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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Want to be Boo'ed!


Glue Arts is going to Boo! Several lucky people with an awesome Glue Glider Pro gift pack.  I So want to be Boo'ed.  I hope they pick me.! Boo'ed means. You take a small Halloween gift over to a neighbor and ring the bell and run.  Well, Since they are on the Internet.  They will be going to several blogs and Booing them.  I hope mine is one of them.

So head on over to their blog and check out the adorable Halloween layouts. And don't forget to friend them on face book.

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Still Here! I Think, Checking In!

The last several days have been strange.  But I think its getting better.

I wanted to thank those that emailed me privately.  Your emails help a lot.  And I know, I will enjoy the quiet time once we get used to it.

My friend Jill came over on Wed to scrap and my brother stopped by to check on me as well.  So I have people looking after me.  My hubby is afraid of me being by myself for the day.  But I'm keeping busy,  Trying to do a pre spring cleaning,  And getting rid of stuff, I just no longer need now that its the two of us.  So planning a yard sale in 2 weeks.

So here is what is keeping me going.  Just waiting to see this precious little fellow. Hopefully my daughter don't get mad I post this, but hey, may be that will make her call me, right, LOL! 

This is from this past Monday,  at 20 weeks.  You can see his head, and his cute little nose.  Looks like Hectors nose and our little chin. Doctor says he weights around 13 oz. 

I'm having trouble sleeping,  So is my hubby we were both up at 2 and again at 5, I went back to bed at 8 after he left for work and got back up at 12:30.  So trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my day.  Maybe start on the Walk in closet in the Master bath.  Since my hubby just cleaned the Walk in closet in the Master bedroom.  Then I guess I will clean Melissa's empty room next week and set it up as a guest room / baby room for my grandson since I will be baby sitting him when Melissa goes back to work. 

I'm trying to get in to the crafting mod once again.  Its just not going that well.   But I keep trying. 

I hope y'all are having a great Friday. And have awesome plans for the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!  And I promise, My post will be much more happy and crafty soon.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bitter Sweet!

I knew this day would come. And I thought I would be ready for it. But I guess you never are ready for you children to leave home.

25.5 years ago, My husband and I got married at the young age of me just turning 18 and him 21.  We knew we wanted a boy first and a girl 3.5 years latter.  Which happened exactly like we wanted.  And we wanted our children early in our marriage.  So that when we were in our 40's.  The kids would be grown and old enough to take care of themselves.  So that my husband and I could enjoy some quiet years while we were still young and some what healthy.  Maybe do some camping and travel Florida, Which we have both lived here for more then 40 years and haven't seem a whole lot of it.  We did go camping for a week for our 25th anniversay this June.  But were so lonley with out kids. We called my brother to bring his 3 boys.   But we are looking forward to trying it again.  Its just a new experiance of doing things alone.

Well, it seems our plans have worked out a little to well. My son is now 24 and moved out a few months ago. And is doing good, and really enjoys MMA boxing for some reason. I cant stand to see him with black eyes, and bruises.  And now missing both top front teeth.  But he enjoys it so I support him.  Just cant watch it.   He is still looking for the right girl.  I'm sure she will come along soon. He is such a good, caring young man.  He deserves a good girl.

And in March, My Daughter got married.  She was 19 and her hubby was 22.  After dating for 3 years.  They started buying a place the week they got married.  Well that place fell in to short sale, Its only a few streets over from both his parents and us.  So it was perfect.  But after 7 months of no movement.  They decided that now that they are expecting our first grand baby,  They don't want to wait any longer.  So2 weeks ago they found a new place, it is bigger, has more bedrooms and lot more land.  But its 8 miles away.  So they bid on it and it was accepted.  It was only on the market 5 days.  All inspections have been done.  And closing is in about 2 weeks.  So,  They have started packing and moving all there things in to one location.  So the move is more real.

And so now, I'm sad,  my last child is leaving home. I cried last night. But I know this is what they want and need.  And  its working out all to plan.  My Hubby and I are in our early 40's.  But neither of us are ready to be empty nesters.  My Hubby said to me yesterday.  Maybe we need to adopt.  I said.  Well,  If we can make it 4 months.  We will have a grand baby to fill our house.  So, that is what we are waiting for now.  

