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Friday, October 29, 2010

Still Here! I Think, Checking In!

The last several days have been strange.  But I think its getting better.

I wanted to thank those that emailed me privately.  Your emails help a lot.  And I know, I will enjoy the quiet time once we get used to it.

My friend Jill came over on Wed to scrap and my brother stopped by to check on me as well.  So I have people looking after me.  My hubby is afraid of me being by myself for the day.  But I'm keeping busy,  Trying to do a pre spring cleaning,  And getting rid of stuff, I just no longer need now that its the two of us.  So planning a yard sale in 2 weeks.

So here is what is keeping me going.  Just waiting to see this precious little fellow. Hopefully my daughter don't get mad I post this, but hey, may be that will make her call me, right, LOL! 

This is from this past Monday,  at 20 weeks.  You can see his head, and his cute little nose.  Looks like Hectors nose and our little chin. Doctor says he weights around 13 oz. 

I'm having trouble sleeping,  So is my hubby we were both up at 2 and again at 5, I went back to bed at 8 after he left for work and got back up at 12:30.  So trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my day.  Maybe start on the Walk in closet in the Master bath.  Since my hubby just cleaned the Walk in closet in the Master bedroom.  Then I guess I will clean Melissa's empty room next week and set it up as a guest room / baby room for my grandson since I will be baby sitting him when Melissa goes back to work. 

I'm trying to get in to the crafting mod once again.  Its just not going that well.   But I keep trying. 

I hope y'all are having a great Friday. And have awesome plans for the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!  And I promise, My post will be much more happy and crafty soon.


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Caroline said...

What a fantastic picture, time has flown hasnt it! Just a month to go here before Lachlan arrives and your already halfway there !!