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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Did It! I bought Make the Cut !

Well, I have been thinking about this for a few weeks,  And was torn bewteen Scal2 and MTC.

I checked the Comparison Chart that is out.  Now this only shows MTC 2.3.2.  And it compairs to SCAL2.  And since this came out,  MTC Beta 3.0 Has been released and it is working great.  So some things have been updated since this chart came out.

I have been attending the Webinars, and Joined the MTC Yahoo group and the MTC TUTS Yahoo group. And don't forget the MTC Forum.    There are Webinars every Tuesday night with live questions, Answers and demos.  Tons of support and the software is really easy to use.  I love the new Lattice and Rhinestone features.   I am still hoping one day they will add the Node Edit and Pencil Icon features as I design all my files.  And those are important to me.  I know that SCAL2 has those.  But the Benifits on MTC out weighted that.  As I can still design in my KNK software and export and use my SVG in MTC.  So its going to be great.

If your using  MTC 2.3.2  you really should download the 3.0.  You can save it as MTC 3.0 so it wont over ride your first version.   There are so many things that have been upgraded in 3.0 it really makes the software great to work with.  Thinks like open lines in 2.3.2 have been fixed in 3.0.  Download trial version here and see partial list of features. 

Hope you try out this software, It works with your Cricut machines. 

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