So its all a little Bitter Sweet! We have waited 24 years for this, but now, not so sure we want it. LOL! 

So today, I have buried myself in keeping myself busy by deep cleaning the house.  I only got the living room and dinning room done today. But its nice and clean. I dusted every thing, and cleaned all the glasses and mirrors.  Hooked up some speakers to the surround sound and ended up moving all the living room furniture around. Lucky for me, it slides easy on the wood floor.    Then I started cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.  Got all the old meds pulled out to get rid of.  And threw out a bunch of old papers, and shredded a bunch of off things.    My hubby came home, walked in the front door, and said, "Uh Oh! some ones trying to keep busy.   He knows me all to well.  When I get upset, I clean.

It feels good to get the house in order.  I guess its a new beginning in several forms. 

But on the other hand.  We got some great news today.  Our first grand child is going to be a Boy!  So at least we have that to look forward to.  And lost of baby shopping in the next few months.  I'm hoping my daughter lets me make things for the baby shower and then put in the baby's room.

Tonight for dinner, just the two of us.  Dinner was a new adventure.  We opted to make a baked fish sandwhich on a wheat bun. It was simple and good.  And no dishes but one pan.  That was strange. LOL!

Im sure it will get easier.  And we will enjoy it.  Its just a little hard right now.  We are thinking we need to plan some day trips on the weekends. 

We will see what tomorrow brings and hopefully I get back in to the crafting mood buy the weekend.   I want to make some more luminaries.  I just love those.

I hope y'all are having a great week.

Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

It was a "Sewing" kind of day!

My hubby is recouping from his surgery wed.  And if he cant sleep, neither can I. LOL!

So after we ran a few errands.  I came home and did some sewing.  I fixed a pair of my husbands shorts, and then fixed a pair of maternity pants, my daughter bought and she said, the elastic didn't feel right in the side of the waist.  So I checked it and sure enough.  The elastic in side the band was not even attached end to end.  So I took the seam out, and pulled the elastic out and sewed the ends together and put it all back together and sewed the rest.  And its all good now. 

Then I sewed a vinyl cover for our water filter on the Well out side.  We have to keep a black trash bag around it so the sun dont get to it.  Or it will turn green.  Well, the black trash bags only last a month or so before they fall apart.  So I bought some dark outdoor vinyl.  And sewed a pouch to fit over the filter and then over the top and attaches with sewed on velcro.  I think this will work great.

Next I decided to see if I could make a cover for my KNK to match my room.  So I gave it a go and here is the results.  I dont think its to bad for a first try. 
If yall remember,  Im doing my new scrap room in Green and Orange. Remember my Clock and Perpetual Calendar are also Green and Orange.  Tomorrow, Im going to make a matching Valance for my window. and maybe a cover for the Blue Robo.   

Also, You all might not notice but up under my Blinki (I still need to work on how to get the code box up there for yall)   Any way.  Under the Blinkie,   Is the link thing to add the link to your creations with my files.  This way, My customers creations are posted as well.. Because, I usually for get to post them.  So if yall can do that for me, that would help a lot.

I guess this is all for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cuttle Bug Storage

Do yall remember how I stored my Cuttle bug folders and the few dies that I have. Well I had so many in there, that it was time to start a new one. But then I wasnt sure I wanted to carry 2 around when I go to a friends house. 

So I asked on the VDBC forum. To see how some of the other Girls store there.   A few have several like I do.  So it was great to see how they store them.  And I decided to go with Deb C. storage idea. 

There are the items I used:
 Sterilite Container #1894  (Clear with light blue lid, Dark blue handle) These run around $4 at walmart.
Score Pal
Stampin up Tab punch
Cuttle bug

I used colors to match the container.  For the Dividers and Tab.  I used light blue for the divider, Darker blue for the tabs.  And cream for the pockets, Because I have an over abundance of that color.  

First I cut my cream for the pockets to the size of 7.5 x 10 and used score pal to score in middle at 5. So my pockets are now 7.5 x 5 ( this is so it will fit the 5x7 dies.)

