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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thinking Of You Card

Im hosting a Card Challenge over at the VDBC forum for this weeks, Weekly Challenge   "Use a Stamp on a Card"    So here is my card for the challenge.

I made this card for my very specail MIL.  She has beginning stages of Alzheimer.  She used to teach water color classes. And she is a wonderful artist.  So I thought this Card might make her smile.  So sending to her this week.

I used JustRite stampers "Thinking of you" stamp in the middle.  And Heat embossed in Queens Gold EP.  and used Classic Large Oval #4 to cut it out, then used Classice Small Oval #5 for the striped mat.  Behind that is the New Spellbinders Lables 13 dies.  #4 & 5.    The butterfly is Martha Stewart punch. I just bought it and love it.

The Pansy flower if from HeartFelt Creations.  I just go this stamp at stampfest last week, Love it. Its one of the new stamps that match the spellbinders dies, You can see the others here. The Leaves are part of the Hydrangea flower from Rubber Stampede.  Heat embossed with Queens Gold EP,  And Water colored with Tombow Markers.   My friend Jill is giving me lessons on water coloring, I have a long way to go yet, but I think this one looks okay.

Hope you like it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Only few days left!

To grab the Feb Grab bag.  Yep,  this is a short month, only 28 days.  So if you want to get this grab bag, You better run and get it now.  As these files will never be sold together again.  Its a awesome value. 12 files a $29 value for only $8.  Get them by the 28th.   And some wonderful files. Check out the reveal of the images on the forum in the store.

This months designers are..
Beloved Keepsakes, Darcy's Designs,
and  Chris Durnan.

Have you all noticed the picture up top on the left.  That is my dedicated spot for the new Grab Bag of the Month.  And its always click able to the store link to buy it.  So keep a eye on that spot in the next few days.  The new March bag will be out soon, but dont let this one get a way.  

Have a great day, Im going to try and do a stamped card for my Challenge this week

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wedding Sign

Man, am I tired, I got a lot done Tuesday, so I took Wed as my weekly free play day to relieve some stress,  As usual, didn't get a lot done.

But today, I had to get back to working on Wedding stuff, and I made and cut the vinyl to put out front for the guest to find the house.  And think it turned out pretty good.

I cut this out of Gold vinyl, and designed the bells to have the Calla lillys on them, as they are the flowers in the wedding.  My Daughter loves it.   This file will be in store soon.

The sign is 18x 24 inches.  I got the sign, post and vinyl from H&H Sign supply, Man, it came in like 2 days. That was fast.

I was also able to keep the insides of the Calla Lillies.  And will see what else I can use those on. 

Only 9 days left. Woo hoo,  then I can get back to adding new files to the store.  I feel so behind, I need a vacation.

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Weekly Challenge at VDBC

Its my turn to host a Challenge for the Weekly Challenge at the VDBC.

I have one for you this week, every one can play in.  And you don't have to have a cutter.  Well, The VDBC is more then just a "Cutter" Forum.   We have a digital section as well.  And we discuss all kinds of crafts.

So since I love Stamping and Cutting with my KNK Groove,  This week, Im hosting a "Use a Stamp on a Card" Challenge. 

This week, you just need to use any kind of stamp on a new card, with any theme you like.  And to help you out. We have a new member on our Design team.  Kristal of Digi Kitty, and she posted a free Digital stamp for yall to use.  And at the same time, try out her designs.

So stop on by and play along, and remember to register so you can download the files and play along. For your chance to win either 1 or 2 Free files from my store.

Hope to see you there,
Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a day! Got a lot done!

Im trying to get the last few things done before the Wedding next weekend. Wow, 6 months goes fast.

So today, I had to do some running around to find a tent for the Caterer and food. If we are going to pay a lot of money to rent one, I might as well buy one and use it later for like either our boat or Pop up camper right.
So I did some searching online last night, and found the perfect thing. But with only a little over a week left, I didnt want to take the chance on some thing happening so I ran around town today to see if I could find it and I did.  And a lot cheaper.

