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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It was a "Sewing" kind of day!

My hubby is recouping from his surgery wed.  And if he cant sleep, neither can I. LOL!

So after we ran a few errands.  I came home and did some sewing.  I fixed a pair of my husbands shorts, and then fixed a pair of maternity pants, my daughter bought and she said, the elastic didn't feel right in the side of the waist.  So I checked it and sure enough.  The elastic in side the band was not even attached end to end.  So I took the seam out, and pulled the elastic out and sewed the ends together and put it all back together and sewed the rest.  And its all good now. 

Then I sewed a vinyl cover for our water filter on the Well out side.  We have to keep a black trash bag around it so the sun dont get to it.  Or it will turn green.  Well, the black trash bags only last a month or so before they fall apart.  So I bought some dark outdoor vinyl.  And sewed a pouch to fit over the filter and then over the top and attaches with sewed on velcro.  I think this will work great.

Next I decided to see if I could make a cover for my KNK to match my room.  So I gave it a go and here is the results.  I dont think its to bad for a first try. 
If yall remember,  Im doing my new scrap room in Green and Orange. Remember my Clock and Perpetual Calendar are also Green and Orange.  Tomorrow, Im going to make a matching Valance for my window. and maybe a cover for the Blue Robo.   

Also, You all might not notice but up under my Blinki (I still need to work on how to get the code box up there for yall)   Any way.  Under the Blinkie,   Is the link thing to add the link to your creations with my files.  This way, My customers creations are posted as well.. Because, I usually for get to post them.  So if yall can do that for me, that would help a lot.

I guess this is all for now.

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K Andrew said...

This is darling--I can't believe you made one in 2 hrs! Now if only we had some owl fabric for me one!
GREAT job girl!

Sharon said...

Thanks Kristal.

I will keep eye out for fabric with Owls on it.


Shirley said...

Love it!