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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Reminder! June Grab bag!

Hey y'all,

Dont forget, To day is the last day to get the June grab bag,  So if you didnt grab it already, You better hurry up before you miss it.  You can get to it by clicking this June Grab Bag , or as always clicking the picture at the very top left.

Sorry, I have been MIA lately, I have been working on a project, and then had some software issues.  So its going pretty slow.  Today, I worked on my tags for the Tag swap on the VDBC forum.  I have all my parts stamped and heat embossed.  Now have to water color, and figure out the rest.

Hope yall are having a crafty day,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Foam Dots!

Im running out of foam dots. And getting ready to order some.  But I see there are some square ones. 

Okay, so which do you like best.  The round or Square. And what size do you use most often.

I find that I dont use the Mico, Not big enough, not thick enough.  I like the small round ones and the 1/2 round ones, I can always cut them in half.

But Im thinking of trying the square ones.  What is ya'lls Opinion on these. Let me know before I order.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Heads Up!!!!!! Challenge and 3 Free files

I tell you, I'm just so busy, working on other things, I don't have time to blog about them. So my post are about a week apart.

But I'm staying active on the VDBC forum. I have to tell you, that is the best bunch of Ladies I have every chatted with. On and off the forum, LOL!  You really should join in the fun. And just the general chat we have going on all the time.  And not to mention the power bingo we have going on, Man, is it on a roll. The next one starts around July 15. So be watching for sign up soon.

Okay, You really want to register at the forum as a member, so that you can see all the places that are for members only, and be able to download files and tutorials, and such.

As you know, I post my freebies in the VDBC newsletter and the forum. I do this, because It helps support Chris and the forum. She has helped me so much, its the least I can do for her. And support the forum.

So here is a heads up for you. "3 Parter"

1. Im hosting the cutter files for the "July Sketch Challenge" Which is such a great honor for me. I love Becky Fleck Sketches. Rosalie picked out 2 for me to choose from, and one of them, just gave me so many ideas. So If you join the forum, You can get the July Sketch Challenge file. That will have several parts to make a 2 page layout designed for 4th of July. Lots of Stars and stripes.

Okay, so here is my layout using this My July Sketch files, and my other two cutter files.
Woo hoo! this make layout 3 and 4 for me this year. LOL!  Think I only did 2 last year. LOL!

In the first picture. Those are just sickers placed there for this picture, I dont have pictures to put there yet)

2. Im hosting a free file in the July 1st. Newsletter. This will also go with the Sketch Challenge file.So make sure you sign up for the VDBC Newsletter.

3. I have another freebie I will post in the forum for members only. And it will be available only for July 1st and 2nd Only. This will also go with the other 2 files. So make sure you register on the forum so you can download.

Now, if you collect the July Sketch Challenge, My Free file in the July Newsletter, and grab the free file in the forum.

You will have every thing you need to scrap a 2 page layout using your 4th of July Pictures.  And please make sure you post your finished layouts in the Sketch Challenge so every one can see them.

Here are some close ups of things I used. Micro glitter, Stickles, Ribbon, Silver Brads, and Silver Star Brads, Extra stars. Extra photo mats (Not included in the file)

Hope you enjoy the files. And post your creations in the forum.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have been so busy! Lots going on.

The past month or so. And trying to get caught up from the week I was on vacation.

Im working on several things right now that are taking me a while. Because I have lots of things going on at one time.

My Hubby isn't a spring chicken any more, so he has had several health issues he has been dealing with. They think are do to his kidneys.  After a CT, Xrays, Camera scopes, 24 hour "P" test, number of blood test, and his blood pressure has been sky high even on blood pressure meds. And his blood has been testing extremely high in sugar.  They thought he had Diabetes. But the new results today, explain it all, It is his kidneys causing all the problems. So he is on some meds to help the filter better and a new diet, and should be just fine. But has to do check ups on his kidneys often.

One doctor tells him last year, he needs to eat more healthy, so we start growing our own veggies, and eating as many as we can, but Hubby is gaining weight, So doc tells him, stop eatting all those veggies, they are high in starch. Okay, so we change to a Protein and salad diet.  He feels better, but then starts having several issues. And now find out, all that salad isn't good for him.  So now he has to go back to the potatoes and pasta. And watch how much fruit he eats. And how much Calcium he takes in. Man, if its not one thing its another. 

So now that, I know my hubby is on the mend.  Im busy with other things. Like, Working on files for the store. I loaded 8 new files to the store this past week.  Keeping active at the forum. My goal for myself is to load 100 files to the store my first year, which will be in Oct. And I think I just might make it. Im up to file number 00086

So, my son says he is moving out again around the 1st. I think this is like the 5th time, he has moved out. He is only 24. Its so hard for these kids these days to make it on their own. It always seems, the friends he moves in with , he later finds out aren't really friends. And moves back home, I wish him all the luck with his move, I know how important it is for him  But I worry so much when he is gone, He is bipolar and doesn't always take good care of himself.  And usually moves back home after 4-6 months.

So, here is the plan, When he moves, I will finally get my craftroom. Which is the smallest room in the house. And get out of the Dinning room.  And hopefully my Daughter and her new Hubby will get a closing on their house soon, It has been moved 3 times, and was supposed to be tomorrow, but no inspections, surveys, appraisals or any thing, so not happening tomorrow. Its only been in the works since January, so hey, may be in a few months, They will be in there house for Christmas.  And then if Son needs to move back home, he can have their room, which is bigger then the one he had.  So it all works out.

Im working on some craft projects for my Craft room. One is a Perpetual Calendar. I have loved these since I first seen one 4 years ago. its turning out really cute. Im using some files that will be revealed around the 15th Of July. Hmm! Wonder what that could mean!

