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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow! Its friday already

And its almost the First of August. So that means a few things.

First, July Grab bags:  You only have today and tomorrow to purchase this awesome collection of files. For only $8. After the first, they go on sale individually with each designer for a much higher price, So now is the time to buy. Dont miss out.

Next. On August first. I will be posting a series of 3 post. For my latest project. It was some work to get the 3 post all typed up with tons of pictures. But they are ready and Waiting for the First.  So make sure you check back to see what I have been up to.

Hmm! August, That means most kids go back to school so that means more crafty time for those moms out there with children in the house for the summer. 

With August all most here, Hopefully that means this HOT! HOT! HOT! Summer is on its way out. As Fall starts in September. 

Okay, I better stop there, I dont even want to think about what comes in December. LOL!  But now is the time to get started on those cards and hand made gifts. Hmm! Wonder what we can come up with.

Last thing:
Have yall noticed my new back ground for my blog, Im still not sure if I like it or not, I think I like the center clear so you can see stuff on the sides.  But what is easier for yall to look at. Do you like not so busy blog back ground like this one,  Or Do you like looking at pretty back grounds with clear centers like my Creative team blog. I changed yesterday. Which I love because it has butterfly's.  So which do you like better.  Oh, And if you like this one better. What do you think I need to change to make it better appealing to you, The center color, The word color, Or bigger or smaller.   You tell me. So I can play with it and see if it looks better to yall.

Monday, July 26, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 4 (Rose Bud)

I have had so many questions and comments about my 3D Flower Collection.  And request for more.  That I am slowly working on a few different flowers.

Someone has asked if my 3D Flowers can be cut on the Cricut Cake.  Im not 100% sure, as I havent tried it, But, I really dont see why it would not work on a cricut cake or similar machine you cut fondant on.  So if any one tries it and has a finished picture of my flowers cut out of fondant, I would really love to see it. So I will know as well.

Some one else asked if these could make Small Rose buds or partially open roses.

Well, what I love about a Cutter file, is that, there are so many things you can do with them.  And with my 3D Flower Collection,  you can make them smaller or Larger.  Which is what I did in my clock picture.

The dark Orange Rose and the Lighter larger Rose are the same file, Just different sizes.

So about making a rose bud or partially opened rose.  This is what I did.

I used Adirondack Cranberry ink on this one.  To  make a bud, I chose to ink both sides as this one will be rolled inside, so you will see the out side as you wont be curling the petals.  I inked this side dark.

I inked this side a little lighter and only on the edges at the beginning.
With the full rose, you would curl the petals out. But since this will be a Bud or semi open Rose Bud.  You wont curl the petals out.  So just start rolling the tip, and remove the stick or paint brush tip, and roll it really tight. 

You can roll as much of the strip as you like for a small or bigger rose bud.  I used about half of the strip. This looked good to me. So I just cut it off there.

Another view of how it looks.  I cut it off here. As this was a good size for me.
Still holding the Rose Bud tight. I added adhesive to the last petal and attached it.   And that is all there is to making the Rose Bud. Next is the leaves.

 I cut 3 small leaves (Inked with Adirondack Bottle , Explains the green thumb. LOL) and glued them together to make a little cup for the rose bud to sit in. 
Put some glue on the bottom sides of the Rose Bud and sit inside the leaves.
Another view from the top.   And there you have a small Rose Bud from the same 3D Flower Collection. 

In this collection, You get 3 flowers, Leaves and my Bonus Fancy Butterfly file.

EDITED: Updated store link and pictures

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Lots of Changes Going On!

You may have noticed a few changes. Like, my blog, Im changing the back ground, and not really liking this one.  I tried to make my own and well. Im just not good at that digital designing stuff.  So Im on the hunt for a new Free back ground.  So this one will be changing again soon.

Im changing the way I design my files. Not the quality, so do worry about that. Just the way I come about making files.  I dont scrap much and haven't had time to make cards since I started at the store. And really miss it, So im going to start scrapping and making cards, and see what ideas that brings me for files.  So I will be working out side of the holidays. For a change.  Next week, I start the task of working on my daughters wedding album. So im sure, you will be seeing some wedding files real soon.