Cut the Dividers at 5 x 7 3/4   And use the tab punch to make the tabs.  I made extra because you just know you will end up with more folders. LOL!

Here you can see, I embossed the folder on the front first, then  I used the stapler to make pockets, this is so that the folder stays put, I used 2 staples on each side.  And for the smaller folders, Boarders, Small Dies and combo sets.  All stay put in the pocket.   For now, I just wrote on the front the name of the folders. Or Dies inside.

And here you can see how I stored them all.  I arranged them but catagory.  And yes, the cover goes on. And locks.

So far I have :
Celebration (for birthday, Congrats, etc.)
Embellishments (for Boarders, Tab, Tags, Brackets, Book Plates) 
Floral (Any thing with flowers, either Embossing folder or dies)
Paisley (Because I always forget about these) LOL!
Sentiment ( for all the extra words and stuff like Thank you, Thinking of you,)
Textures (This is for all the other embossing folders that are just textures, not floral)
Then I have a set of Calendar months Jan - Dec.  So far, I have Feb, for the love folders
Oct for Halloweed dies and folders
Nov for Fall and Thanks Giving, (Pumpin and Leaf Diecut combos)
Dec for all the Chrismas Folders and Die. 

You can add what ever catagory you like, and divide up some you already have if you get a lot of one subject.

I have a ton in here already.  Ever pocket has one large embossing folder, or sets of dies or Combos.

I have a little room left to add the new ones I bought last year, and never opened, because I didnt know how I wanted to store them.  So I will work on that next.  And if this gets too full.  I think I will move the 12 Months to its own box. 

I think this will work great.  What do you think.  And thanks again Deb. C. for the idea.

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Thunderbird Email Not Spell Checking! "Fix"

Last week, I noticed my Thunderbird Email (works like Outlook)  was not spell checking when I sent email.  And I know Im like the worst speller.  So I really like to have it auto check before it sends so I can catch at least half the spelled wrong words. LOL! 

But when I hit send, the spell check box comes out but nothing in the box, you just had to click okay and send, and hope for the best. So I checked for a Thunderbird update. And it said, I was running the most current version. Ugh!  So this moning, I get notice to update, so I did, Sent email and it still didnt spell check. Jeez!

So I went looking for a fix and found one.  You have to install the dictionary.

Open Thunderbird > Tools > Options > Composition  and make sure both boxes are checked,  then click on the Download more Dictionaries.  And select language you would like.  Then follow instructions on screen.

Here is the link for the English (US) version. 

It was easy to install, and it now works, Woo Hoo!

Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Layout Challenge Winner!

Wow, what a weekend.  I feel like I have a hang over, and I dont even drink!  LOL!    It must be all the excitement and all the postings , challenges and prizes on the VDBC forum for the Anniversary this weekend. What fun that was.

We got a ton of new members as well.  Im so happy to Welcome you all to the forum. Its a Happy fun place to hang out.  With lots of talented designers and Scrappers. 

Im so happy that so many joined my Layout Challenge.  I got so see so many great uses with my free file I posted for the Challenge.  Gave me lots of ideas.

So I gave one entry for one layout and 2 entries for a double.  And  I have picked the winner, or actuall Random list.org has.  LOL!  I posted the winner in the forum early this morning. But posting here as well.

And the winner of my Layout Challenge is:  OmasCrafts  (Click to check out her link)  She is so excited.  This was her comment on the forum.:

"Sharon this is just amazing! I had to call my mom because it is just me and my 2 year old granddaughter here and she just wasn't feeling my excitement. Thank You Thank You Thank You I can't say it enough. So many of the items I have never heard of so I will have tons of fun playing with everything. I have sent my address to you first thing. "
Gloria has already sent me her address, and I will get this right out to her.  If  you want to know what she won.  Here is her prize package. 

Enjoy your gifts Gloria.  And thank you to every one that played along. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Day! VDBC Anniversary! Free File and Sale!

So have yall had fun, hoping around the forum with different challenges and going to all the blogs and gathering free files.  And hitting all the great sales.

And dont forget. Sunday is the last day to shop in my store RSMobleys Designs at 50% off, the discount shows after you add to cart. 

