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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding shower was Great!

It's been a busy week here at the Mobley house.  We got the wood floor done in the living room and decided, not to do the dinning room and hall.  We like how it now seperates the living room from the dinning room, so going to return the other 8 boxes.  So Yay!  Got out of that part.  The living room looks great, and now just have to put down the trim.

So spent the last few days getting ready for my Daughters Wedding Shower today, Its now over, and we had a great time. Lots of fun.  One game was, Dress the bride.  We had to divide up in teams and pic one girl to be the bride.  Then you take things you find around the house and dress her up like a bride.  So the teams had, rolls of toilet paper, streamers, Ribbon, Straws, Tissue paper, and stuff like that.  Then, the girls did the walk around the house, to model their new dress.  And we had my 2 nephews come out and judge,  And Melissa future SIL won,   She looked beautiful.  I will have to post some pictures when I get them,  I was running the video camera,  Jill C.  Sure does know how to work with toilet paper. LOL!

Well, Only a few weeks left now, And still have lots to do. I was happy that every one loved the wedding invitations. I will be posting that file in store after the wedding.   I sure miss file designing.  Maybe I can seek one in here and there.

I would like to thank every one that came, and Thank my SIL for letting us use her home for the party. 

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Creative Team Sample RM00014

Aussie Caz has just sent me this beautiful card she did using my Cutter file, Fall Tree Leaves RM00014 And the awesome thing is.  She used it as a digital file. Isn't that super cool.

I have NO understanding of how all that works, Im just happy to see that my files works great as Digital files.  One day I will learn all about that.

I love how she used the textures in the tree, it looks so real. The leaves also have textures.  And even though this tree is a fall file. She used it as a Valentines Card.  How clever was that.

I think it turned out awesome!

And just to show you the comparison  of how I used my file cut from my KNK cutter. Here is my card.

   I also included a whole tree in this file. Would be great for a Family Tree.
RM00014 now available for only .99

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Congrats & A Sale

I just wanted to say congrats to my friends Tracy and Tim,  They welcomed their first child this morning.  Andrew Timothy  and he weighed 8lbs 15oz.  Big boy, and he was almost 2 weeks early.  Momma is doing great.

So in honor of his arrival,  Im hosting my first sale of the new year.  From today untill January 31.  All my files in my store are on sale 40% off.   (The discount will show in cart).  You can see my files at the VDBC forum. "RSMobleys Designs" 

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checking In!

Just thought I would check in, I havent posted in a couple days.  Im  here and there. Doing so much.  I had the flu for 5 days, got over that, was feeling pretty good for a couple days, then yesterday, I woke up with a head cold.   Yep, that is normal for me. One of my many medical problems is CFIDS.  So I have a low immune system and when I get sick, I keep it for a while. 

Im working on getting past that, loaded up on cold med this morning and my daughter and I did some Wedding shopping this morning for last minute stuff like table cloths, few more flowers, Glass Letter for Cake topper, Wedding Album, Still cant find floating candles, so guess I need to order them online, Looking for 3 inch round ivory, every one only has white.

Then came home, and went floor shopping and got new wood floor for the house (DH decided this is the week to do it. Is he nutz! Yep!), then to harbor freight for a new 40 tooth carbide tip blade,  and some other errands.

Then went to look for a house my Daughter and Fiance are looking at to buy. Now home and making dinner.

So yep, Im exhausted!  What a day.

I have so much going on in the next few weeks, I will be here and there over the next few week.  And hopefully back in full swing of file designing and making cards, and Wedding layouts in a couple weeks. 

Just wanted to let yall know why im MIA a bit for the next few weeks.

But in the mean time, make sure you stop by the VDBC, they have all kids of stuff going on, Like, This weeks Challenge,  Using the files in the Jan grab bag, If you have it, make you post your creations.

Also, we have the Birthday Card Swap Sign up.

Also, dont forget, The January Grab bag will only be on sale until Jan 31.  So you better hurry, you dont want to miss this one time event. These files will be grouped together.

Stop by and Say Hello!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding Layout , 2 challenges, Justrite stampers & KNK Groove!

Wow! Now that's a title. LOL!

I am so excited, I accomplished so much with this.

