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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Arrival Layout and Punch Tutorial

Today, I spent the day working on my newest layout.  I just love how it turned out. I think I'm getting better with these layouts.  They don't take me days to let them grow now that I'm doing more.  This one makes # 18 for this year.  That is really good considering I was a card maker. LOL!

I used my Nov Main kit from My Creative Scrapbook kit club and entered this in the Nov Big Sketch Challenge.   Solid blue is DCWV and the trim is a boarder punch I will have a tutorial later in this post.  Most stuff on this layout is from Fancy Pants, "Happy Together"

The scalloped boarder with the woven ribbon and the stork and baby I designed and cut on my KNK Groove.  RM00125 New Arrival Baby Stork Layout

Now for the tutorial,  I have had this punch for several months and had it in a box with the rest of the new stuff I need to catalog and organize and put away.  Well, today, I finally opened it and give it a try.  And WOW!  I love how EASY and FAST this punch is to use.  I just had to take pictures and show you how easy it is to use.  

The punch is by Fiskars and is called "A Tisket, A Tasket Boarder Corner Punch"
If the picture on the link.  That picture shows a bigger boarder.  But I didn't get that when I did it, So I will show you what I did with it.

This is the punch and yes, that is Smokey in the picture.  You will probably see Smokey in a lot of my pictures.  As she is where ever I am. LOL!.
I drew a line on this paper so you can see the lines, and on the actual punch, they aren't lines, they are actual staggered steps, Which I think is the coolest thing.
With this punch, you don't need to remember weird number sizes like other punches.  This one works in 1 inch increments. So you can have either a square or a rectangle of any size and this will work perfect. I think that is just awesome.  I will show you how to do rectangles in a few more pictures.
First you put you paper in and line up along the back and the first line and you do both, so you have the first corner and first chain.
This is what it will look like after the first punch,

Second step. You lift the corner punch so you don't do it again.  And you line up the corner of your paper with the 2nd step and again align along the back.
Next you do the 3rd step and punch,  You do this until you get about an inch from the end.
It will look like this.  And now you will do the corner and go around.
You just turn and line up the corner on the first line step like you did when you began, and punch both and it looks like this.
When you get all the way around.  This is what your finished trim looks like, and as you see the outer trim is not as wide as it is in the picture on the Fiskars web site, to me it looked like it was supposed to be removed.
 So I took my Cutter bee scissors and I trimmed the little connection all the way around.  And I like how it looks a lot better now.

Don't you think this looks better, It looks like a more finished frame. Now just a few pictures to show you how to do longer ones.
This is the one I did for my layout above. And its longer then the last step.  So as long as your paper is in even 1 inch sizes, it will still work.  So you just take your paper and match up the design with the white image on the end. And continue to punch. Until your one inch from the end.  On your last end. You finish with just the straigh part.
And here is the finished one.  this one was cut 10 x 10.  And I did cut the outer edge off. It just didn't look right to me.  I guess I'm used to the other punches that remove the outer edge.

Well, that's it for now.   I hope you enjoyed my new layout and my punch tutorial.

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