So this is what we got for the caterer.  We are having a back yard wedding, and the reception is in side, a huge building.  But we want a big dance floor inside as its an evening wedding so need covered space outside. That is covered and we can close the side walls if need be.   So what do you think about this, We love it.
Shelter logic Canopy with Extensions.  It expands from a 10 x 20 with 2 side walls to a 24 x 20 open covering, and you can put down the sides if need be.

I went to Pep boys and got the top 10 x 20 canopy on sale for 89.99 with a $10 rebate, then the Expansion kit  for 89.99,  Then I went online and pirnted out a $10 coupon so only paid   $159.  And no shipping. And I can use it after to cover the boat and camper.  Woo Hoo! Score. LOL!

So then went and got some other things we needed for the location, We are using a extended family members house, they have lots of weddings there, and in exchange for the use.  They only ask that you do the yard work, as they are both old and cant do it.  So we went and raked last week, and pressure washed, and this weekend painting the pergola and swing and putting in new mulch and it will be beautiful.

Then, thanks to Auntie Jill, We were able to get all the bows out of the way, Even more then we had planned, we needed at least 19 bows, Ivory color, at least 8 inches wide, with lots of loops and the ribbon at least 2 in wide. .  All my daughters requirements.

  So we bought a bowdabra, and were going to try and make them tomorrow, but got to thinking about how much the ribbon would cost. So I asked Jill if she knew where to get Pull string bows,  In town, we were going to drive around and look tomorrow,  but she found what we needed online, So we got them all ordered. and wow. what a deal,  If you need bows, You need to get them from this place.  Paper Mart . 

We got every thing we were looking for, Ivory, 8 inch bows with 20 loops, and 2 3/4 wide ribbon.  We needed 19 sparingly.  But we got 50 pull string for $24.95.  And we ordered the matching ribbon 100 yards ( 300 ft) for $5.25. So now we can go bow nuts in the decorations. LOL!

And if you don't know what pull string bows are,  they are super cool, really pretty, and so fast to make,  You just hold the ends, and pull the sting, and BAM!  You have a beautiful bow.  You can watch a video from the place we bought it here "Pull String Bow Video". I bought some at Dollar tree last year,  I love them.  And the shipping wasnt bad either, Fed ex $9.  So for $44.00,  We are getting 50 - 8 inch bows with 20 loops and 600 feet of ribbon.

I also ordered the Corrugated White Sign blanks 18 x 24  & post and the Vinyl for to make the wedding sings.  Will be here in a couple days.  I only order from H & H Sign Suppy. Love them and their customer service, and cheap prices. 

Now I have a free play day tomorrow to work on my challenge for this week at the VDBC,  Stay tuned.  I will post it on Thursday.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a day at Stampfest!

Wow!  Just got back from Stampfest by the Bay in Clearwater Florida,  Man, It was packed, I havent seen that many people there in a few years.  We got there 20 minutes after they opened and there was no where to park.  We parked out in a grass lot, and walked a little ways. 

We got in and oh my!  People every where.  So if you have ever wondered what its like to go to Stampfest.  Well,  I will tell you.   Its like a trip to a theme park.  You work your way though the crowds, wait your turn to see things up close.  And spend all your time standing in 3 lines.  The only thing different is, no actual rides and every thing there is for rubber stamping, inking chalking, bling, cuttle bug stuff and spellbinders.

The first place we always go to is Marco's Paper.  The have the best prices, great deals, really cool stuff. Lots of give aways, and drawings.  We never stay long enough for those. But it is always the first place we go.  Man, Took us about 20 minutes just to make it to the spellbinders part of the store. Bought one spellbinder and got a free pack of paper with 100 pieces in it. Nice! Then we must of stood in one of the 2 lines for over 30 minutes if not more. When we got out of there, we felt like we had been though the ringer.  Wow!  And that was just the first place. 