One, I did my first layout, NO!, make that a 2 page layout in almost 2 years. I make cards and design Digital cutter files.  But with my daughters Wedding coming up in a few weeks, I though now is the time to get started on the album, and maybe it will be ready by her first Anniversary. I didn't do mine till my 21st Anniversary, but that's because , that is when I started scrapping. These pictures don't show the paper to well, its the DCWV Luxury pack, its a shinny paper, really pretty. The paper is kind of busy so didnt want to add to much.  I bought 2 packs and using the Browns & Cream and the Sage and Cream of the packs.  Along with matching Bazzill.

This sketch had the multiple pictures, so thought it would be perfect for "The Reception" page. You always have lots of pictures of the reception.  This layout will hold 16 picture.

Second, I did this layout because at the VDBC, The January Sketch Challenge was posted using my favorite Sketches by Becky Fleck.  With" Page Maps".   And Chris, designed a file to go with Becky Fleck's Sketches.  So it was a great time to get started.  I cant wait for next months.   I love Becky's Sketches, and when I first started scrapping.  I printed out 600 of her sketches, and made a sketch book, which I love, I only have her sketches in there. I just love all the card and tag sketches as well.

Third, I used my Justrite stamps with the Wedding Stamp Ensemble (retired) and I used them for my Weekly Challenge this week, using the file I posted.  So got that out of the way, and also,  I used that file cut it on the KNK Groove, and sized it to fit the JustRite Stampers.   All the layers are on pop dots.

How did I do that, well, here is how.

First I sized the file to fit the inner stamp, the outer ring and the 2nd row of words.  Cut those on my KNK Groove.  Then to get the perfect center of the stamp. That was a little tricky, but then came up with the perfect solution.

Then I stamped the scalloped mat with the letters on the 2 Inch stamper with the 15pt times newman alpha on the 2nd row.

I then took the inner ring stamp and used double sided tape on a clear block and was able to see where to stamp the cut out ring.  It worked perfect.

I did the same thing with the inner circle.  And it came out perfect as well. If you don't have punches or Spellbinders, You can use your KNK or any other cutter.  Have I told y'all how much I love my KNK Groove!

Here are some other pictures of the layout.  This is what I did with the Note book paper file.
I Altered the file a little and made the Note book paper file to have a closed spine so I could make 2 of them One smaller then the other, and lace the spine. I think it turned out great. I also cut extras of the embellishment file and cut it in half, and put one one the front and one on the back and glued them together to make it a tab to lift the top flap, Now She will have 2 pages for Journaling all the things that happen at the Reception.  I love how it turned out.

Here is the embellishment file that was part of the sketch, I used the mat cut in cream, and the fancy part is in Glass slipper Bazzil Bling, I also made one smaller and layered on pop dots, for the center, and added a half pearl to the center.

I love how this turned out, My daughter loves it as well.  Her colors are Sage, Cream and White.  So the next layout will have some Sage in it.

Dont forget about the January Grab bag, has now been revealed,  You only have a few more days left in this month to pick it up. These files wont ever be offered together again. Go get it now.  A $27 dollar value for only $8 untill Jan 31st.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative Team Sample RM00041

Here is a beautiful card done by Aussie Caz.  She used my Valentine Card RM00041 to make this card,  I love how she used the entire file in this one.

On the front is the Heart mesh in Gold paper and the eyelet scalloped heart with one title.

And then on the inside, she used the included second title and all the extra hearts from the mat cut out.  That was clever.

Thank you Caz for using my files.  Its always awesome to see what others do with my files.

Okay, so no post in a few day,  I have had the flu since Wed. last week, and been in bed since Thurdsay.  Not feeling to posty.  Just keeping up with email and the forum.  But im out of bed today and feeling better. Still worn out but on the mend.  So im hopeing to finish my layout, yes, I said layout,  I started a 2 page layout last week, and got sick the next day, Hm!! wonder if that is what made me sick, LOL!   I dont do layouts.  Just kidding.  Im sure its this wacky weather we have, it was 16 on night and we had the air on the next day it was in the 70's,  That's Florida for ya, But would not trade for snow at all.  LOL!

I did manage to take apart my daughters veil and redo it to her likeing.  She bought one, and sorta liked it.  and now she loves it.  Pics to follow after wedding, Remember, Im sworn to no pictures till after.  We have a few weeks left. So check back then. 

Okay, off to try and get my house clean, amazing no one does any thing while your sick in bed. Jeez!.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

January Grab Bag Reveal!

Woo Hoo!  I can finally tell you about what is inside the January Grab bag.  I'm one of the 3 designers for this month and have really enjoyed the first run. It has been a success.  And we will have a new one every month. With a mix of 3 new Designers and a few from Chris. How exciting is that?

