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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Wacky Pets!

Here is a link to a video I uploaded on Utube so hopefully it works, As this is my first upload.


This is my kitten I showed you a few weeks ago, we got from a woman down that street that threw the little thing out.  She has gotten big and man she is such a hand full.  She is true to her Gray/Brown Tabby personality.   She loves me and lets me know it, as they are one person cats.  Every night about 11:30 "Smokey" comes and has to lay on my chest while I'm in the recliner. She wants to lay on her back and be held like a baby.  After 15 minutes she runs off.  Then I go to bed and every morning at 4:09 am, she comes in and wakes me up.  She lays on my chest. or my side which ever its up at the time.  And she will head butt me.  And bite my chin or put her nose on mine.  And pull on my fingers.  If I put the covers over my head.  She goes to the end of the bed and and bites my toes, then comes up under the covers to get close to my face.   After about 15 mins of this, She runs off. 

The Little Chihuahua in this video  is "Bandit".  Yes, so we have "Smokey and Bandit" LOL!  I love that movie when I was little.  But any way, It took a while but they are now getting along really well.  As you can see in this video.  They just roll and play for about 5 mins.  Then stop.  They do this 4 times a day. And the sound is on, you can hear my radio in the back ground,  but they do not make a sound.  No growling or any thing.  Just playing.  Bandit is much happier now he has a buddy.  He has been really lonely since our Shelti passed a few months ago.  

This is how it is every morning at my house.  I open the front door and they love the sun that comes in.  And right now I have the sliding glass window up as its beautiful out.  Bandit takes the sunny spot next to the door.  And next to him is "Lizzy Bell"  After Lizzy McGuire, the show, My daughter named her that as she loved that show when she got Lizzy as a kitten 12 years ago. Both Bandit and Lizzy are my daughters but as she just moved with her husband and have a baby on the way.  She gave them both to me. Woo hoo!.  I do love them.. And next to Lizzy bell is "Smokey"   We are missing one cat in this picture. "Rusty" is his own person and don't hang with the other cats to much. He just lives here. And takes up little space. LOL! 

Here is Lizzy Bell and Smokey playing in a box of paper.  Why is it kids and pets love boxes and paper. LOL!

Okay, you tell me.  How can this be comfortable. LOL!  This is as well as a lot of pictures of my pets.  Are taken in my scrap room.  As its just me here all day.  I spend all that time in my Scrap room  and of course the pets have to be in there with me.  I have cat beds lined up along my shelves and they each take a bed. Lizzy, Bandit and Smokey.  Rusty is never with these 3.  He is 11 and has always been like that. 

Smokey has her own bed. But this wild child loves to pull down the curtain on front of my Shelf and lay on it.  So we don't have it up there any more and she now lays in the bed.  Man, have to Kitten proof my house. LOL!  They pets are usually quiet and sleep while I'm working and when Jill is here for our scrapping play dates.  But I usually end up tossing Smokey out the door and closing it.  As she can get in a lot of trouble. Its like an amusement park to here. LOL!   She will grab things and run off with them.  Or she will knock the flowers I'm using off the counter so that Bandit can play with them.  These two I tell you,  Get in some trouble some times.  

And here is Smokey girl checking my work on this Christmas Luminary.  I think she likes it.  She goes around to the back and lays under the mat so it rubs on her back.   She is just crazy I tell you.  I hope she calms down as she gets older and before the baby gets here in March.  Or I will have to keep her in the bed room during the day while I'm baby sitting.  

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a small part of my wacky pets this stuff goes on ever day. 

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Janet said...

So cute! My cats love to get right up to and try to get in my printer. As soon as they hear the click as it starts to print, they are right up there looking into it just like yours.

Debra said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and videos of your pets! I have a cat and when I am crafting and I clear a space (i.e. move all the craft stuff I am not using at the moment) That's my cats cue to lay in that space!

Ginger (Games) said...

My Austin and Blackie act just like your Smokey.They love the printer and the Groove. Our other cat is like yours, hides out in the the other room. Dog is in bed or with me. It can be funny and bad at times but I wouldn't want to be without them.