So we did a walk though of most of the store,  and actually stood in line most of the day at the 3 places we bought stuff from.

So, what did I buy.  I had my list in hand, and only found one thing on it, so im going to be shopping online this week. 

At Marco's I bought one of the new dies, Lables 13 spellbinders die     It was 20% off and an additional 2.00 for bringing in the flyer from the mail.  So not to bad, I just love the oddness of this die.  Its beautiful.

I bought the really cute Rabbit stamp. #3641 (Click the picture to see it better) from Rubber Cottage for 6.50 unmounted. It's 5 in X 3 inches.  Beautiful! Love the old, realness of the Rabbits,  Not cutesy at all.

Next we went to  Heartfelt Creations.  I had seen these online a few weeks ago, so was super excited to find them in person and check them out.  The thing about these stamps that makes them special is that, they are designed to fit the spell binders dies. Matching Nestabilities Stamps.  So instead of stamping and hand cutting them out,  You just use the Spellbinder dies.  For the perfect cut and then emboss. 

I bought 2 sets today, . I already have the Blossom die.  And I got this set to go with it. HC 226B Roses 
You can stamp, emboss, color then cut and do several layers like you can with the Holly Berry House Stamps.  Which, I also love and have several of.  Okay so the 2nd set I got was HC227D Pansy Flower and figured I would just order the matching Peony die online, but we stopped at Joanns's to return a hand punch I bought that would not punch,  And Jill had seen they just got in spellbinders, Yes, at Joanns.  so we looked and they only had one left, and yep, it was the Peony.  So Jill let me get it, as I had the stamps for it, and the 50% coupon and whats mine is hers and vise versa.  So I got it for $13.  That was great.   Wonder how long before they put you can use coupons on those, Jeez! 

Then, when I got home.  There was happy mail waiting for me.  Yep.  The Justrite "Breath of Spring" stamp set and oval block I won on the Justrite Stampser blog came. These also fit the spellbinders dies as well. There is a compatibilities chart on their blog.  Woo hoo!  Awesome day, 

Now back to working on wedding stuff, Only 2 Weeks left. Then design more files, And some test cutting. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Won!!!! I Won!!!!

I am so over joyed right now, one because, I won my first blog candy, and second, because its JustRite Stampers.   Woo Hoo!

I was planing to buy this set this weekend at Stampfest, but now I have it.  And couldn't be more excited.

I just started buying these stamps after watching them for almost a year.  And got them all organized in my DVD cases. JustRite Stamp Storage     I have only had them a short time, and been busy with starting my cutter files in store.  But I have made  one card, and a tag for a wedding layout using the stamps unmounted.  That was cool.       Post and cards with JustRite stampers here.   I have now scheduled a free play day for every week, so you will be seeing more things with these stamps.  Just love them!

Okay, so here is what I won, Breath of Spring set and Oval Stamper

I was to leave a comment with my favorite Valentines gift, And how we are celebrating this years. Here is my comment.

"My favorite valentine gift was. About 20 years ago. I had taken a job when my youngest was about 1 year old. To help pay her medical bills. I worked all the way across town. And one day, I was leaving work and went to get in the car, and on the set was a gift, and a note for Valentines day, It was a beautiful gold bracelet with aquamarine heart. My birthstone for the next month. I was so shocked he would drive all the way other there and leave that in the car for me. It was so sweet.

We opted not to do valentines this year as we are planning our daughters(same one from above) Wedding in 3 weeks, Then my birthday 2 weeks later, then our 25th Wedding anniversary the following week. So Just going to celebrate them all at one time."

So Excited,  And stamp fest is this weekend. Wowzer! What a great week.  Thank you JustRite!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb Grab Bag Reveal!

Here it is!  If you have been waiting to purchase this till you could see the files.  Well, here it is.  Aren't these files beautiful.  I even purchased this grab bag.  I just loved them so much.

With today being reveal day, the price is now $8.00.  That is still heck of a deal.  Your getting 12 files for $8.00 but if you wait, and buy them seperate you will pay $29.00.  So better to grab the Grab bag now. 

