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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got my Cricut Expression and Gypsy!

Wow, what a day!

I just ordered my Cricut Expression/Gypsy Combo from HSN on thursday.  And it already came today on Tuesday.  Wow that was fast. 

I think I got a great deal on it.  I first signed up with Shop at Home.  Which is a website you log in to and shop online and get cash back.  For HSN its 5% cash back.  Then went to HSN and logged in.  And purchased this Combo. # 961-598   and then selected the 9 payments and then applied for their credit card and got an instant $20 off with free shipping.  So that was pretty good,  And I got back $20 back from shop at home.  So That is pretty awesome.  If you sign up at Shop at Home. For your online purchase, Or at Ebates. ( same thing as Shop at home) Please give my email as referance. ( rsmobley85@gmail.com ) we both get a bonus for your first purchase. 

I got it unpacked, and hooked up the Cricut.  And unpacked the gypsy, carring bag, car charger and carts.  And wow, no instructions.  So it took me a while to get it going and I got  the gypsy hooked up to the Expression and did the 2 updates on that. 

Then went to the website to register my gypsy.  And did the download of the Cricut Sync and got stuck, I couldnt get the software to run.  So I  IM'ed my friend Kristal of K Andrew Designs.  And she walked me through the rest of the set up.  Thank goodness for Kristal.  Why in the heck dont that thing come with a instructions , step by step manual.  It came with a card that has 4 pictures that show you how to turn it on. Thats is.  What the heck. 

Okay, so after I got all that done and registered at the Cricut site.  Then I helped my friend Jill hook up hers as she bought the same combo as me at the same time.  If you know us by now, We always by the same things. LOL!    So tonight she says  "Are we buying MTC"  I said, Yep, LOL!. 

So after a long day, Im just whooped,  I will register the Cricut and all the carts that came with the combo tomorrow.  Wow, First day of having it and I have 10 Carts. LOL! 

I did a search and found the user manual and other stuff for the Gypsy on their website.  After I had it all loaded,  but it does still have lots of informations.   So check it out if you havent already.

So im done for the night.  Tomorrow I will work on registering the Expression, carts, reading some Gypsy tutorials,  Looking for Videos,  And working on some Fall Luminaries.  Busy day tomorrow.

So good night and Thanks for stopping by!


OmaGloria said...

Congratulations Sharon! If you find a good place for Gypsy lessons let me know.

Precious Hugs

Sharon said...

Hey Gloria, I found this site last night with lots of Gypsy videos and other stuff for the cricut.