As you know, This grab bag has been a secret except for a few clues left in the comments of all 3 designers blogs.  So you may know what 3 of the 11 files are.  And yes, There are 11 files in this bag, and the market value of those 11 files is $27.00.  And you have been getting this for only $7.00.  What an awesome deal.  But, With the Reveal, the price goes up to $8 which is still an awesome price.

These files will never be sold as a set ever again, they will go on individule sale in Feb. at a higher store price.  So you should "GRAB" them now.  Before the end of January.

Oh!  If you want to get them before the prices goes up, you better hurry before Chris gets up in the morning and changes the price.

Thanks to every one that bought the grab bags and made this a success.  I cant wait till its my turn again.

Okay, now for the Reveal!  Here is a picture of all the files in the Grab Bag!,

  I bet you love then and want them now. LOL!  And in case you didnt find the link on how to get the grab bags.  You can find it here.  "January Grab Bags".

UPDATE: Here are bigger pictures of my files in this grab bag. These files are only available in this Grab bag for now. 

This was cut to fit a card for the Happy Couple for either Engagement, Wedding , Or any thing. Can also be used for layout pages.  Has Title and 2 Doves holding Ribbon with hearts on the ends.

My Heat Blooms for You.  With the flower pot with Heart shaped Flowers. Cut small enough for a card, And can be resized for any thing.  Would make a cute Valentines card or just a general Love you card.

This is my first luminary. And just love it. The size is 4 x 4 so will fit around a votive or larger candle.  I included the vellum layer file as well.  After this picture, I though about crumpleing up the vellum to give it a distressed look. I think that would look awesome.  You can use this for valentines.  Or Wedding and change to any color, or just a every day look.

Hope you like my files. 

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My New Challenge at VDBC forum Jan 14 - 20th

Hey, every one, I just posted my challenge for you all this week,  Make sure you stop by and check it out.  One winner will get a $5.00 credit to my store.  You can check it out here and pick up a free file. "Interchangeable Circles".               Free file includes AI, GSD, KNK, SVG & WPCv14

 Also, don't forget, Today is the last day to get the Grab bag for the price of $7.  As tomorrow, Jan. 15th we will do a reveal, and you will get to see all the files in the grab bag. But the price goes up.  So you better grab them before the price goes up And before Chris get up and changes the price!

This is the only time, these files will be offered as a grouping. And will go up for individual sale next month at a higher price per file.

Hope to see you playing along in our weekly challenges at the VDBC.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Stickles Storage - Maybe / Maybe Not!

I spent the day cleaning so tomorrow will be a free crafting day, Doing some thing craft related. Wed will be a test cutting day, to test cut a file im going to use at the VDBC. This week is my turn to host the weekly challenge, so need to get working on that.  Tune in on Thursday, I will be posting my challenge, but until then, check out Lori's Challenge for this week at the VDBC.

But while I was cleaning and throwing out all the Christmas goodies left over. I can a cross some thing, I had an idea for, that I could use in my scrap area.  Not sure how well it will work.  But I had it sitting on the table and man, is my husband quick. He walked in, and as soon as he walked by the dinning room table, (my scarp room) He said, "Hey, You stole my Case" My reply was, "Yep! Sure did"  and that was that. LOL!

So here is what im trying, not sure it will work or not, but we will give it a go. What do you think of this? 

I usually just throw all my stickles, in a zippered case, but then the glue settles on the side, and it takes a few shakings to get it down to the tip but then you get bubbles.  I know, they are supposed to be stored upside down,  I just never got around to it till today.

So my husband had one of those wood trays that have all those little chocolate liquor bottles in it. Well it has a clear case top and a clear top tray that is made to keep all the candy upright and separated,  and then the gold insert bottom and then the wood tray.  This is what it looks like.

And this is what it looks like with the clear top that is shaped to the tops of the candy bottles.  And guess what, they are the exact same shape as the Stickles bottle caps. You can barley see the clear top.

I took all the candy out and put in the fridge.  Then took the clear top, flipped it over and laid it in inside on top of the gold bottom tray.  Then put the stickles in side, I only have one of the large Ice bottles, but it fits as well.  I also put the clear top in it as well, but its not in the picture.

So what do you think?  Do you think this will work for sitting on my table. I will give it a go and see how well it works.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creative Team Sample RM00010

Look at this adorable Card Aussie Caz just sent me.  Using my Clown 2 Bozo Card. RM00010.