You will get this awesome opportunity every month with 3 different designers and different theme. This month the designers are Beloved Keepsakes (Lori)  Visual Designs by Chris and Darcy's Designs. Theme is,  Little bit of Irish & Swirls and Flourishes.

To see the files in this bag, go to the link below. Click each one to see it bigger.

Thanks for stopping by!

Guest Wedding Frame and VDBC Weekly Challenge

Have yall checked out the challeng for this week at the VDBC .  Black and White Challenge. This week is hosted by Chris and the challenge is to post some thing (card, layout, project) done in black and white as the main color.

So with trying to do my part and play along.  I was able to get this project done for the wedding.

My daughter wanted a picture frame for all the guest to sign. So they can hang it in their new home and look at it ever day.  So I picked up this huge frame at Michaels,  The picture is 8x10 so that tells you how big this is.  It was originally $30 but was on sale for 40% off, and in the paper was a specail coupon for additional 25% off any frame.  So i ended up paying  $13.   For this beautiful picture frame.  I also bought a beautiful iron work picture holder for the table. Also 40% off. 


 I cut the titles out of the same font as all the other wedding titles for the scrapbook album on my KNK Groove.  And in the same colors, Bazzill sage, Cream, and Bazzill bling.   It looked a little plain with just the names and date, So I have bought several of these packs rhinestone flourishes for $1.00 each at Michaels for the wedding album, so decided to add one to the corners of the photo frame.  And I think it turned out nice.  

The photo is one of the engagement pictures that the photographer took at Menard Park just down the street, Her name is Lisa Hunt.  You can see the rest of the pictures on her web site. Lisa Hunt Photography.

Well, thats it for now, 
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Sale

Happy Valentines day to every one.  Hope your having a wonderful day.

I just wanted to let every one know, I put all my files in store at the VDBC on sale 40% off today, RSMobleys Designs (Remember sale price shows when you add to cart)

That includes all file, old, new, and collections. If you missed the friday/Saturday freebie, its in store on sale now as well for $1.49 RM00043  

So run over and check it out,  I know a couple other store designers are haveing a sale today as well.  And dont forget about the Feb Grab bag.  Get it today before the price goes up tomorrow.

Have a great day,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Card using my free file RM00043

Here is the card I made for my DH using the free file I posted,

I couldnt find the right camo paper, so I found a picture on the net, and printed it our on cardstock, and it worked pretty good, never done that before. This is the "Break up Mossy Oak" camo.

I used a metal heart shapped lock on this file,  where the paper heart lock is in the file.  I just cut the loop, slipped on the lock, and glued a tiny piece of paper on the back of the loop to keep it closed.

I used the branches Cuttle bug embossing folder and then ran a sponge with brown ink across it.  The paper is actually a cream light tan color.  The lighting in my dinning room really sucks.  So it looks yellow in this picture.

Close up of the heart lock. and camo paper.   You can also see the brushed nickle brads holding the chain on, and the silver large eyelets in the corners, like bullet holes.  DH loves to hunt. LOL!

This is the inside,  with the printed camo paper, and the stamp is from the sets of Cloud 9 -Love stamps I bought on clearance at Joanns the other day.  I think it worked out pretty good.

Hope DH likes it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Font used in Friday Freebie RM00043

I wanted to thank every one for the awesome comments every one has left on my blog, and the yahoo groups and Visual Designs by Chris Forum.  It sure does make a person feel good to know their hard work is appreciated..  And I promise, I will leave more comments on blogs I visit. 

I want to thank Joan, for leaving a confirmation comment below, that the file cuts like a dream.  I know several are a little scared of the details in the Chain.  But I promise you,  I removed thousands of nodes by hand, and re drew lines.  Just to keep the detail and make sure it cut well. 

Being a card maker, My files are usually designed to be cut small enough to fit a A2 card.  Which is the small cards.  But that also means, they will cut perfect for any thing larger then A2.  So thats good all the way around right?