The next one is a matching Clock to hang on the wall.  And maybe some matching Pen, Ruler holders. 

Also, Im working on a Layout, Yes, you read that right, I said, Layout, You all know I spend all my time designing files and make the occasional few cards these days.  But Im really trying to fit crafty projects in when I can. So I did a 2 page layout for my Daughters wedding album, Yep, need to work on that more.   But this one is also a 2 page lay out,  That will  provide you all with a bunch of free files if your a member of the VDBC forum.

So be watching for my Blog post in a few days. I already typed it up. So if I get short on time, I just have to publish it. 

Dont forget to get the June Grab bag, you only have a few days left to get it.  And sign up for the Newsletter while your there.

Okay, Im going to go work on my projects some, and rest the rest of the night,

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Fort Desoto Camping Trip

I know this isnt scrap related, well, not yet, LOL!.  I hope to do a layout with some camping files I have made. But we all know, I never get to scrapping any thing.  Ha!

I posted several pictures of our trip on my "Camping and Gardening Blog" you can click that link to read about our wonderful trip and see some of the pictures.

We truly had a wonderful time, and plan to go camping there again real soon.  Here is just one picture.

This is the view behind our camper. Beautiful isn't it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Trying to Catch Up! New Files in Store

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  I know, I have stuff to do.

I have been playing catch up since I got back from vacation last friday, Oh yeah, still havent loaded pictures yet, Okay, that is next on the list right after this post.

I finally got some files converted and loaded to the store. I made these a while back, when I had a digital book made for my Daughter and her then boyfriend. The book turned out great. But I just had to make a cutter file for each one of the pages. So as I get them converted, I will load them in store, and post.

Here are a few of them.  I also did some Graduation Mesh for her Grad album, Oh yeah, I need to work on that as well.  But since that was in 2008 and she has since graduated Colledge. I went ahead and made other years in between.  So I uploaded one for 2008, 2009 and 2010.

                 RM00069 Camping Frame 5x7 Vertical

             RM00070 Camping Frame 4x6 Horizontal

                        RM00071 Grad Mesh 2008

                      RM00072 Grad Mesh 2009

                       RM00073 Grad Mesh 2010

You can click on the link above picture to find the file in store. One camping frame and One Grad mesh have detailed pictures that I made these for.

Hope you like them,
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

VDBC NewsLetter!

Hey everyone,

Did you get the VDBC newsletter,  If you haven't signed up yet.  Or didnt get it,  You can see the newsletter HERE!

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter so you dont miss it on the 1st and 15th.  Go to the Store home page, there is a sign up there. 

And dont forget about the June grag bag.  Its also now revealed on the Store home page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Special June Sale Extended to June 13

 This Sale has been extended  to June 13.

 I have a special sale offer for you.   I have added my newest file collection to the store.  And Im offering a bonus file to make it complete.  But if you purchase this offer this week.  June 1 - June 13.   I will also give you as an added bonus.  My "Orange Delight Cake" Recipe File.

Why, Because, I made this cake today, and It's also in the June 1st Newsletter coming out any time now. So now, you will have the Recipe and the Matching file. For this week only.

Click here: Recipe Categories Collection RM00076 W/RM00064 & RM00067 Thru June5 only.

This Recipe Category Collection. is just that. Total of 10 catagories, Double matted titles.  And total of  21 paper piecing images. (Pictured Above)

It contains all the categories you need to make a cook book. "Appetizers, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast, Crock Pot Dishes, Desserts, Meat Dishes, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups" RM00076

Bonus file is "My Favorite Recipes"  Cover Title and Side spine title.   RM00064

And as a added special bonus for this week only. June1-june5, With purchase, you will aslo get the download for the Extra bonus file.  This file will go with the Recipe in the June 1st. Recipe.  So it works out perfect,

"Orange Delight Cake" RM00068

This is a great time to get started on those Christmas gifts, Wedding gifts, Birthday gifts or House warming gifts.  And dont for get about all those Recipe swaps you girls do.  This is what Im using them for.

This is a  $29.47 Value for $11.99 So dont let it slip away. After June 5, the "Orange Delight cake" file will be removed.

Thanks for stopping by!

                     June Grab Bag!

**Bonus file for the first week (June 1st - 7th) in store offered by Digi Kitty  !**
From a little bit of patriotism to a little bit of hocus pocus -
this months grab bag is full of surprises!

You will find 10 BRAND new designs never seen before by three awesome designers! Chris Durnan of Visual Designs by Chris, Lori McDonald of Beloved Keepsakes and Kristal of Digi Kitty would like to invite you to join them in celebrating Stars and Stripes and a little bit of Magic!

June's Theme is ...
Stars, Strips & Magic
This months designers are..
Lori McDonald of Beloved Keepsakes,
Kristal Andrews of Digi Kitty &
Chris Durnan
Packed with anything Stars, Stripes & magic
Card Fronts, Mini Albums, Titles, Just tons and tons!!

Lots of potential!
There are no basic boring shapes in this set..
lots of layers and cuts in each file.

Three designers each month from the "More" Team
will collaborate in a different themed grab bag.
You can purchase this grab bag filled
with files for $7.00 until the 14th of the month.

This set will only be offered together for one month.
And is exclusive in this collection ONLY for the month of June 2010
And with these three designers. So get it while it's up.
Retail value for individually
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On the 15th of the month, we will reveal the package
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This set will never be wrapped and bundled
So get it at such a great value before the end of the month.
Files are immediately ready for download.
Files offered by Beloved Keepsakes are in the following formats
AI, GSD, WPCv14, KNK and complete set of SVG’s*.
Files Offered by Digi Kitty are in the following formats:

Files offered by Chris Durna are in the following formats
KNK, AI, GSD, SVG, SCUT,  and WPCv14

June Grab bag 
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