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Monday, May 31, 2010

Special June 1-June 5 Sale Offer

 I have a special sale offer for you.   I have added my newest file collection to the store.  And Im offering a bonus file to make it complete.  But if you purchase this offer this week.  June 1 - June 5.   I will also give you as an added bonus.  My "Orange Delight Cake" Recipe File.

Why, Because, I made this cake today, and It's also in the June 1st Newsletter coming out any time now. So now, you will have the Recipe and the Matching file. For this week only.

Click here: Recipe Categories Collection RM00076 W/RM00064 & RM00067 Thru June5 only.

This Recipe Category Collection. is just that. Total of 10 catagories, Double matted titles.  And total of  21 paper piecing images. (Pictured Above)

It contains all the categories you need to make a cook book. "Appetizers, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast, Crock Pot Dishes, Desserts, Meat Dishes, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups" RM00076

Bonus file is "My Favorite Recipes"  Cover Title and Side spine title.   RM00064

And as a added special bonus for this week only. June1-june5, With purchase, you will aslo get the download for the Extra bonus file.  This file will go with the Recipe in the June 1st. Recipe.  So it works out perfect,

"Orange Delight Cake" RM00068

This is a great time to get started on those Christmas gifts, Wedding gifts, Birthday gifts or House warming gifts.  And dont for get about all those Recipe swaps you girls do.  This is what Im using them for.

This is a  $29.47 Value for $11.99 So dont let it slip away. After June 5, the "Orange Delight cake" file will be removed.

LAST CALL for May Grab bag.  Today is the last day to grab it. Its a awesome  $29.00 value for only $8. But today is the last day.  So hurry up.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Kitten Smokey" Sad Update

Well, its been a tough week for the kitten and me.  We brought the stray kitten in the house last week, We have been loving him, and feeding him.  And he was doing good the first 2 days, but then we noticed he was doing nothing but sleeping.

I would wake him up and take him to the food bowl. He would use the potty and go back to bed in Bandits little bed.

Then he was pretty alert after 4 days, Bright eyed, walking around, meowing, we thought he was going to make it. Although we did notice he could not jump, He tried to climb up things but had trouble.

After the first 4 days, his belly started getting bigger, we thought maybe it was just because he was eating,  Because he was skin and bones. Then yesterday afternoon, we noticed his belly was wet, but didnt seen any thing, so thought he just threw up and laid in it or some thing.   Last night it got worse, so put some doubled up paper towels on his belly with a ace bandage.  This morning he was even worse and very hot, So we took him to the Emergency Vet.

Well, they checked him out, he had 105 fever. And just full of infection.  They think he had a cyst that ruptured from a massive infection all though him.  he got before we took him in. And they didnt think he would make it though any treatment.

So sad to say, We tried to help this little guy, he was so sweet and loving even though he was sick.  We had no choice but to put him to sleep, So he didnt suffer any more. 

My poor hubby is sad, He said, this has been a bad year for us with our pets. Morris our 15 year old cat passed last June, Pepper had a 2 half lbs tumor removed from his chest the next month, Then 2 weeks ago, Pepper passed from a stroke he had a week before.  And now, the little stray kitten didnt make it.  And Hubby says we need to go adopt another kitten from our vet. As we know it will be healthy, that is where we got all our other pets from.

So I think we will do that when we get back from our camping trip in 2 weeks.

So hard to believe how attached you get to a animal you have only known a week. We will miss you Smokey.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Freebie Files

Happy Holiday weekend everyone.

I hope you have a fun, safe weekend. Spend lots of time with your family and friends, and then do lots of crafting.

Fathers Day is coming up. US, Canada & UK is June 20.  For Australia & New Zealand its, September 5.

So for every one wanting to get a head start on your Fathers Day gifts.  I have this Freebie file to offer you for this weekend though Sunday night.

You might want to grab this free file, as, if your signed up for the newsletter, Im giving away a second free file in the newletter coming out in a few days. And this file can be used with that one. So make sure you grab both.
                                       Fathers Day Golf Title  RM00079

Here is your Weekend Freebie file.   You have to be a registered member at the VDBC forum to DOWNLOAD this file. 

Oh, One last mention,  Dont for get to get the May grab bag while your there. Its only available for 3 more days.  Dont let it get away.

Enjoy, and Thanks for Stopping By!