About the fonts: I do add the font used to the KNK files as a note as it will not cut,  But I take it out of all the other file types as im not sure how to make it a note with out cutting, I dont want that to be a problem.   So those that use the KNK file you can see what font I used.  Also,  I almost always use a font in KNK studios.  So its easy to find if you need to make a matching title. 

Now. Some fonts, I really like but they are just to narrow is some spots.  So If I alter the font any for reason example.  In my wedding cake card box.  That font is in KNK studios.  But it is really skinny in some places.  So I Weld the word, and fix any thing like jogged lines from where the weld is.  (Yall know what im talking about)   and then I select the word, Tranform, Outline, One time. (is usually enough)  then I delete the original word.  And its perfect.   And I do add notes to the font.  like,  ("Font name" x outline .02,  Mat 1 outline .06, Mat 2 outline .06)  So that meants, I used the font after outline as the first font..  and then the first mat was outlined 3 times which is .06,  and same for the 2nd mat. 

This way,  It tells you what to do if you need a matching file.  (or you can just email me and let me know which file and the title you need made)  I would be happy to do that for you.   And it also remindes me what font I used, so when others ask, I know.  LOL!  I also almost always edit the centers of letters.  Usually making them bigger or change the shape or some thing.  All for a better cutting file.

In this Freebie friday Valentine file.  The font used was in KNK Studio.  Gillibld,    (in the script drop down)  but I did a google search and found one to match,  For all yall that dont have KNK software,  So you can download it for free.  Gillies Blod

Thank you so much for loving my file.  I promise to have more added to store and occasional freebies for you all once we are done with the wedding,  Its only 3 weekends away, so only 2 left to get every thing done. 

Just ask if you have any more questions or need a special file made, I always take request. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Freebie

Wow, Is it Friday Already?  Where did the week go?

I apologize for the delay, I have been so busy and then cutter blade issues.
I got my new blades yesterday, and let me tell you,  When you try every thing you know,  from changing pressure several time, several different kinds of paper, Blade depth several times, new mat, and double checking nodes in the file.  And using the same original blade, several times a week, for who knows how many thousand cuts in 14 months.  Its just time to order a new blade.  And let me tell you, What a difference makes. 

I have been unhappy with the same paper I have been cutting for a couple years, and now I know why, I needed a new blade, and it now cuts like butter like it used to.  So I now have 2 new blades, and the old as a back up.  So I should be good for 2 more years, Right! LOL!

Well, I just couldn't sleep, thinking about this file I wanted to get out today.   So I worked on this file. I knew there was one part, that wold be tricky and wanted to make sure it cut great for you all.  So I ended up redesigning this one section, and re-cutting it 6 times. and it now cuts perfect.   

So here is your freebie file.  I made this for my DH for Valentines day,  Here is the file,  But I cant post my card yet as I don't want him to read my blog and see the finished product.

Can you figure out what part was the tricky part.  Yep,  the chain,  I didn't want to loose the detail so I kept reworking it till it cut perfect.

This is the actual picture of the cut file so you see it cuts.  I always use actual cut file for my pics.  I used black in this so it wasn't so girly. But im rethinking the paper,  But that is a surprise.

I usually cut my cards to fit A2 size cards (4 1/4 x 5 1/2).  I do this because, if it cuts fine to fit a small card, then it will cut even better the bigger its cut for either a larger card or even a layout.

To show you this will fit a A2 card, here is a picture of the smallest parts of the file.  The chain, Key and Heart with Key hole.  You can see how small these cut,  The hear is 5/8 x 5/8,  the key is 1 3/8 long and smallets is 1/8 and biggest is 4/8,  The chain I cut at 3 1/2 x  3/8.  I cut this out of cardstock but I bet the chain cuts super out of vinyl. That would be a cool look.

