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Sunday, December 5, 2010

How do you stack your cutters?

Now that I have several digital cutters.  And they take up usable play space on my counter top.  I'm looking for a great way to sack them. 

I have a KNK Groove, Cricut Expression and Craftrobo.  I haven't used the Craftrobo in a while but my friend does when she comes over to scrap.  So I'm going to leave it as her crafting station for now. 

So here his how I keep my KNK I use almost every day.
Right now, how I work is, my counter is in a "L" shape.  So I have 2 stations on the 10 foot section along the wall.  You see the blue and purple mat.  Yep!  Those are the same ones you see in my picture tutorials.  I sit there and work, take pictures. Then my KNK is right there to my left.  I have it here because as you know its a big machine and if you use the large mat you need 2 feet or more in front and behind for clearance.  So this works the best in the corner. And yes, those are telephone books, I have them in front and behind to help keep the Mat level as it travels. I don't think they make the flat beds for these any more so for now, this works, and one day I will work some thing better looking out.

And on the Left of the KNK is my Computer center.  I have my laptop which is connected to the KNK, my printer, the wireless router, the cooler pad for the laptop, Digital scale for mailing all the packages.  So where the heck am I going to put the New Cricut Expression so I can hook it up to the laptop as well. 

Well, I'm going to give this a try and see how it works. I bought this white shelf (also comes in black) at walmart it was $13.97.  I had to really check the sizes as they had 3 different shelves.  And I measured the length of my KNK which is about 24 inches, and I measure how tall and its about 12 so I got this one # 9177.  Which was the middle size one.  The Shelf is 22inches wide and the opening was perfect clearance for the mat. So don't get a smaller one if you have a 13" Cutter. And the sides are open so you know the machine will fit in side.  And its 14 wide so its plenty wide enough for the machine.  And the spacing between the shelves is over 13.  So I thought this might work perfect. 
Well, what do you think?  My KNK Groove fit perfect in side, and as you see there is just enough room for the mat to go through (where the black is) and I still have the clearance in the back to put the phone books to support the mat. and the top clearance is perfect. I have enough room to use the buttons to set the origin and set the pressure and speed. You can wrap the cords around the legs so they aren't in the way.  And then I set my Cricut Expression on top.  And its also good size.   And the Cricut is perfect height for me when I'm standing, which I do usually any way as I'm running around for paper for the next shape to cut, LOL! 

So, now I have a few shelves left. I could add the robo on top. As storage. I could also shorten the legs as they are plastic and you can cut them with a hack saw or miter saw. So it wouldn't be so high.  But for now, I think I'm going to use the rest of the shelves to put my printer on and put my digital scale on and some other stuff, So I can get them off the counter.

Now if your asking about Mat support for the cricut. Well, I'm thinking of getting some "L" brackets and attaching them to the shelf and adding a white board on to the back of the shelf so it will support the Cricut mats. I have them in the shed so just need to go dig them out and give this a go.

So do you think this will work!  We will see.

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jknapp00 said...

I have everything set up on a portable computer desk. Laser printer and flatbead scanner on top of hutch area. Inkjet printer where monitor should go. Two laptops on keyboard tray. Gazelle cutter on bottom shelf and Wishblade cutter on middle shelf with an external harddrive. And in the place where the computer tower should go, I store my laptop bag and the cutter mats. Now, I must say, supporting the mats is something new to me. I have never done this and mine works just fine - at least I have not had any problems up to this point. Why is this necessary?

Sharon said...

Wow, your set up sounds nice and all in one place. I love it.

About supporting the mat. I only have to do this with my KNK because it sits high off the ground and I tend to cut large things. So the blade goes all the way to the edges of the mat. And it has a tendancy to slide out if its not supported. And if I use the extra long mat. 14x24 inches, I forsure have to support the mat. It helps so that mat does not droop. So the machine does not have to work so hard to roll it back in. I dont have a long mat for the Cricut yet. So I will just have to watch it but im pretty sure I will add the shelf to support the mat in the back. Just so I dont have to worry about that. The front of the Expression has a drop down door so that acts as the support. But there isnt one in the back.


JustYolie said...

I only have one, my blue Cricut. It sits on a credenza next to my sewing machine. Your new setup looks great, leaves you more workspace. :)