Dont forget about my "Layout Challenge"  today is the last day to enter for a huge lot of blog candy.

Here is your free file for the 3rd and last day of the VDBC 2nd Anniversary.  This one is Bat theme. And just as cute as the pumpkin, I think.

Man, I didnt know if I would get this file done in time.  I havent felt well all day so about 5 I went in to lay down and woke up at 9 and said, Holy Cow!  I havent dont that last Luminary file these girls want.  So I got up and went to work on it.   I dont think I was fully awake when I started designing this file.  Because thank goodness, I test cut ever file. Because, some things just didnt look right. LOL!  Forgot to do a few things. So luckily that was easy to fix.  And I recut it and it was perfect.

So I went and played with some more vellum and Alcohol inks.  I just love that technique for these luminaries,  I might just have to try some other colors like pink and purple for easter ones , man, I have to make Thanksgiving and Christmas ones first.   So be looking for more to come in the next month or so.

I started putting it together, and I think I must of still been a sleep because, I went to glue it together, and Man, I had the vellum on the wrong side on one of them, LOL.  Good thing that was a easy fix as well.

So Im getting this posted, and headed back to bed. Hope you enjoy the free file.  I put some red stickles on the bat for his eyes. that looks cool and used a white ribbon with black spiderwebs on it, Hm,  I think I need to get a few more, I only have 2 halloween ones, LOL!

 Here is the link to download this file. "Bat Luminary1"  RM00111 (available untill midnight sunday my time)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

VDBC Anniversary Day 2! Free File, Tutorial and Sale

I hope you got yesterdays free file.  And dont forget to post your layout in the "RSMobleys Designs Layout Challenge" for a entry to win my blog candy prize.  You only have till Sunday to play.  I will pick a winner on Monday.

So on to Saturday.  Im still having a sale in my part of the VDBC store.  RSMobleys Designs  All my files are 50% off untill Sunday.

And dont forget to go over to the forum to the "Anniversary Thread" and see what else is going on, there are a bunch of challenges and chances for prizes galore.  So make sure you stop by. 

Now on to todays Tutorial.  I have for you a cute Halloween Luminary.  This is super cute, and Super easy. it cuts in 2 layers.  No little pieces as I have designed this to be super easy for you.  So you dont have to worry about the centers of the letters or any thing.  You have the top layer and the vellum layer.  Thats it.

So do you want to see what your free file for today is. (Oh. If you leave me a comment saying you love this and want more.  I will see about making another one for tomorrows free file)

Isn't this luminary just adorable.  And now Im going to do a tutorial on how to put this together. Its super easy.

Fitst you need some vellum.  It dont matter if you dont have the right color, because you can always make it any color you want if you use Adirondack Alcohol Inks and a blender. Which is just felt on velcro.
I used Caramel and Rust.

You put several drops on your felt.  Think about what you want to be the more dominate color.  Like I wanted it to be more orange with darker spots.  So I used more dots of Caramel and a few dots of Rust.  I just dab it all over, you can also trwist it, but I like the "Polished Stone" Look. So I dab.  Then I went back with another lighter color, Butterscotch.  and randomly dabed it. and you can now see the more defined spots. I really like that look.  You only need a area of 3 x 12 for your luminary.
Next you will need to cut the file. which has 2 identical items.  And you can either cut the part of the file or just use your trimmer to cut the size you need. So I just used my trimmer. And cut a strip 3 x 12 then in half.  So I have one for each side. You also need some quick tacky glue like Aleene's Tacky glue.  and some adheasive or glue dots.
Next use some thing like Score pal and stylus to score your cut file.  The file is sized to be 3x3 so your first score is at 3 and second is at 6 so that leaves you with a little flap.  If you resize this file, to lets say 4x4 your first would be at 4 and second at 8.
Next , use a little tape adheasive or glue dots around the edges and apply the vellum to the inside of your cut file and you bend where you scored it at 3 and 6.  And use Aleene's Tacky glue on both short flaps. And attach Flap to straight end and connect the other end and its done.

Then you can decorate it how ever you want. i used some Orange halloween ribbon with spiders on it. around the top and bottom for added color.  And used Oranges Sulyn Glitter glue on the face of the pumpkins.

