mulch. Its more like hay now.

Last week Hubby ran in to the outside faucet. And broke the pvc line,  I had a spare part in the shed to cap it off.   So that worked for then, but we need water in the back, so we finally moved the water line to the garden area.  I have wanted to do this for the past 4 years.  And now, Its all moved. We. dug a trench and layed new line. about 30 feet from where it was.  And put the new faucte againts the shed. So now. its right next to the garden. NO MORE HOSE running across the yard.  Man, had to pick it up in order to mow 2 times a week.  Such a pain.  Not no more. 

Then, a few weeks back, we moved our privacy fence to meet the neighors in the middle of the ditch, but it left a few plants along the old fence line.  So we just pulled up the 4x4 post all along the old fence line,  but left 2 where the Jasmine is growing, Its growning so nice, I hate to move it, So we just attached some lattice to the 2 4x4 to make a screen for it to grow on.  It looks nice.  And kind of tells you that is where the yard starts to slop in to the ditch.  And provides a little extra screen for the pool from the neighbors. 

When, Busy weekend and still the yard isnt done.  Maybe next week, unless its cooler this week, then may be we will get out there in the evening.

For all my repeat customers.  Have you used your "Customer Appreation Coupon" yet.  I sent those out to you on the first.  You have all of September to use it.  And its good on any amount of orders and as many orders you from my store.  

If you didnt get one from me and would like to start receiving my Customer Appreciation Coupon.   All you have to do is purchase just "ONE" of my files in Sept.  And that will qualify you for a Coupon to use all of OCT.  Think about it. You will never pay full price for my files ever again.  How awesome is that.  Just for being a repeat customer of mine.

Also. Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter.  I am offering a free file. For my Perpetual Calendar.  I thought this would be great for you all to start on your personalized Never ending Christmas gifts.  You can use the file to make your calendar.  And then You can either use my Year Collection to make one  or personalize all the pages to be family pictures.  Babys First year.  You name it.  These make great Gifts.  And they never end.

Also Dont forget about the Sept Grab bag.  All super cute Halloween files. 

Im still having a hard time designing files and being crafty.  Im wondering if its because my craft area is now if the back of the house.  I kind of liked being in the middle. Right where every walked by. But we will see.   I Joined my first Kit club and it should be here in a few days, as I got notice it has shipped.  So I will post and tell you about that more when it comes.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kitten updates and Scraproom Progress

I have been working on my room and getting every thing moved from the dinning room.  Man, I was crazy to think I would have more room in the bed room.  I think I would of but.  The walk in closet is full, there is a full size bed and A full size futon, Twin bed, and bunch of boxes and book shelves in there.  So I cant put the stuff I dont need all the time in the closet,  So it makes the room look full.

And my friend Jill sold me her counter tops one is 10ft long with a corner section that is 6ft.  And it fit perfect. as the room is 10 x 10. So it went all the way down one wall and wraps around to the window.

The clear mat is the first station,  I have my sewing stuff set up under the counter and will do my sewing there. All my sewing stuff was my other walk in closet in the bathroom. You can see my paper cutter and blue robo on the counter.  This fist station is where my friend Jill will sit and use the robo when she comes over to scrap.   And down the counter is my purple cutting mat.  That is my scrapping station.

Wow, this looks so unorganized, I just need to get some matcing baskets I think and that will make it look better.  But you can see my scrapping station where the chair is.  And my KNK in the corner. and behind it is all the stuff im going to work on this next week. Wedding layouts and Present for Aunt Lois's 90th birthday.  The section along the wall is where I will do my cutting. On the side, the black shelf is all my unmounted stamps.  I still have to move my inkpads and some stuff on the walls in here when I get the wall shelves up.   That big black sams bag is all the new stuff I have bought this past year that I need to organized and catalog the stamps and put them in DVD cases.  I will work on that when I have free time.
This dont look much different then in the dinning room. I was really hoping, I would be able to get a nice big IKEA EXPITE but, no money in the budget for that.  So I just moved my same old Wire cubes in here and the white shelf Jill gave me last year.  I just used curtain rods  and tie wraps to attach them to the top of the wire cubes and used a white sheet and sewed curtain. So I can pull them closed, It drives me nuts to see all that stuff that dont match.  Sitting on top of the wire cubes is my Scrap wrack and yes, I do use it.
Here is Smokey Kitten,  She is such a ball of energy. Oh My!  She gets in to every thing. Here she is on the counter.

And here she is in my wire cubes when I was just starting to load them. One of the albums had ribbon on it and yep. She found it. To her, my room is an amusement park.

This is Mr. Rusty.  he is part Main Coon.  So he is pretty hefty and has such big paws.  But this cat, has no cares in the world.  He sits, Yes I mean sits. Like we sit on the floor.   And he wont move. He just looks at you like your supposed to walk over him.  Well, he took to the kitten,  and he is actually teaching her.  When we first got her, she would bite you. Well, Rusty will play with her and when she gets to rough and bites. He will use his big paws to hold her down.  If she dont stop, He bites her on the ear and she runs off.  Then she comes back and Rusty licks her head.  And shows her love.  So now, She has not bit in over a week.  And is getting more loving. And lets you hold her.  She is still overly stimulated by touch.  So you cant pet her.  You just have to let her lay with you. If you pet her one time, she gets up and moves all around.