Its now Monday and file has been taken down. Look for in store this week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking for New Creative Team Member

Hello all you crafty people.  Calling Cricut and Pazzels users

I have 3 wonderful CT members. But since I dont have time to scrap myself.  I need to add 2 more members to my CT. 

So your a super crafty person. Gets a lot of projects, Cards, Layouts done. Loves to post on your favorite yahoo groups, On your blog (not necessary). Or Other places.  And become a member of the VDBC forum.

Please email me at rsmobley 85 @ gmail. com  (No Spaces)

Im looking for a few people to fill this position. I only require you submit one finished product with my files (you get free to make some thing with)  per month. More would be great, but up to you. Limit 4 free files a month.

You would need to post this finished product to several places with my information.

And be an active member at the VDBC (Visual Designs by Chris Forum). 

Im looking for some one that uses a Cricut machine to use my SVG files.   And some one with a Pazzels that can use my WPC or AI files.

If your interested, please email me.   You can check out my designs on the blog here.  or My Store Link.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for stopping by!

Free May Grab Bag Update!

Several of you dont have or use facebook,  So how can you get in on this deal to try and win the May Grab bag!.

Well,  Chris has opened it up to allow you to post a comment, on what you are doing this weekend in a post comment on the VDBC forum.  So every one can post.  So Go here Chris Blog Post Give Away.

Make sure you read from the top post. There is some thing Chris Is keeping a secret. So If you already have the May Grab bag, Make sure you leave a post comment as well.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free May Grab bag

Did yall see that Chris stole a May Grab bag and is giving it away to one lucky person.

If you want a chance to win this.  Go check out her Facebook page.

Hurry up, you only have today and tomorrow.  She will pick a winner on Friday.

Or you could purchase the May Grab Bag for only $8.  If you just cant wait to see if you won. Here is a preview of all the great files you get for only $8.  What a great deal.

Good luck everyone.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Recipes for New Files

A few have asked for the recipes for the files I have posted.  These are some recipes from my friends that I made the files for.

I hope yall can see these.

Chicken & Dumplings.
Hot Beef Dip

Orange Delight Cake

If you click on these picture, the should get bigger, but may be a bit blurred, So I hope you can see them ok.

Edited, Some thing weird on the top of the post. 

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitten "Smokey" Update and New files in store

Well, I think the Kitten is happy. He has done nothing but sleep the past 2 days. He sleeps, gets up eats, uses the litter box and goes back to sleep. But he is already putting on a little weight, and he isn't as dehydrated as he was.

I did notice that he dont jump. When he wants to get up on the couch, he climbs. May be he is just still weak. His legs look so long compaired to his skinny body but Im sure being a kitten, he will out grow that. Its been 10 years since we have had a kitten in the house. And this one just wants to be held.

I got this picture of him today sleeping in the Bandits dog bed.

Now for VDBC Store stuff.  I have spent the past few days converting old files since I still am having a hard time creating, But I do feel it coming back.  I uploaded 4 to the store yesterday, one was a freebie in the news letter.  The other 3 are new ones yall havent seen before.  3 Recipe files. I have a few more to convert.  If you need a file for a recipe,  let me now, I would be happy to create one for you.

                          RM00065  National Scrapbooking Day Title

                          RM00066 Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

                           RM00064 Hot Beef Dip Recipe

                          RM00065 Orange Delight Cake Recipe

This makes 6 recipe files I have in store, and dont for get about the file I made for the front of my Cook book, "My Favorite Recipes" This was a bonus file in the April Grab bag, So if you missed it, you can purchase it now in store.  I think I have a few more recipe files laying around. I will have to look for those and get them converted.  If you have a request for a Recipe file. Let me know, I would be happy to make one for you. You get the file free, before I add to store.

 And dont forget about the May grab bag, You only have a few days left to get it.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Testing: to see if the FB Like button shows up. Trying to figure out how to get it in the post. The code showed up when I hit new post, so hopefully it shows up on the post.


How Can I Work Like This?

Okay, I thought it was hard to work with a little 4 lb Chi "Bandit" on your chest or sitting on the side of you all the time.

Well, now I have two.  The Kitten "Smokey" for now. Get it, Smokey and the Bandit, LOL!   And Bandit both want to stay with me.  The kitten has stayed by my side since 11am today,  So I'm pretty sure he is a lap cap. What would you say. 

So, tell me.  How am I supposed to get any work done creating files like this.

Sadness and A Mending Heart!