I hope you enjoy this file and tutorial.  If you would like this file. It will be available for you today only till mid night my time.   So download and enjoy. Pumpkin Luminary RM00110
File is no longer Available, look for in store soon

Now. Dont forget to check out the other blogs of the designers of the forum.  For more free files.

Visual Designs by Chris aka Chris Durnan's Blog

Kandrew Designs aka Getting Cricky with KAndrew Designs Blog

Beloved Keepsakes aka Lori McDonald's Blog

Thanks for stopping by! And dont forget to stop by tomorrow for another free file.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Layout Challenge, Free File , Prize and Big Sale!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to VDBC Forum!  Let the fun begin!

Are yall ready for some fun.  As you know Im one of the file designers at VDBC.  And I will have a different free file for you Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And Im having a sale, all my files in my part of the VDBC Store are 50% off all weekend. RSMobleys Designs

I sent Chris a huge box of prizes to give a way this weekend.  I had so much stuff from Me and my friend Jill.  That it all wouldnt fit in the box I sent to Chris. And that box weighed 9lbs. So that tells you there was a lot of stuff in there.  Well I still have a bunch that wouldnt fit in the box so Im going to do a Challenge and the winner will get the loot.

So are you ready Day 1 of the 2nd Anniversary!

Now, Do you want to see the prize! One winner will be selected from layouts entered.
Here is what is in the box.    All Items are NEW
Collection of Scrapping goodies from both Me and my friend Jill. C

Rusty Pickle Rubber stamp set  "Hula Series" With large acrylic block
11 Different colors of Mulberry Paper from Thailand  in large sheets 25x37.
1 Pack of 8 sheets of 4 neon colors of Mulberry Paper
6 sets of "Charm City Cakes" Stickers. Really cut for kids cards. With Recipe from Chef Duff on the back.
3 packs of Decorative Tags and frame diecuts.
4 packs of Embelishments.  All themes.
2 lazer Diecuts
1 Pack of Mini Pop Dots
1 Set of Technique Tuesday Clear Stamps ( My Life)
1 See D's Rubber Stamp (Butterfly)
1 See D's Rubber Stamp (My Garden Flower with leaves)
1 Pack of 16 colors of Heat Embossing Powders
1 large Bottle of Clear Embossing Powder
1 "Tote-ally Cool" mini tote (this is perfect for taking minimal supplies to a scrapbooking class.
1 Pink Fastenator with Staples
1 Petite Piercer by Heidi Swap
1 Edge Distresser by Heidi Swap
1 Pack of 5 small sheets of scrapbook sand paper.

Here is your Challenge.

Im posting a free file for today only (Till Midnight my time).  RM00108 "Layout Elements 1"    
This file has now been removed
This file has several elements to design a layout .  You can use any parts you want and resize, Be creative. 
You must use this file in your Layout.   (Any subject you like)

One entry per layout (Single counts as one, Double Counts as 2 entries) Enter as many layouts as you like.

You will have Friday, Saturday and Sunday up till Midnight Forum Time.  To enter your layout. And I will pick a winner on Monday.

You must post your finished layout in this thread in the forum. RSMobleys Designs "Layout Challenge"
 And remember, One entry per Layout 2 for double layout.  Check back here on my blog or At the link above on the forum for the announcement of the winner. You will have till friday Oct 22 to contact me and give me your mailing address. USA shipping Only. Unless you pay the additional shipping over the priority box cost for out side of US.

Now if you are wondering,  What in the World can I do with that file?  Use your imagination, be creative. I will show you what I did with this file.  I used all parts in the file for my Layout.

Now, this is the first time I have scrapped myself. This was made for a challenge with my Kit club. "Scrap the Scrapper".    I was really scared about this, as I dont like my picture taken, but I actually like this one, It was taken at my Daughters wedding. My Husband asked what I had been working on for 2 days, and I showed him and he loved it, and thought it was really cool.   Hope you like it.   Do you see the file above elements in this layout?

I also used My 3D Flower file in this layout.  And dont forget.  All my files even the large collections are 50% off this weekend only.  RSMobleys Designs Store

 Make sure you stop over at the forum for all the fun things happening there. Anniversary Thread
 and dont forget to come back by on Saturday and Sunday for 2 more free files.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What a turn the day takes!

