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Saturday, October 16, 2010

VDBC Anniversary Day 2! Free File, Tutorial and Sale

I hope you got yesterdays free file.  And dont forget to post your layout in the "RSMobleys Designs Layout Challenge" for a entry to win my blog candy prize.  You only have till Sunday to play.  I will pick a winner on Monday.

So on to Saturday.  Im still having a sale in my part of the VDBC store.  RSMobleys Designs  All my files are 50% off untill Sunday.

And dont forget to go over to the forum to the "Anniversary Thread" and see what else is going on, there are a bunch of challenges and chances for prizes galore.  So make sure you stop by. 

Now on to todays Tutorial.  I have for you a cute Halloween Luminary.  This is super cute, and Super easy. it cuts in 2 layers.  No little pieces as I have designed this to be super easy for you.  So you dont have to worry about the centers of the letters or any thing.  You have the top layer and the vellum layer.  Thats it.

So do you want to see what your free file for today is. (Oh. If you leave me a comment saying you love this and want more.  I will see about making another one for tomorrows free file)

Isn't this luminary just adorable.  And now Im going to do a tutorial on how to put this together. Its super easy.

Fitst you need some vellum.  It dont matter if you dont have the right color, because you can always make it any color you want if you use Adirondack Alcohol Inks and a blender. Which is just felt on velcro.
I used Caramel and Rust.

You put several drops on your felt.  Think about what you want to be the more dominate color.  Like I wanted it to be more orange with darker spots.  So I used more dots of Caramel and a few dots of Rust.  I just dab it all over, you can also trwist it, but I like the "Polished Stone" Look. So I dab.  Then I went back with another lighter color, Butterscotch.  and randomly dabed it. and you can now see the more defined spots. I really like that look.  You only need a area of 3 x 12 for your luminary.
Next you will need to cut the file. which has 2 identical items.  And you can either cut the part of the file or just use your trimmer to cut the size you need. So I just used my trimmer. And cut a strip 3 x 12 then in half.  So I have one for each side. You also need some quick tacky glue like Aleene's Tacky glue.  and some adheasive or glue dots.
Next use some thing like Score pal and stylus to score your cut file.  The file is sized to be 3x3 so your first score is at 3 and second is at 6 so that leaves you with a little flap.  If you resize this file, to lets say 4x4 your first would be at 4 and second at 8.
Next , use a little tape adheasive or glue dots around the edges and apply the vellum to the inside of your cut file and you bend where you scored it at 3 and 6.  And use Aleene's Tacky glue on both short flaps. And attach Flap to straight end and connect the other end and its done.

Then you can decorate it how ever you want. i used some Orange halloween ribbon with spiders on it. around the top and bottom for added color.  And used Oranges Sulyn Glitter glue on the face of the pumpkins.

I hope you enjoy this file and tutorial.  If you would like this file. It will be available for you today only till mid night my time.   So download and enjoy. Pumpkin Luminary RM00110
File is no longer Available, look for in store soon

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Thanks for stopping by! And dont forget to stop by tomorrow for another free file.



Lisa Avolio said...

This is brilliant! Love the easy assembly- and the way you split it into 2 pieces and doubled it. Yes, we want another file tomorrow. Are you kidding?!!!

Kelly S said...

I love this! Great file and thanks for the tutorial. I definitely need to make one of these. Thanks for sharing!

idagal said...

Thank you for sharing this. I am new to using paper crafts and love learning new things, You made it simple and fun. Thanks again

Clare D. said...

I love using my alcohol inks on plastic packaging, but never thought of my vellum! Thanks! Also, we all love holiday decorating ideas on a budget these days!

Brenda said...

Great idea. Never thought of using alcohol inks on vellum. Of course another free file would be awesome. Love them

K Andrew said...

Great tutorial Sharon--the cut file is precious! I see Brenda, Idagal and Lisa made it over!
This file is just awesome! Woooooohoooooo!

moovet said...

I love luminaries! They look nice at halloween and Christmas(hint, hint) Thanks so much for this and all your freebies.

Darla said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial, instructions, and wonderful free file!! :)

Sharon said...

Thank you every one for the comments. So nice that you all love this, Its super fast and easy.

Moovet: Thanks for the hints. I will work on some and put those up for yall at a later date. We need to get Halloween out of the way first. LOL!

Esther W-B said...

Super cute Sharon! Thank you and I'd love to see more.

Sharon said...

Very cute! I'd love to see more!

bzyPTmom said...

Great tutorial and thanks for the great file!

Kathy Serrahn said...

neat file.


Renae said...

Love it! Thanks for the file! I have some alchohol inks I have never used and this is just screaming for me to try it! Thanks for the inspiration and again for the file.

Ginger (Games) said...

Love it! TFS! Man I have to type better, I had trouble typing the password, lol, all my fault.

Sharon said...

Ginger, I made it easy for you. I left them all caps. I could of made it alternate upper and lower case. LOL!

Deb C said...

thank you looks like fun thanks for the tutorial as well

Anonymous said...

Thank you,it's really cute.
Pam in SD

AprilsL8 said...

Very nice!! I love using vellum!

Anna said...

I'd love to see another one tomorrow. This is just awesome!!! Thank you so much Sharon.

happy2scrap56 said...


Gail said...

Fabulous idea - thank you!

lorene said...

I just love Halloween. great idea! thanks for sharing.


Amy said...

Love the file and the ink technique! TYSM for sharing!