You may have also noticed, Im posting more pictures of me and my family. This was a hard one for me, but hey, if yall visit my blog, you might as well know how your visiting, Right?  So, I figure, I better go get a hair cut and color if Im going to be showing yall pictures.  So will work on that next week as well.  Hm, Thinking of going shorter and darker to cover this gray. LOL

I also have been working on a few projects for my new craft room I will finally get. In a month or so.  So Come First of Aug. I will start posting that project.

Okay, Now for the biggest change.  You may have noticed the baby ticker up top under the heading.  We are so super excited to announce that our Daughter and her new husband are expecting their first child and our first grand child due in March 2011.   She is only 6 1/2 weeks, but her frist doctor appt was this week, and the doctor (the same one that delivered Melissa 21 years ago) says, he can see the baby's heart flickering already.  So that is a good sign.  So of course, I had to put a ticker on my blog. lol.

So, I made my first baby file.  If you want this file. I will email it to any one that becomes a follower and leaves a comment letting me know you did along with your email. So I can email you the file.  If your already a follower, let me know if you want the file so I can send it to you as well.

                            All my files are available in AI, GSD, KNK, SVG and WPCv14

  Looks like I will be working on baby files as well. So if you have some thing in mind you need. let me know, I will be happy to send you the file free if I use your idea.  As, I havent had a baby in the house in 21 years. I need some ideas. LOL!

EDIT: This file is now in store. RM00095

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last week for July Grab bag!

Just wanted to remind you all that, you only have one week left to grab the July Grab bag for only $8.  After July 31st it wont be available as a collection any longer. And the files will be listed in store by each designer for a highter price.  So grab it now while you can.

You can see all the pictures revealed at this link. July Grab bag

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can you be a tourist in our own state?

Ha!   I think I was yesterday. LOL!

Y'all know I don't leave the house much. But my nephews are here visiting they dad for the summer, and they leave next week, So last week we went to the Lido beach with them and have a wonderful time. I can wait to go back there.

And, Yesterday, We took them to Tarpon Springs Sponge docks.
You know, Its only 35 miles from me.  But I have not been there in 31 years.  Man, It sure looks different. LOL.  I felt like such a tourist in my own State. I have lived here 42 years. And still so much I have not seen.  Working on fixing that.

It was so unbelievably hot. It was 103 there, I have asthma so couldn't breath well. And the walking just kills me. And my husband has a bad muscle around his heat, that contracts in the heat. So he was having chest pains.  So We pretty much sat in the shade while the rest of the family walked the street and went in every shop.  We did joy some shaved Ice. But ended up going back to the car and sitting in the AC while they finished their shopping. 

But, I did snap a few pictures to remember the trip while I was there.

We parked in the very first parking lot. Did you know all the lots there charge you $3 to park. Jeez! Any way, this is the first store you come to, Its pretty cute, but I never mad it in there.   I really loved these Vase sponges that had Air plants in them. Just beautiful. But didn't buy one. My cats would eat the plants.

 This is a beautiful tile wall mural we were looking at while sitting on the benches in the shade. The mural is huge.

This is another one a little more ways done the road, At least you have nice stuff to look at while sitting in the shade.

I had my nephew snap this picture of us while we were waiting for them to finish all the shops in this middle center.

After we left there, We went to check out Howard Park its just around the corner.  Never been there, It was nice, But not our kind of beach, The long road over the water to the island is a dog beach, so that is cool.  but when you cross over to the island. Its for people only, We didn't check out the beach, there was no shade at all.  So we went back across to the park, which I have to say is really nice. Most of the pavilion's are reserved for the day.  But it was late 5:30 when we got there, so most were done with them.  So we found a nice one, and got out the coolers and made sandwiches and had a nice late lunch.

We then left there, headed back to Tampa and stopped several place to fish on the way home. We don't go any where with out our fishing poles. LOL!

All in all, it was great day, And we fell like tourist.

I need to stay home the next few weeks, and finish my projects. Hopefully the kids get the closing on their house. So I can set up my craft room. I need to start on my daughters wedding album, I'm off schedule on that. But I'm trying to get to it.  And May be soon, I can tell y'all about some news.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Reveal July Grab bag! Shh!

Hey yall,  I know we havent go to the reveal of the July Grab bag yet,  But I wanted to show you mine.

So here are my 4 Month files from the July Grab bag.  It will only be available until July 31, Then its gone. So you better grab it while you can.

 My first one is "May"  And has a cute gate, grass boarder, and several layered flowers. May is Mothers Day, This would make a beautiful card. With a new title.

