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Monday, November 8, 2010

3D Calla Lily Flower Tutorial & Winner of Free File

Today I'm posting a tutorial on how I did these beautiful Calla Lily's that I made for my Daughters Wedding Layout.

                        3D Calla Lily Flower RM00119

In this picture is the finished product.  You can be as creative as you like with this file.  I used white card stock for the flower and cream for the center and sage green for the stems as these are my Daughters wedding colors and it would match perfectly to other pictures I have yet to scrap and match the rest of this layout.  I just love how they turned out.  And they are pretty stiff so they should stay pretty nice.

So here we go with this Picture tutorial.

First, resize file to your needs.  Resize all at same time.  And go by the size of the largest petal from top to bottom to figure out how big your flower will be.

Next, think about how may you want to cut. When I do some thing like this.  I usually cut several or a page at a time, and just put them in a baggie so I have them cut and ready for next time. LOL!.  And the Array function in KNK workes great for this.

I used a stylus to rub the center petal so it was more flexible so it was easier to roll, I guess you could also Mist with water, I will have to try that next time. I think that might actually work better for a smoother look.

 I used a wood skewer to roll the center. You can also use the end of a small paint brush.
Next, take the larger petal and roll just the edges so they become softer.  So that you can curl them later.

Put glue all over the center piece and stick it down inside the larger curled petal. 

And now put some glue on one side of the larger petal and close it around the center.  It should now look like this. Like a Calla Lily.
Next roll the green stem tight. It will be tapered so its wider at top and smaller at the bottom.
Now apply glue along the edge and inside the top where the flower will be glued. (Oh I use Aleen's Fast grab Tacky Glue) Love that stuff.

Now insert the flower and press the edges of the stem.  And this is what your finished flower will look like.  One on the left is just a straight petal Calla Lily.  The one on the Right.  I turned it over and used my stylus to rub the sides until they curled.  Sorry, I for got a picture of this step.

And this is how it looks with both of them curled and Sulyn Glitter glue on the edge.

I hope you enjoyed my Picture tutorial. I haven't got up the nerve to do a video yet. and the way I ramble on, I'm so sure I would run out of time. LOL!

Okay, So yesterday, I posted that one person that commented on my layout yesterday would win this file for free.

And the Lucky Winner via Random Org Generator is:  TOMTOM  Post #3

Congrats.  Please email me at rsmobley85 @ gmail. com   (No Spaces)   by Sunday Nov 14 to receive your free 3D Calla Lily File.

So Sorry for the repost: I forgot to add the picture from random org.

If you didnt win this file.  Its now Available in my store. You can click this link RM00119 to get to the file or click the tab up top to get to my store to see my other files.  Edited 10/1/2011 to add new store link. 

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Caroline said...

Great Tutorial Sharon, love this beautiful flower!

Sharon said...

Thanks Caz.

And thank you to TomTom for emailing me. I have sent you the file.


tomtom said...

Just wanted to say thank you for offering us the chance to win this file. And thanks to Random.org for picking me as the winner LOL. I can't wait to try making the Lily. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful layouts.

Heidi said...

Those are such nice flowers! Thanks for sharing....I just may have to try these! :-)

Photomama said...

First, these are gorgeous.
Second, I am new at paper cutting etc - and i would never have thought to create the flower with paper. This is so cool.
thanks for your picture tutorial.