Those that play together eat together. LOL!  She has her own bowl.  But she insist on eating with the other 2 cats.  The big gray cat is Lizzy Bell.  I think she is a little put out with the new kitten here. She gets frustrated with her, But let me tell you, Lizzy dont mind playing with all the kittens new toys. LOL! 

Other then that. Hubby hasnt been feeling well. His doctors are still trying to schedule an appt for the Kidney stone removal.  They are so large that they wont come out on their own.  But they make him fill like he has pain in his lower back on both sides.  We go to our diabetes education all day class next Wed.  Hopefully we will learn how to level out his Hi's and Low's.

Well, I guess thats all for now.  I cleaned off my counters in my room. So Im hoping to start on a new project tomorrow. I have to have it done by next sunday. So with over a week, may be I will get it done.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Checking In

Hello all,

I'm just checking in.  Letting yall know Im still out here, I have been busy moving all my scrap stuff from my Dinning room, My bedroom walkin closet and All my sewing stuff from the spare room walk in closet.  And. Wow, is my room looking full.  But one side is all Counter tops. My friend Jill moved from her scraproom upstairs to the downstairs Dinning room. So she didnt need her counters and cubbies.  So she sold them to me super cheap so I can put them in my new scraproom.   The fit perfect.  One is 10 foot long, and the corner one is 6 feet.  So now, I have a cutter station.   And a Crafting station,  and on the end is my Sewing station.  Its really coming along. 

My husband was shocked, I had so much stuff, but the thing is, it was all over the house, So now he sees the walk in closet in our Master bath now has room to walk in and put the vacuum and carpet cleaner in there.  So they are no longer taking up space in the master bath.

Hopefully next week, I will have it all done,  I just need to put a few more things away, I had thrown in a box.  And have lots of paper to sort out that Jill gave me. 

I took some pictures of Smokey2 kitten, but miss placed my camera in the move. So Im sure It will show up soon,  And I will post some new pictures.  My son used my phone to take a picture, and trie to post it to my face book, but it said it was sent, but never showed up. So no clue on that. But let me tell you, Lord, that little girl gets in to every thing.  Will tell you more about that in another post with pictures.

Hubby been testing his Diabetes for 2 weeks and, he is having such HI's and Low's.  All we did was change from Pepsi to Diet 7-UP (the only thing he will drink, we have tried all the Zero's and stuff, he dont like them) And changed his Sweet tea from 1 Cup of sugar per gallon of tea to 2/3 cup of Splenda per gallon.   And now his sugars are reading in the 70's and he's weak and shaky.  I called the doctor, they said, that is normal, because he is not used to the low sugars. And keep doing what he is doing.  But make sure he eats more frequently.  That is fine on the weekends. But Come work week, He never knows when they will give them a lunch if at all.  Because, they have been sending the guys home around 1:00 trying to save the company money. But that really hurts our paycheck, any way, He dont know when he can eat. so he may go 4-6 hours with out eating. 

Its still a learning process and we go to the Hospital Diabetes class on the 15th. So hopefully we will learn a lot more on how to level  him out.

Hope yall have a wonderful Labor day

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3D Flowers in Flower Pot

This wonderful creation was done by one of the Creative team members for Chris. Sussann Lovett  She was gracious enough to play with my file to show you, other uses for my flowers.

She made this adorable Flower Pot.

You can see she used several different colors for each flower for a special meaning.  And this is the Daisy flower from my 3D Flower collection RM00090 .   She used a cute flower pot with moss and attached the flowers to green wire.

This is a really clever idea.  I love the card showing what each color stands for.  Just beautiful.

Thank you Sussann for creating such a beautiful Flower Pot with my file.

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RSMobleys Designs Customer Appreation Coupon

Email went out last night. So all of my August Customers.  And and I also sent out a coupon code to all my customers from the past year as a thank you for making my first year at VDBC a great one. 

Im super excited to say that my email when out to 88 customers. Wow!  That is just awesome.  I knew I had a lot of customers but never imagined  it was that many.  So thank you very much for your support.  I hope to be back to designing soon. Im working on my new craftroom as when i can find stuff again, Who knows, the creative bug may reappear.

Now if your would like to receive my customer only coupon.  All you have to do is buy one file of mine in Sept. And that gets you a coupon code to use in Oct on your total purchase.  Its that easy.

Later in the week I will post some update pictures of Smokey, That girl is in to every thing.  Hubby told me yesterday, She is a girl, and Smokey isn't a girls name.  Well, since she comes running when I call "Smokey"  I dont think the name will be changing.  Besides, she is to wild to have a Cutesy name.

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