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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bitter Sweet!

I knew this day would come. And I thought I would be ready for it. But I guess you never are ready for you children to leave home.

25.5 years ago, My husband and I got married at the young age of me just turning 18 and him 21.  We knew we wanted a boy first and a girl 3.5 years latter.  Which happened exactly like we wanted.  And we wanted our children early in our marriage.  So that when we were in our 40's.  The kids would be grown and old enough to take care of themselves.  So that my husband and I could enjoy some quiet years while we were still young and some what healthy.  Maybe do some camping and travel Florida, Which we have both lived here for more then 40 years and haven't seem a whole lot of it.  We did go camping for a week for our 25th anniversay this June.  But were so lonley with out kids. We called my brother to bring his 3 boys.   But we are looking forward to trying it again.  Its just a new experiance of doing things alone.

Well, it seems our plans have worked out a little to well. My son is now 24 and moved out a few months ago. And is doing good, and really enjoys MMA boxing for some reason. I cant stand to see him with black eyes, and bruises.  And now missing both top front teeth.  But he enjoys it so I support him.  Just cant watch it.   He is still looking for the right girl.  I'm sure she will come along soon. He is such a good, caring young man.  He deserves a good girl.

And in March, My Daughter got married.  She was 19 and her hubby was 22.  After dating for 3 years.  They started buying a place the week they got married.  Well that place fell in to short sale, Its only a few streets over from both his parents and us.  So it was perfect.  But after 7 months of no movement.  They decided that now that they are expecting our first grand baby,  They don't want to wait any longer.  So2 weeks ago they found a new place, it is bigger, has more bedrooms and lot more land.  But its 8 miles away.  So they bid on it and it was accepted.  It was only on the market 5 days.  All inspections have been done.  And closing is in about 2 weeks.  So,  They have started packing and moving all there things in to one location.  So the move is more real.

And so now, I'm sad,  my last child is leaving home. I cried last night. But I know this is what they want and need.  And  its working out all to plan.  My Hubby and I are in our early 40's.  But neither of us are ready to be empty nesters.  My Hubby said to me yesterday.  Maybe we need to adopt.  I said.  Well,  If we can make it 4 months.  We will have a grand baby to fill our house.  So, that is what we are waiting for now.  

So its all a little Bitter Sweet! We have waited 24 years for this, but now, not so sure we want it. LOL! 

So today, I have buried myself in keeping myself busy by deep cleaning the house.  I only got the living room and dinning room done today. But its nice and clean. I dusted every thing, and cleaned all the glasses and mirrors.  Hooked up some speakers to the surround sound and ended up moving all the living room furniture around. Lucky for me, it slides easy on the wood floor.    Then I started cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  Got all the old meds pulled out to get rid of.  And threw out a bunch of old papers, and shredded a bunch of off things.    My hubby came home, walked in the front door, and said, "Uh Oh! some ones trying to keep busy.   He knows me all to well.  When I get upset, I clean.

It feels good to get the house in order.  I guess its a new beginning in several forms. 

But on the other hand.  We got some great news today.  Our first grand child is going to be a Boy!  So at least we have that to look forward to.  And lost of baby shopping in the next few months.  I'm hoping my daughter lets me make things for the baby shower and then put in the baby's room.

Tonight for dinner, just the two of us.  Dinner was a new adventure.  We opted to make a baked fish sandwhich on a wheat bun. It was simple and good.  And no dishes but one pan.  That was strange. LOL!

Im sure it will get easier.  And we will enjoy it.  Its just a little hard right now.  We are thinking we need to plan some day trips on the weekends. 

We will see what tomorrow brings and hopefully I get back in to the crafting mood buy the weekend.   I want to make some more luminaries.  I just love those.

I hope y'all are having a great week.

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OmaGloria said...

Sharon I have an almost 24 year old daughter that needs a decent guy. The ones she gets involved with turn out to be losers. We have 2 grands and just found out we have 1 on the way so see you would also gain 3 more grands.