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Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby's First Christmas Layout (CWC Challenge)

As you know, I'm expecting my first Grand baby in March of 2011.  Okay, I know.  Its really kind of early but I figure the baby will be about 9 months old next Christmas.  But I was doing a Challenge for Cooking with Cricut blog hop.  Its due by today, Man, "Cutting" it close.  I Know!  LOL!

Since we are expecting a little boy Grand baby. I did this one in a boy theme.  I think it turned out so dang cute.

Now all this is not my work.  As this was for a Cricut Challenge for the blog hop last weekend.  You had to use a Cricut or some other cutter.  Well, I think I got that covered. I just got my Cricut Expression and Gypsy a few days ago.  So that is why it took me all week to get this layout done.  Well, actually its a 2 pager. I will post that in the next post.  So I had to learn the Gypsy from the get go. Man, that was some work.  I did it.

The Title "Baby's First Christmas" RM00123 is a file I designed today to go with this layout. You will see why in the next post.

The Trees. Teddy bear and present, Train set, Little boy and Rocking horse are all on the Christmas Solutions Cricut Cart.  I just love that cart and it was free with the Gypsy update. Woo Hoo!.
Here is a close up of the trees, I cut 12 trees, 3 different sizes on the same piece of card stock with out taking out the mat.  I was impressed with myself for figuring that out my first go on the Cricut E and Gypsy.  And you can see the front of the train.  I used a silver pen on the front grill, and the light and bell.  And that white stuff is puffy paint heated.  And of course Sulyn glitter glue on the snow.  Hard to see in the picture, I just cant capture the sparkles.

Here is a close up of the other half of the train.  The teddy bear with a blue ribbon of course. LOL!  And I cut the Rocking Horse a little to big and Cut the little boy a little to small.  But it all worked out.  I just cut his legs off at his waist and put one behind (Other side) of the horse, and positioned the body and put the other leg under it so it looks like he is riding it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  Don't you!   Although,  I couldn't figure out where his hair cut file was so I just used a piece of brown paper. but now in the picture. I see the line, So I will have to redo that.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  I absolutely Love how it turned out.  I cant wait for my GB to get here so we can put a picture on it.  Oh man, Next time will be the first time we have had to buy toys in a lot of years. LOL!

Check my next post as it goes with this one.

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Luan Rochefort said...

This file is awesome and you did a awesome job on it. I love you ideas and files. Thanks for sharing.


K Andrew said...

I have trained you well Jedi--puffy paint and sulyn glitter glue.

Talented you are
Yoda Kristal heheheheh

Sharon said...

Ha, Your so funny, and yes you have. I love that Sulyn glitter glue, just wish I could find the swirl one. Im only able to find the single color and the chunky, but I do like them. And the puffy paint worked well, because I couldnt find the Liquid applique.

Thanks for the tips. You will love my next layout, I better work on posting that one.