Ha, I love this one, "June" title, Double grass boarder, with a flat section (Already Mowed!) LOL.  Tree, Lawn mower and A man sleeping under the shade tree with a paper over his face, instead of mowing the yard. I think this is just to cute. And June is Fathers days, So this would make a perfect card as well.

My favorite thing to do is, BBQ!.  So this one is "July" Summer BBQ!.  Has a picnic table with tools, Ketchup and Mustard. A grill with smoke, steak, burgers and hot dogs.  And of course the cooler of soda. HA!.  Nothing better then summer bbq, These would make great, Invitations and scrapbook pages.

And my last one is "August" Which most schools start in August. So I had to go with a school them on this one.  So you have your Chalk board, with August wrote on it, LOL,  Chalk and eraser, The teachers desk with Chair, and a stack of books and of course an Apple.  This would be super cute on a Teachers wall, change out the months, Or make a card for the teachers gift.

Well, y'all know I'm a card maker, So I test cut almost all my designs small to make sure they fit and still cut great.  The project I'm working on, Includes these 4 files.  So you know, I did cut these to fit a 5 inch Square, so they should cut just fine for a 5x7 card. 

Hope you like my reveal of my files. Be looking for the reveal of the other 8 soon.  And remember,  You only have 2 weeks left to pick up this awesome deal.  you can get it here.  JULY GRAB BAG!

Or you can always click the picture of the current grab bag up top on the left. I post the new bag every month there. So you always have a easy way to find it.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 3 0f 3

Here is the last tutorial of this series of my 3D Flower Collection.

This tutorial is on the Daisy Flower. I colored mine to look like a sunflower.

What I love about these paper flowers, You can cut them out of pattern paper, for any color cardstock, or even like I did. I cut out of cream cardstock and used Adirondack Inks to color it.
I used Adirondack Ink Sunshine Yellow for the petals and Expresso brown for the center.  And used SU spounges for the coloring.  Now that I have all the Adirondacks I need to buy more sponges. LOL!

I colored both sides of the center (Rectangle end with the lines) This you roll first. To create your center.

I used Score tape, (I love this tape and need to order more as well.) I order from Scrappy land, I love ordering from them, get my stuff fast.  Any way, You put the score tape or any other adhesive on one side, and fold over the top.

Use a skinny paint brush so skewer To roll the center. I used adhesive on the center so when it was rolled it stayed tight to form the center.
Continue rolling, you can leave it tight or set on table and let it bloom, for a looser look. 

And that is it, when your done, turn over and apply glue or use a glue gun. You can also roll your leaves to make a softer look. I did that after this picture was taken.

Now think about all the different colors. This would be pretty with watermelon colored petals and brown center. To look like a Gerber Daisy.   So may options for these flowers.

Im thinking about a new set of 3 D flowers.  If you have a special one you would like to see if I can make. Leave me a comment.  And I will See what I can do,  I can tell you one of them will be Calla Lillys. My daughter had these at her wedding, So want to try and make some of these.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorials.

Thanks for stopping by!

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 2 0f 3

Today, Im going to tell you how to do the flower with the Heart Shaped Petals. And how to do the leaves and give them some veins for texture.  (this was going to be tut 3 but I have had several ask about this one so moving it up in the series)
For this one, I used Cream paper, and use Adirondack Dye inks, Pink Sherbet  and Purple Twilight on the edges and the center.

You can see I used the darker on the edges and I inked both sides of the end part. It helps to rub the ink on when you want a more solid color.

I missed a picture here,(actually its in the other tut) but the end part, that has the lines. You just fold it over in half and adhere the top to the bottom. And you start rolling it, I did glue the center as I rolled it so it stayed together.

Then,You roll the petals, either both down, or one to the left and one to the right. , Doesn't matter. Its just how you like it. Its real important that you roll this one tight. Because of the shape of the petals. They want to line up so it don't look right.

But, After you roll it tight. You will sit the flower on the table and let it "Bloom"  You will see that it will unwind a little and the petals will pretty much fall in place,

You can twist it tighter or looser to how you like it. Then hold it in place by the center front and back, flip it over, and squeeze glue or hot glue in the center and on the end petal to hold in place.I use Scotch Scrapbookers 2 way glue. Love it. It has a pointy end and a dauber on the other end. Love it

Now for the Leaves.  I cut these in 2 sizes for my project.  But this is how I gave it veins for texture. I used my Score Pal. And the small tip on my Stylus tool, I lined the leaf up on a center line, and scored it.  Then I moved it over to where the 2 lines are closer together, turned the leaf side ways a little and scored both, Turn and score the other side, Making sure you dont cross the center line.