Here is a little tip for you,  Cut the small part  Slow. And when you cut out the chain, remove from the mat very carefully.  If you have some little parts still stuck,  Turn it over, and take a emery board and sand the back sill you see a good outline of the cuts.  Then just pick it up and use your finger to flick it, and all the pieces will come out.  It works good.

I will leave this file up for free until Midnight Saturday as Im posting it late today and my feed don't go out till after mid night tonight.  So every one will have a chance to download it.  So pass the wordk, and tell your friends.


File includes AI, GSD, KNK, WPCv14 & SVG Sets

Hope you like the file and are able to make some last minute cards.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Creative Team Member

Hello to every one,

Have you heard! I have a New Creative Team Member!
I have asked Elizabeth (Scramper75) to join my team, and she has accepted.

So, Im very honored to have such talented super nice ladies helping me with my creations. To show you all the cool things you can do with my files.  Some will be cut with a a cutter, and some will be done digitally. (Um! Thats Caz's Department, I have no clue on that)  LOL!

My Creative Team is: All members of this Forum.

Jill C. (Working on setting up a blog)
Aussie Caz
Scramper75 (Elizabeth)
Sally Penny.

Jill and Caz have some awesome CT samples on my blog, and should be seeing other in the future. If you ever want to see some samples. On the left side of my blog in the Labels, look for Creative Team Samples Or just click this link now.

Please leave a comment and welcome them all.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Cake Card Box

Wowzers! Has it really been 5 days since my last post, Jeez!.    I have so much going on these last few week.  Its just nuts.   

We are having the wedding at a family friends house.  So we went Sunday, and pressure washed the Pergola, White hanging swing,  and raked the yard that is totally shaded with oak trees.  Now we just need to paint, put down mulch and put in some pretty flowers as the frost here has turned every thing brown.   Got to throw down some rye grass as well, so it has a couple weeks to grow green.   The kids got their Marriage License yesterday,  Picked up the shoes we ordered and had died, and get home, and the shoes in the box are not the right size, so have to change them tomorrow.  Also changed the caterer, Oh well,  those of you that got Invitations, The caterer has been changed. 

Ok,  So on to the Wedding Cake Card Box.  My daughter wanted some thing besides just a basket to put cards in.  And she seen those card boxes at Joanns and Michaels in the Wedding section, and didnt like them.  So she asked me to make her one. 

The ribbon is sage and cream,  and the flowers are sage hydrangea, cream roses.  The bottom has some crystal garland.   The title " Bride & Groom" and "Card Box"  are done in 3 layers.  First layer is Bazzill Bling Glass Slipper.  Second is Cream Recollection and last layer is Bazzill, No sure of the color, but its close to sage.


This is a close up of the Title, and here you can see the beautiful paper I special ordered.  Isn't it gorgeous.  We wanted this to look like a real cake, so wanted it to be embossed like fondant would be.   I knew I wouldn't be able to get the look I wanted with Cuttle bug embossing folders.  As they are to small.  I went to ever store in town looking for embossed paper.   I found some extra large embossing sheets at Joanns in the Wilton's cake section, that just might work, but heck, that would be a lot of work.  So I went online, and found this beautiful wall paper at Home Depot.  It was $19.99 a roll.  And one roll was plenty.  And think it was perfect for this project.

This is the Hydrangea and rose. I hot glued them on,  and then added a half pearl to the Hydrangea to make it a little prettier.

This is the crystal garland around the bottom and one of the baby cream roses.

This is the back of the bottom box.  All these Wedding Cake Card boxes we have seen on the net, have been attached with the bottom box held on with a ribbon that comes up from the bottom up to the top and wraps like a bow.  Well, we didn't like that look.  So I thought about it, and came up with this idea,  and it worked out pretty good.

what I did was, I cut the sides of the top lid, and then made a slit on both sides of the bottom and wapped the entire box. and inside the bottom as well. Then put velcor circles all along the inside of the top flap so when closed, it attaches to the bottom flap to keep it closed,  Then just open and take out the cards.

