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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a turn the day takes!

I got up at 10 this morning, still have the headache I have had the past 2 days.  And Hubby didn't put the trash out.

So I got up, got dressed, did my inhalers.  And ready to start the day, Figuring I would finish my stuff for tomorrows Anniversary party at the forum.   I hear the trash man coming, So I run out put the trash on the curb.  And yep, its thursday so that means yard trash goes out as well.  

We worked in the yard this past weekend to get it ready for winter, as hubby has kidney stone removal this week coming up to remove the really large stones.   So that goes well, and I see on top of the pop up camper (closed of course) is a bucket of "Pups"  from the Sago palm we dug up this past weekend.  Well they had been sitting for a fed days for the cut to heal.  So I took them out back and spray with kitchen clean up to kill the mildew fungus on them.   Rinsed them off,  and was just going to cut the baby frans off so I could let them dry a few more days before planting to grow new baby sagos. 

Well,  I have these yard sicssors that have the curve to them.   And I was snipping off the baby frans and it wouldnt cut, so I kept trying it, and just moved my thumb enough to get in the way of the curved tip. 

And Wozzer, did that hurt, there was blood shooting every where.  So since I was out side, I had bleach out there, so sprayed it to clean it real good, did a good rinsing.  And it was still shooting blood,  I called my Brother that used to be a paramedic firefighter before his lupus got bad.  He said, it needed to go to the ER.  So I got in the car and when to his house, LOL!   And he looked at it and agreed its not a ER visit type of wound.  Because its smaller then one inch, and it was a clean cut like a flap because it was sissors. 

So he got out his Paramedic bag and cleaned it, inspected it. cleaned it again, applied pressure to get it to stop bleading, and then put Super glue on it, and "OH MY LORD" does that burn, He told me to blow on it,  I said: " Man, I have asthma I cant blow" so he did, lol.  Then he put steri strips and a bandage on it and some stretchy brown tape on it, and said, keep it elevated.

So its all good now, and saved me a trip to the ER, man, who needs that bill.  And yes,  I had a Tetanus Shot
Last year from another accident on the same dang thumb.  So im good there.

Now, I need to take it easy and keep it up while Im cutting and working on all the free files I have planed for yall this weekend.  So make sure you stop by tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday to see what I have in store for you.  And dont for get about the forum,  Tons of stuff going on there as well and the other designers blogs.

Woo hoo!  Cant wait,

Okay, I better get busy.  So much to do before tomorrow.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


jordiegirl said...

Oooh, sorry to hear you cut your thumb - ouch!

I've just been on a First Aid Refresher course yesterday, would you believe, pity I didn't live a bit closer!

Take care.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the comment. Good thing my brother lives only 1 mile away.

It only hurts when I use it, move it or hit it on some thing. Ouch!


Patti said...

From another accident prone person and mother of four kids who were rather adventurous growing up...If you ever get another wound that won't stop bleeding, pour a bunch of white sugar and water into a bowl and submerge the cut. The sugar water will stop the bleeding, or with a severe wound, will slow it considerably. I learned this from an ER doctor during one of many visits to the ER when my kids were young. Works like a charm every time!

Sharon said...

Wow, thanks for the tip, I will have to try that next time. Oh wait. I didnt say that. LOL!