I then used Adirondak Bottle ink and lightly drag the sponge over the leaf so it shows the veins, then run the inked sponge on the edges to give it a darker edge.    You can see the beginning and ending example above.

And that's it for this one. Here is a close up of this flower and leaves in my finished project. I ended up making these flowers in Orange as well for my project. they are the lighter flowers with the bright orange centers in the picture below.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clock with 3D Flower Collection

I have been working on a few projects for my new craft room, I hope to have by next month.  So I finally finished one of the projects.

I made a Clock for my Wall.  I bought this neat clock kit at the good will, they had a bunch of these new 12x12 clock kits for $2.00 So I bought a few, So I can make several clocks. It comes with White wood frame, Clock kit, A metal decorative front.  But I didnt use that.

I used this new paper pack from My Minds Eye "Ooh La La" (Mens Collection) I loved the colors of this paper with its tropical feel.  With Orange and greens.

 I used several sheets of the pattern paper, with the glitter and embossed designs. Just love the colors.

I created the file for this clock, butterfly and flowers.   The Titles on the clock say: "Imagine, Inspire & Create"

The clock hands were silver, so I took my Alcohol inks and colored them, I used Bottle and Pesto on the Hour and Minute Hands, and used Caramel and Butterscotch on the Seconds hand.   I like the look of them inked.  I also cut a small butterfly for the seconds hand.

These are the flowers I posted the tutorial on yesterday and added to the store. I just love how they turned out.

I still have 2 more tutorials to post on these and how I did the leaves.  So be watching for that.

You can  purchase the Clock Kit file RM00092
And you can fine the 3D Flower Collection with bonus Fancy Butterfly file Here.

Hope you like the Clock, I know my family does. The just love how the flowers turned out.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3D Flower Collection Tutorial 1 0f 3

Here is the first of 3 tutorials on how I made these cut Flowers for my project.

Okay so off we go on the first of 3 tutorials. This is to make the Rose and you will also see in this picture. My first butterfly, I have added that file as a bonus if you purchase the 3d Flower Collection.
Now, you can decorate them any way you wish. You can cut them out of pattern paper, or any color cardstock you wish.

I used a light cream color (I have a bunch of this color, so trying to use it) also its neutral color so you can ink and color it any way you like.

First I cut my file, in a couple different sizes.

I used my favorite Ink pads. Ranger Adirondack Dye inks (Remember a few post back, I just got the complete set, Woo Hoo!)

I use Stamping up Sponges, that I cut each in to 8 sections, use the SU tab punch and staple the color of the ink on the sponge.   For this Rose, for my project, Which is in Orange and Greens. And My favorite real rose color is Orange as well.   I used Cream color paper, Peach Bellini to lightly color the flower petals. And used Sunset Orange on the edges for contrast.

 Next, I took a small paint brush and put some adhesive on the end to help hold the paper as I roll it.

Use the paint brush to roll the edges of the petals.

 With the adhesive on the tip, start rolling inward and making sure the rolled under stay rolled as you continue.

After you roll a few times. its easier to remove the paint brush, and use your finger and thumb to just roll it. Roll it semi tight. 

 This is what it will look like when done. Now, I found that, you can use adhesive on the first petal you roll to keep the center tight,  But the rest, I found, that if you don't use adhesive, when your done rolling, you can twist and turn the flower to get all the petals how you want them.

When you have it how you want it, You can use any kind of glue you like to adhear it. You can use a hot glue gun, but the glue gun and I dont get along to well,  So I choose not to use it. I used Scotch  Scrapbookers 2 way glue, which I love. I love the pointed tip on one end, and the dauber on the other end. Perfect!  Any way, you can just squeez some in between the layers. I put a small piece of tape on mine, to hold it while it tried.

 After it was dry, I used my Tweezer Bee's To tweak  the petals and Center petals.

  I think I will try some glimmer mist on some as well as some stickels or Sulyn swirl glitter. My friend Kristal of K Andrews sent me a bottle to try out.

Okay, so that is it for the first one.  Super easy, and they turn out beautiful. Be creative. With colors, paper, Inks, Stickles, Sulyn glitter, Glimmer Mist, You name it. try it.