Sorry I have been blog slacking for a while. My post are getting farther apart. Some of you may like that. LOL!  But I'm working on it.

I have been dealing with a lot of stuff going on at my house. And just trying to work through it. The best we can.  Dealing with our sadness.

I took a break from my file designing for a few weeks, I just didnt have a creative flow.  But in trying to keep myself busy. I did manage to get several sewing projects for the pop up camer done.  And Hubby got the lift system fixed on the camper. So its now ready for out camping trip. Which we are dedicating to our 25th Wedding anniversary. We canceled our Beach Hotel stay as we are always at Ft. Desoto, or Fishing on the pier when we go to St. Pete beach.  So we figured, Why pay $130 a night to stay in a hotel.  When we could just book the same week at Ft. Desoto Campground and be on the water, and fish and every thing for $40 a night. So that is what we did.  Looking forward to this trip, We really need a vacation.

On Sunday May 9th,  A stray kitten showed up, which is not any thing new. We have a lot of strays here, and most just hi tail it when you see them.  But not this one. He was sitting on the front porch step. I seen him, said hello, and he Meowed so loud,  I called him and he came running. WOW!  That was odd.  So he rubs on my leg, I pet him, and he is so skinny, you can feel his spine and his hips.  I go in get him so food, and he is so hungry.  I think he must be about 3 months old.  So Monday he is still here.   feed him again.

On Tuesday, My Shelti  Pepper, had a stroke.  He turned 11 this month.  We took him to the vet.  They gave him a shot to stop the swelling in his brain, Gave him a shot to make his muscles stronger, as his hind end was now weak.  They put him on Medication to help his Kidneys and Liver that suffered some damage.  And They thought he would be fine.

He was doing a ton better, Wanting to run after the birds, but we tried to keep him quiet for a week to rest.  He started eating the next day and was doing great.  Wed-Saturday.  Saturday night, I said good night to him about 11:30,  My Daughter and Hubby came home about 2 am, and said he was fine.  Then my husband got up around 9 am,  and Pepper had passed in his sleep.  So On sunday we lost our beloved Shelti  and camping buddy of 11 years.   We are still trying to deal with his loss. Its hard when your used to them being right next to you all the time.   Im sure it will take a while, as we went though this with the passing of our 15 year old cat a few months back.

Loving Memories of Pepper (Our Shelti, Friend and Camping buddy of 11 years)

All the girls at the VDBC and Jill have been wonderful helping with this. My friend Kristal (Digi Kitty) Says the kitten was sent to me.  And So did my friend Jill.  They said the kitten will mend my broken heart. 

Well, I guess they are right.  My husband took right to this kitten, he says, feed that kitten, Take him in, he is getting wet, and he keeps calling the kitten in the house.

Well, today, it rained again last night, and the kitten was wet.  So I got a towel and dried him off, brought him in and fed him,  The other cats checked him out, Bandit, our 4 lb. Chihuahua seems to be okay with him. 

I have to tell you, Im not used to lap cats, Mine never were. They let you pet them but that was it.  And this kitten, just wants to be held. wrapped in a towel. and lay on your lap,  Bandit is have a little bit of issue with that as he is my lap dog.  

Here is a picture of the 2 of them, Kitten in the towel, and both on my chest. I think they are pretty dang close dont you.

Okay, here are some other pictures. Of what looks like to be our new kitten.  Have to take him to the vet, get him checked, and fixed. But, man, what a loving kitten.  He has been laying on my lap for the past 2 hours. And seems very happy.  Have to see if we can clean him up and treat his fleas. 

This is the Kitten earlier in the week, when he was out side,  He had pretty green eyes.  Not sure of his hair coloring, It's dark but when you move it its tan.  I know there is a stay Siamese  running around here, so could be one of his. 

Here is Lizzy Bell checking him out.  And Bandit watching.  No one seems to have a problem with him,  They have been smelling each other though the front door window for the past week.   Rusty my other cat, dont seem to care at all, That is just him, Leave him be and he is fine. LOL! 

You can see his coloring better here, and see how skinny he is, You can feel his spine and hip bones. Poor thing.  He found a good home. We will take good care of him.

Okay, What kind of cat, likes to lay like this, He was so content. LOL! 

Okay, Yall,  We need a new name for this Kitten,  Dont know much about him other then he is a lover, wants to be held and snuggled, and lay on your lap.  So now, I have bandit on one side and Kitten on the other. 