How cute is he!.  I love all the colors, all the bling, Okay, how did she get the stickels to show in the picture? I cant get mine to show that well.  Man, I need lessons.   And look how she put the balls the string/Wire.  That's to cute.   This would make a awesome birthday card for a little one haveing a birthday party or Circus theme party.

I'm so honored to have Caz as one of my Creative Team members. She does awesome work for several designers.  And she designs Digital kits that are beautiful.  You can find them on her blog. Aussie Caz Designs.

I haven't learned digital yet, but I plan to.  Just need to organize my time a little better, Im working on it.

Dont forget about the VDBC Grab bags,   Get them before they go up in price.  On the 15th.  The reviews so far have been great.   And this month, I'm one of the 3 designers.  Your guaranteed at least 10 Files.  And this month, is values at $27 and if you get it before the 15th you only pay $7. Before the price goes up. 

And remember, We will be doing this every month, with 3 different designers every month.

Okay, Im off to rest,  I went to the Wedding Expo with my Daughter today, and Im pooped. 

Have a great night,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Cutter Files In store

Im  trying to get a head on some files as the next 2 month will be busy with Wedding preparations.  So I loaded to store today. 3 Different Valentines Cards. Also adding pictures of the cards I made with these files.

Click the red title link above picture to take you to the file in store. 

                                 Valentines Card 1 RM00039

The first card has A swirly Mesh back ground mat, That overlays on your card. A large Heart with a Scalloped heart mat, and comes with 2 titles for you to choose from.  "Happy Valentines Day" & " Be My Valentine" .  Here is my card sample with this file.

Note, in this file, I made this file, then changed the back mat and welded it to the red frame. Its now one piece so it cuts easier for you.   Used stickles on the scalloped mat.

                                 Valentines Card 2 RM00040

This card has a cute heart mesh back mat. With 2 hearts and 2 Scalloped mats.  Also comes with 2 titles for you to choose from.  "Happy Valentines Day" & "Be My Valentine".   And here is a sample of the card I made using this file.

I turned the mat and hearts side ways for this card . Stitched the edges, and used stickles on the edge of the scallped hearts.

                                  Valentines Card 3 RM00041

This is card 3 Has the heart mesh back mat, but also has a pink mat, one large Heart, and a very detailed, Eyelet lace Scalloped heart.  Also includes 2 titles for you. "Happy Valentines Day" & Be My Valentine".  Here is my card sample.

As you can see in this picture sample, the file cuts fine, but know that the circles are very small, so cut slow, and check your blade depth and pressure. Also note that white takes in more moisture, so use a heat gun or hair dryer to dry your paper first. You will be amazed how much better cut you get. 

Hope you like these valentines for your special some one.  If you have a request for a special file. Or some thing you need.  Let me know, I would be happy to create it for you, And you will get that file free.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Facebook Fan Page & Update

I set up a Fan page last night, I think I did it right.  But if your would like to receive my blog post via facebook.  I added a fan page badge on the left just under the Blog Followers.   I will give it a try and see how that goes for a while.

If some thing dont look right, please let me know, Im new to all this stuff and working them out as I go.

I promise to be more crafty soon, I have been working on Wedding stuff, to taking a break from file designing for now.  I have some files already designed not in store, so will work on getting those converted and instore soon.  I got some of my software moved on to the new W7 laptop. Still working with figureing out where every thing is.  I also moved all 35 sets of spellbinders to my favorite DVD cases, just need to type up the list in excel and put the labels on the case. And one more thing done.

Im waiting on a roll of some special embossed paper I ordered for a Wedding project, I cant wait for it to arrive and get working on that.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feed Burner Post and Grab Bags

 Sorry no post for a few days, Im busy trying to figure out my new laptop with Windows 7,  man is it confusing coming from XP.  But im getting things moved over, software installed, and trying to find update drivers for stuff.  Lots of work.

So thought I would just check in and see how the feed burner post are going?

I had set this up last week, I think, and set it up to deliver my post between 3-5 am.  As im up most of the night till 3 am, and usually type my blog post at night after 12 when every one is in bed and the emails are pretty quiet.
So how is it going?  If you signed up, are you getting the email updates?  And at what time are they being delivered?  I think the are off, but need your input on delivery times. So I can check that out.

So if you could, Let me know what time your getting your delivery. Also, if the delivery day matches the post date.  