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3D Flower Collection And My First Butterfly

Im so excited about this new file!

I am working on a project and I needed some pretty flowers for it. So I designed this set of Flowers and My very first Butterfly.  I think they turned out beautiful.

This is a picture of the finished cut files.  I forgot to add the leaf in the picture. I added it at the last minute.

This file RM00090 (3D Flower Collection) with Bonus file RM00091 (Fancy Butterfly) is now available in my store.

File includes Rose pattern, Daisy pattern, Heart petal pattern and Leaf (Not shown).  Bonus file is downloadable with purchase of 3D Flower collection.

All my files are available in AI, GSD, KNK, SVG & WPCv14.

I will be posting tutorials on the 3 Flowers soon.  To show you how to assemble and decorate how you wish.

Hope you like them. I love them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Monday! Is it Really?

Happy Monday y'all!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a good time at the beach on Saturday, spent sunday doing laundry and working on my Clock and Calendar for my new scraproom. Hopefully I will be moving in there in a few months. 

This clock is taking me a while, As Im figuring it out as I go. And of course Im designing files for it as I go.
Im also trying to get over my fear of Pattern paper.  And By George!  I think I did. LOL!

Im working on the last stages of it now, and putting it together.  And I made  first Butterfly file and its super pretty.  I think Im going to post it for free for you all as its my first one. So be on the look out for it in a day or two. 

Im also working on my Calendar at the same time.  Still have a ways to go on it, But I have my 4 month pages done from this months July Grab bag.  I just love how they turned out. So After the Reveal on the 15th, I will post those here.  (Maybe sooner, Shhh!)

Oh,  Just so you know.  You can still get the grab bag for only $7.  If you purchase before the 15th.  After that, Its only goes up $1. So your still getting an awesome deal.  This one has 12 files. One for every month of the year including a title for the month.  That's only $.63 cents a month file. I cant even tell you how many files parts are in each month. But there are a lot, so this is an awesome value.

Think about how awesome this will be. for those Christmas gifts. Or birthday gifts. You name it.  This grab bag will have every thing you need to make those home made Journals, Monthly planners, Calendars. Birthday Card keeper, The list can go on and on.   As a matter of fact. We have made a list for you of just a few things we can come up with. LOL!   So head on over and pick up the July Grab bag.

Some of the ways you can use these files.. Ideas offered by the Contributors and the "More Team"...
1. You will already have the files for the 6x6 DayPlanner Swap being hosted in August/September.
2. You can make calendars as gifts this year for the holidays.
3. You can finish a scrapbook album by month this year.
4. You can use the files to make digi-scrap desktops for your computer by month.
5. You can create a mini-album for your non-scrappy friends to fill with pictures.
6. You can make the months into magnets for your fridge door. keep for your own or give as a gift.
7. You can use the months to make a journal for yourself or your journaling friend.
8. teacher gifts calendar or month magnets for the school boards.
9. Best Homework and Artwork by Month Binder for your Child's Keepsake from the year.
10. A paperbag album of months
11. An organizational binder/folder of stickers/embellishments filed under each month
12. A Year of Recipes
13. A Year of Cards--You can make cards using the embellishments for each month and then have them ready
14. Babies Year Book!
15. A year in review gift
16. Photos of the garden growing and harvest or flowers.
17. Use the titles for grandkids or your kids artwork and best work book. They get to pick a piece of artwork and their best story or page of work to file each month. The titles will be put on dividers that go in their Notebook, then at the end of the year, then take them all out and  bind with the binding machine.
18. How about a Monthly file organizer for Coupons or receipts.
19.Make a birthday/ anniversary altered project with the names of important friends and family.
20. Use with Velcro and a painted glass square to make a never ending calendar.
21. Cut the files in fabric and fuse to squares of muslin - have the kids and/or family embroider or use fabric paint to make a calendar quilt or wall hanging.
22. Cut the words in vinyl to make home decor projects,on a vase for spring, a glass frame filled with pressed leaves for fall, a beverage bucket for summer, a bucket filled with fire starters for winter, etc. Could be used to etch items as well as just the vinyl itself.
23. Separate Pictures by month.
24. Monthly Appointment book.
25. How about a journal to document the books you read each month?
26. Or journal of what craft projects you did each month?
27. Or things your kid says each month--those precious quotes?
28. Monthly family bulletin board/white board/magnet board design.
29. Or for the Martha Stewart fans--all the "home projects" you do each month--like holiday decorating, which closet/drawers/rooms you "special cleaned" to make an organized "schedule" of when to organize which room?
30. Teacher Bulletin Boards
31. Church Bulletin Boards
Well, Im dealing with another headach today, so off to take some meds. And clean up  a little. 