My daughter loved how it turned out, Im very pleased with my first attempt at this as well.  So nice to have some thing customized.  Total cost was about $50.  And countless hours. 

Cutter file freebie:  I had designed a valentine file for my DH card.  But Im having blade issues with all the cutting I have done over the past 14 months,  So ordered a few new ones today, and will be here tomorrow.  So I can test cut the file.  You all know me by now, I dont post any file with out test cutting first. So when I get it cut with the new blade I will post it for yall.   So be on the look our for a freebie file in the next couple days.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Collection In store

Good Day every one! 

Do you remember the 3 Valentines cards I posted earlier this month,  Well, I just added them to store as a collection.  What does this mean for you.  That mean, You get all 3 card files for a reduced price.  They are $2.99 each,  Or if you buy the collection. You will get all 3 for $5.99.  So thats buying 2 and getting the 3rd free.  That's an awesome deal.

If you your like to purchase this Collection,  then click this link. Valentine Card Collection RM00042

Also, Have you see the new Feb Grab bag, OMG!  It's so beautiful.  I even bought it.  I just had to have it. LOL!  You can check it out here. Feb Grab bag.   If you happen to miss this post.  And your looking for the link to the current grab bags.  Just look up at the top on the left.  I will always have the current Grab bag image there that is clickable to the store.  So its easy to fine. 
So sorry I havent been adding new files to the store, or even freebies for that matter in a few week.  I have been so busy with Wedding stuff and taxes. We have a few short weeks left to get stuff done, so I just havent had time, and the creative bug has left.  So while Im waiting for it to return.  I will work on converting some of my files I originally created in GSD.  They will be new to you all as I have never posted them any where before.  But I think you will like them.  Be watching for those soon.

Okay, Its been raining here all day so yep, you guessed it, I have a really bad headache, so off to take some meds and relax.  Have a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gotta Have Bling!

Have you see this blog?  Gotta Have Bling!

I just love her Key bling and some of her braclets.  The sunflower is my favorite.

If you check out her new blog. She is giving away some awesome blog candy.  So make sure you stop by and check out her blog and items she has for sale.

Thanks for stopping by!

New files in store

If you missed the January Grab bag,  I now how my files from that bag in store.  You can buy them from my store now.

I always cut my files to fit a card,  so I know they cut great small, so they will cut beautifully for a layouts as well.

First card is a Wedding Card.  Title says " To the Happy Couple"  has a set of doves with separate pieces for the wings  you can cut any color or pop dot if you like.  Also has a heart shaped ribbon with hearts on the end.
                                        Happy Couple Card RM00022

This next card is "My Heart Blooms for You"  This will make a great Valentines card or a every day Love card for that special some one. This file has a matted title with Flower post that has heart shapped flowers and stems with leaves.


The 3rd file is a Valentines Luminarie.  This is sized 4x4 inches, but you can resize to any size you need.  There is a heart mesh with the word Love and mat on 2 sides, and on the other 2 sides, is a Heart with mat and words Be Mine.   Also includes the file to cut the vellum for the inside.  You can also crumple up the vellum to give it a crackled look.  These  could also be used for wedding decorations. 

                Valentine Luminarie RM0002

All my files available in AI, KNK, GSD, WPCv14 & SVG sets

Hope you like my new files in store.  Im busy with wedding stuff, as its now 5 weeks away, So I will get back to file designing in a few weeks.  

If you have a special request.  Drop me a email. I will be happy to work on it for you. 

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New February Grab Bags

Have you heard the news!  The new February Grab bag of cutter files is now in store.  And its a wonderful collection of files.  I already bought it.  It has so many uses.  The ladies have really out done them selves with this group of files.

                                           Click picture to take you to store

Also, If you purchase this grab bag before Midnight Feb, 4th You will get lori's bonus file.  You can see the bonus file HERE.  So hurry up and buy it before the 4th to get this bonus file.  Also, You can get this $29 value for just $7.00 until the 15th,  then the price goes up.

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