I have been working on converting some files, and have 10 new ones to add to store this weekend.  That go good with the last 2 grab bags.  Make sure you get this months before its gone, Click the picture at the top left. to take you to the store.

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Grab bag Reveal And Newsletter (Freebies)

Do yall know what today is, Yep, its the 15th,  Its Reveal day and Newsletter day.

Your just going to love the files this month.  So cut, Some beach files, Camping files,  and files for parks.

So may sure you stop by the store and pick up the May grab before its gone.

Also the store Newsletter went out today,  and there are 2 freebie files for ya in there, and a Yummy recipe as well. Along with come coupons and sales.


Monday, May 10, 2010

VDBC Tag Swap, Grab Bag & Bingo

Just wanted to remind you all of the  Tag Swap going on at the VDBC.   Spots are filling up so fast, We had to had more categories.   The sign up are until June 15th to sign up.   If one is full and you would like to sign up for that up.  Just post and we can add another category.

The May grab bag is selling like hotcakes, And the reviews have been wonderful.  Make sure you pick it up.  You have till the 15th go grab it for $7, then the reveal and price increase to $8.

April Bingo was a blast, lots of challenges and just ended with several winners.  Make sure you sign up for May Bingo hosted by Ginger.  You have till May 15th to sign up.  First word called on the 16th.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fishing Decals

My Hubby asked me to make him new decals for his 95' Ford F150 as all his only decals were faded and cracked.

So he wanted a Snook and a Red fish.  So I designed these and cut them out of Silver Outdoor vinyl what is rated for 6 years.

I think they turned out great with all the details and He loved them, Scraped off the old ones and I put these on. Looks alot better.

Now he wants a Bass and Blue Gill fish for the sliding center windows, so I better get working on those.

Sorry about the water marks,  I have had some people trace my pictures. I know this wont stop them, but they cant not see it.  These files will be in store soon.   RSMobleys Designs

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Keepsake

My Daughters Wedding was beautiful.  And the Cake was gorgeous. And we wanted to keep part of that to remember. 

So I talked to the lady that made the cake,  and asked her how we could keep the gum paste Calla Lily's.  She told me the best way to do it, was to clean all the frosting off with out using water.  And let it dry,  Then put them in a Shadow box and they will keep.

So I went to Michael's and this week, the frames and shadow boxes were 40% off, and a extra coupon for additional 25% off.  So I picked up this nice shadow box that is made to hold 3 baseballs.  I twisted the little holder cups off.  And used a nice piece of matching scrapbook paper that matches the Wedding album.  And adhered it to the bottom.

I then took a white foam cone, cut half off, and stuck the flowers in as they had wire on them.  I used some ribbon from the wedding to wrap around the foam.  And make a bow in the wedding colors.

I then hot glued it down so it wont move. And also glued 2 of the candles from the wedding on the side.  And added some of the silk flower petals from the wedding as well. 

I think it turned out really nice,  And some thing she can display in their new house.
There is a mirror in the back of the display so your seeing double candles, there are only 2. 

And here is a picture from the top, you can see the paper and the petals.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Grab Bag! Now Available

**Bonus file for the first week in store offered by Beloved Keepsakes !**

Here it is... Get it early at $7.00!! We are ready for summer vacation here with files that will complete your beach, camping or park layouts! 
May's Theme is ...
Beaches, Campgrounds & Parks
This months designers are..
Lori McDonald, Crystal Little & Sharon Mobley.
Packed with downloads, elements and lots of interechangeable pieces!

Lots of potential!
There are no basic boring shapes in this set..
                                                         lots of layers and cuts in each file.
Three designers each month from the "More" Team
will collaborate in a different themed grab bag.
You can purchase this grab bag filled
with files for $7.00 until the 14th of the month.
This set will only be offered together for one month.
Retail value for individually
purchased files is $29.00 !!!!
On the 15th of the month, we will reveal the package
and increase the price to $8.00
This set will never be wrapped and bundled
together again with different designers
 after the month of April!
So get it at such a great value before the end of the month.
Files are immediately ready for download.
Files offered by Beloved Keepsakes are in the following formats
AI, GSD, WPCv14, KNK and complete set of SVG’s*.
Files Offered by Little Creations are in the following formats:
Files offered by Sharon Mobley are in the following formats
KNK, AI, GSD, SVG and WPCv14