VDBC:  We have a great discussion going on at the forum on how I store my stamps.  If you want to check it out, stop on by.  Dont forget to register so you can post. "Stamp Storage" How do you?

Also, Dont forget about the January Grab Bag,  for just $7.  The reveal is on the 15th and the price goes up! So get them now.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spellbinders Nestabilities Storage

If you have been following my scrapbooking storage organization, (label on the left or click here) You may have seen I have been putting my only 8 sets in the PSB.  And it was working great.  But with the amount of Cuttle bug folders and dies I have in there, its getting really heavy with the embossing plates and all.

So decided to move my Spellbinders to a different storage that I already use and really like.   Do you remember my stamp storage for all my Unmounted stamps and Justrite Stampers.  I like it so much, that, I ordered more DVD cases, and am going to store the spellbinders in there. And if I decide to change, I can just move the magnetic sheets to different PSB (Paper sticker binder).

So to start go to Sleeve City to order these DVD cases. ( 8th one down on this page. Super Jewel Box DVD Cases King-the more you order, the cheaper they are)  Order lots, you will love them.

Next, Go to Lowes, and get these Magnetic Vent Covers, made by frost king,  you get 3 heavy duty magnetic sheets in a pack for $4.60.  (Look where the AC vents are) These measure 8" x 15" and you get 3 per pack.

Next, Cut to the size you want.  I laid then out on the magnetic sheet to get perfect fit.  I tried with the cut side down so I would have the flat side to write on, but they didn't stay to good, so flipped them over so the flat side is touching the magnetic sheet, now they don't fall off. I was able to get 2 oval sets, 2 scalloped oval sets, 2 rectangle sets and 2 scallop rectangle sets on one sheet. So that's pretty good.

Then, I used a fine tip sharpie, and marked the dies, starting in the center and going larger in size,  S for Small, L for Large and the number in the set. This is what the Justrite Stampers blog suggest so it matches the new chart.

I used Score Tape to put 4 strips on each side, for the magnetic sheet to stick to. This is how it looks with score tape on the right, and already stuck on the left.  And the case closes and stays closed with the locking tab on the case. 

With the Thick DVD cases,I was able to fit both small on one side, and both large on the other side, so you have the whole set of 4 in one DVD case.  On bigger sets, one sticks to the side, and the other just lays on top, but still able to get all 4 sets in one DVD case.  Then Label the spine, and sit on your shelf.  Then just look and grab the one you need .  And these are easy to take with you like this.

I think I need a bigger shelf to hold all my DVD cases, between the SU stamps in their boxes and all my unmounted, and now the Nestabilities, My shelf is now full.   Actually, I need my own scrap room.  One day I will have that, but for now, Im still in the dinning room,

Have a Happy Crafty Day.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Colored Fluffy stuff

The girls on the KNK group were talking about this flower soft stuff, and how to make some thing close to it..  And they posted a video on youtube how to do it.

So I had to give it a try.  So I tried it a few different ways, like in the video, and also mixing with my fingers, that was messy, and this is what worked the best for me. No mess and it was fast.

I first bought a pack of 6 medium foam balls. Looks like these but bigger.  Then I took a stand up cheese grater but used the side that you use to do lemon zest.   And rubbed the balls on it, inside a bowl.  Be ready to clean up a mess, LOL!  This stuff just flies every where.

After it was all shredded (Fine) I used some Snack size bags, Tim Holtz Adirondak Alcohol Inks, and a container I got at Joanns with little cases with screw on lids.

Then I scooped up the shredded foam in the container so I knew exactly how much to mix. And put in one corner of the snack size baggie.  And squirted in several drops of Adirondak Ink. (use the other corner for next color when done with this one)

Next, use your fingers to move it around, and it mixes all up.  If its not dark enough, add a few more drops.  The more you add the darker it gets.

When done mixing, put it in your special container. I labeled mine so I know what color I need to make more of when I run out.

I had 12 containers in this one, so I made 12 colors.  I need to go get a few more of these so I can make the rest of the colors, as I have all 28 Adirondak inks, and make a few mixed colors as well.  This is the colors I made and look at the silver it came out great, I think it will look real pretty mixed with the blue and used for water.

How do you like these colors. A mix of the greens for grass, and mix of browns for sand,  and mix of blues for water.   Oh! I cant wait to make more colors.  Its not as fancy as the real flower soft, but it will work.

I will have another post later on my spellbinder storage im working on now.

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