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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Luminary 2 and Winner of 1st

 The 2nd Luminary in the Series of 2 is "Happy Thanks Giving" on one side. And on the other side is a super cute Turkey. 

Happy Thanksgiving Luminary (RM00121)  

 This luminary cuts in one layer. No pieces. As I edit all letters to make sure the centers are attached some how.  So you don't have worry about gluing those back on.  I used alcohol inks on a white frosted vellum.  And used a cute Fall ribbon that has all kinds of fall leaves.

Leave me a comment on this file and One lucky person will win this file.  I will post the winner tomorrow afternoon.  When I post the last Fall Luminary.  Or if you cant wait to see if you won.  Then you can purchase this file in my store at this link. RM00121  And don't for get.  If you got a Customer appreciation coupon from me.  Be sure to use it before end of Nov. And its good for more then one purchase.

If you didn't get one and want to know how to get on my Customer Appreciation list.  All you have to do is purchase ONE file from my store. And the next month, I pull orders and sent a coupon only to those that purchases at least One file from me in the prior month.  So buy in Nov get a coupon code in Dec. Then when you use that coupon, that purchase will get you a coupon for the next month.  So that means you will never pay full price for my files again.  How great is that?

Now on to the winner of yesterdays Fall Luminary 1

The winner of the First Fall Luminary File is : Post #6   Luan Rochefort

Congrats! Your the winner of the "Fall Luminary"  Please send me your email address by Saturday Nov 20. My email is rsmobley85@gmail.com.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments.  If you have a special request for a luminary. Let me know. I will see what I can come up with and if I make that file.  You get it for free.

One last thing. Did you get the VDBC Gift Guide?  What! You didn't get it.  Well your in luck, I have the link to if for you.  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can get the newsletters and not miss any thing.

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Renae said...

Another beautiful luminary! I'll have to wait for the third to decide which one I want. I may not be able to decide. Then what's a girl to do, oh that's right. Buy all three! Thanks Sharon.

Sharon said...

Another beautiful luminary!!! I love it!

Cherbear said...

Beautiful luminary!

Sharon said...

Now Closed to entries!

Thanks Girls for the wonderful comments. Renae You are just too funny.

I tell you what. Since I only got 3 comments on this one. Im going to give all 3 of you this file for free.

So please email me at rsmobley85@gmail.com by next Sunday.

I till post the last one tomorrow. Then we are off to the Christmas set.

Thanks for stopping by!