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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thunderbird Email Not Spell Checking! "Fix"

Last week, I noticed my Thunderbird Email (works like Outlook)  was not spell checking when I sent email.  And I know Im like the worst speller.  So I really like to have it auto check before it sends so I can catch at least half the spelled wrong words. LOL! 

But when I hit send, the spell check box comes out but nothing in the box, you just had to click okay and send, and hope for the best. So I checked for a Thunderbird update. And it said, I was running the most current version. Ugh!  So this moning, I get notice to update, so I did, Sent email and it still didnt spell check. Jeez!

So I went looking for a fix and found one.  You have to install the dictionary.

Open Thunderbird > Tools > Options > Composition  and make sure both boxes are checked,  then click on the Download more Dictionaries.  And select language you would like.  Then follow instructions on screen.

Here is the link for the English (US) version. 

It was easy to install, and it now works, Woo Hoo!

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