Thanks for stopping by! Sharon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Beach!

I have to tell you, I love living in Florida, Im such a beach girl. I dont think I would move any where that didnt have a super nice beach with in 100 miles. I would go nuts.

Nothing makes me feel better then a day at the beach. Today, I went to a new beach, I have never been to, Now, mind you. I have lived in Florida 42 of my 43 years. And there are still tons of places here in Florida I havent been.  So we are trying to go other places.  And today was one of those.

We went to South Lido Park Beach. My husband and I went with My brother and his family. And his 2 sons visiting from Ohio for the summer.  We had an awesome time. We left about 11:30 and didn't get home till 11 pm. What a beautiful day.

The sand was like powder, so clean, white and so soft.  We found a ton of big shells. These are what greets you on your way to the water.

We went to one side of the park, and got our tables under the shade trees.  With a BBQ.   We then went to the beach on one side. But the current was so swift, people would walk up the beach, get in the water and just travel with the current, It was kind of scary to me.  So since we had little ones, We walked down to the point, where it wasnt so swift. and there were several little sand bars so the little ones could play in just a few inches of water. 
Then we went back to the table, and had dinner, BBQ Chicken, Potato salad, Baked beans, Chips and Watermelon.   Then we had some visitors.  A super friendly Squirrel came over.  I thought for sure, he was going to jump on me, Oh man, I would of so screamed like a girl. LOL!  Good thing he didnt. Then we had this Raccoon visit. He was cute, He got in the trash, and got some food out, and went between 2 trees and ate what he found.  Then he climbed the tree. and he was laying on the tree limb. with his arms and legs just dangleing like he had a full belly. LOL!

After dinner, we went back to the beach for a while, The boys threw the foot ball.  My hubby , brother and one of his sons were fishing down the beach, they caught several small fish, and they were giving them to this big gray bird, after 6 fish, he was full and didnt want any more.
After a long day at the beach, We loaded the car up. and went to the other side of the beach with just some blankets and sat on the beach and watched the sun go down.  What a beautiful day at the beach. A must do again kind of thing for sure.
Not a great picture, but my brother snapped this one of my hubby and myself. Did I mention I hate my picture taken, and it dont help that this is after 8 hours on the beach, but it is what it is. LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to make a Rainbow in KNK

I was a little stuck on how to go about making a rainbow in KNK.  So got to thinking about the shape of a rainbow.

Really its just some curved rectangles. But how would I go about getting the lines at the bottom to all be the same with out using the ginsu knife, or having to mess mess with nodes and curving the lines. By converting to poly arc.

So I got to thinking about it, and bam, I did it, super easy.

Here is how I did it:

You make a long rectangle using the shape tool

Then, use the Array function ( Layout>Array) Change the Arrow that is Up and Down to 0.00 (This way, they stack touching each other and are all lined up with out moving any thing.

Look for "Total Y" Click it the number of times you want lines. (I choose 6)
So now you should have 6 rectangles all stacked on top of each other.

Next, color each rectangle.  I went with ROYGBP (Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple)  See the first picture.

Next, Select the entire colored rectangle

go to Transform>Transformation   and look for the last icon on the top left. "Fit to circle clockwise) Click it and your rectangles should now be on an arch. 

The, if you look at the arch, you see the circles, there are little boxes you can move, like if you grab the center one, and pull it down, it will make the colors fatter.

Now if you grab the little diamond shape on the side, you can turn it. You can do both sides if you like.  Looks like this.

When you have it how you like it, Just click off to the side, and save. Wah La!

Now, im sure, This has been show before, But I just found it myself, so had to show yall. I love when I try some thing new. And there is always a way in KNK to do it. If not, ask Sandy. She will find it. LOL!

And if your wondering why I didn't do a video like my friend Kristal of K Andrew designs.  Nope, not going to happen,  I dont like my picture take, out there any where, and I dont even use the video chat, LOL Ask Kristal.  I put a piece of paper of the camera. LOL!

Hope this is helpful to some of you.
Thanks for stopping by!