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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cuttle Bug Storage

Do yall remember how I stored my Cuttle bug folders and the few dies that I have. Well I had so many in there, that it was time to start a new one. But then I wasnt sure I wanted to carry 2 around when I go to a friends house. 

So I asked on the VDBC forum. To see how some of the other Girls store there.   A few have several like I do.  So it was great to see how they store them.  And I decided to go with Deb C. storage idea. 

There are the items I used:
 Sterilite Container #1894  (Clear with light blue lid, Dark blue handle) These run around $4 at walmart.
Score Pal
Stampin up Tab punch
Cuttle bug

I used colors to match the container.  For the Dividers and Tab.  I used light blue for the divider, Darker blue for the tabs.  And cream for the pockets, Because I have an over abundance of that color.  

First I cut my cream for the pockets to the size of 7.5 x 10 and used score pal to score in middle at 5. So my pockets are now 7.5 x 5 ( this is so it will fit the 5x7 dies.)

Cut the Dividers at 5 x 7 3/4   And use the tab punch to make the tabs.  I made extra because you just know you will end up with more folders. LOL!

Here you can see, I embossed the folder on the front first, then  I used the stapler to make pockets, this is so that the folder stays put, I used 2 staples on each side.  And for the smaller folders, Boarders, Small Dies and combo sets.  All stay put in the pocket.   For now, I just wrote on the front the name of the folders. Or Dies inside.

And here you can see how I stored them all.  I arranged them but catagory.  And yes, the cover goes on. And locks.

So far I have :
Celebration (for birthday, Congrats, etc.)
Embellishments (for Boarders, Tab, Tags, Brackets, Book Plates) 
Floral (Any thing with flowers, either Embossing folder or dies)
Paisley (Because I always forget about these) LOL!
Sentiment ( for all the extra words and stuff like Thank you, Thinking of you,)
Textures (This is for all the other embossing folders that are just textures, not floral)
Then I have a set of Calendar months Jan - Dec.  So far, I have Feb, for the love folders
Oct for Halloweed dies and folders
Nov for Fall and Thanks Giving, (Pumpin and Leaf Diecut combos)
Dec for all the Chrismas Folders and Die. 

You can add what ever catagory you like, and divide up some you already have if you get a lot of one subject.

I have a ton in here already.  Ever pocket has one large embossing folder, or sets of dies or Combos.

I have a little room left to add the new ones I bought last year, and never opened, because I didnt know how I wanted to store them.  So I will work on that next.  And if this gets too full.  I think I will move the 12 Months to its own box. 

I think this will work great.  What do you think.  And thanks again Deb. C. for the idea.

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K Andrew said...

This is TOTALLY AWESOME! It's just ridiculous you have so many that you need a darn file cabinet just for embossing folders! hahah! Teasing you! As usual you rock!

Sharon said...

Ha, I just counted the pockets and there are 53 with folders and dies in them. It will be more when I get the others our of my "New Stuff to be Organized" Box. LOL


Teela said...

Thank you for sharing this incredible idea. I can't wait to get back to my "craft room"and try to get mine organized like this!