I got up at 10 this morning, still have the headache I have had the past 2 days.  And Hubby didn't put the trash out.

So I got up, got dressed, did my inhalers.  And ready to start the day, Figuring I would finish my stuff for tomorrows Anniversary party at the forum.   I hear the trash man coming, So I run out put the trash on the curb.  And yep, its thursday so that means yard trash goes out as well.  

We worked in the yard this past weekend to get it ready for winter, as hubby has kidney stone removal this week coming up to remove the really large stones.   So that goes well, and I see on top of the pop up camper (closed of course) is a bucket of "Pups"  from the Sago palm we dug up this past weekend.  Well they had been sitting for a fed days for the cut to heal.  So I took them out back and spray with kitchen clean up to kill the mildew fungus on them.   Rinsed them off,  and was just going to cut the baby frans off so I could let them dry a few more days before planting to grow new baby sagos. 

Well,  I have these yard sicssors that have the curve to them.   And I was snipping off the baby frans and it wouldnt cut, so I kept trying it, and just moved my thumb enough to get in the way of the curved tip. 

And Wozzer, did that hurt, there was blood shooting every where.  So since I was out side, I had bleach out there, so sprayed it to clean it real good, did a good rinsing.  And it was still shooting blood,  I called my Brother that used to be a paramedic firefighter before his lupus got bad.  He said, it needed to go to the ER.  So I got in the car and when to his house, LOL!   And he looked at it and agreed its not a ER visit type of wound.  Because its smaller then one inch, and it was a clean cut like a flap because it was sissors. 

So he got out his Paramedic bag and cleaned it, inspected it. cleaned it again, applied pressure to get it to stop bleading, and then put Super glue on it, and "OH MY LORD" does that burn, He told me to blow on it,  I said: " Man, I have asthma I cant blow" so he did, lol.  Then he put steri strips and a bandage on it and some stretchy brown tape on it, and said, keep it elevated.

So its all good now, and saved me a trip to the ER, man, who needs that bill.  And yes,  I had a Tetanus Shot
Last year from another accident on the same dang thumb.  So im good there.

Now, I need to take it easy and keep it up while Im cutting and working on all the free files I have planed for yall this weekend.  So make sure you stop by tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday to see what I have in store for you.  And dont for get about the forum,  Tons of stuff going on there as well and the other designers blogs.

Woo hoo!  Cant wait,

Okay, I better get busy.  So much to do before tomorrow.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

KNK 64 bit Windows 7 Driver Update

This is just awesome.  Sandy just posted on the KNK groups about the new 64 bit driver for the Old KNK, and Groove,  And I just downloaded it, followed Sandys Video and tested it for her.  And it works great on New Windows 7  64 bit computers. 

This means, you no longer have to order the special cables to get it to work.  You can use the usb port.  I just installed and tested and It works perfect.

So great to know, I can now use my new laptop for my KNK Groove.

Thanks so much Sandy and the makers of the driver.

Link to KNK driver as well as other Drivers for MTC.

Are Y'all Ready!

For what you say?  For the 2nd Anniversary party blog hop at the Visual Designs by Chris forum.

I know there will be tons of Fun, Challenges, Prizes, and a Grand Prize you wont want to miss.

Make sure your signed up for the newsletter, it goes out soon,  And it will have all the details and list of blogs to visit "Tour Guide".  Here is the link to the newsletter,  Look for that "Big Blue Box"

K, im off to go work on some stuff for this weekend.  And find a prize for a challenge.  Oh Yeah! Did I mention I was having a sale on all my files even the huge collections this weekend, I dont think you will want to miss that one.

Thanks for stopping by and Come on back yall! 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bride & Grooms Family Wedding Layout

Hey yall,

Im trying to get back in to the crafting mood,  I am getting as far as getting some layouts done which is odd for me, as im not much of a scrapper but a card maker.  Funny thing is, I havent made any cards in a while.  So why not try scrapping.  Right!

I think im doing pretty good so far this year, these 2 layouts make 10 for  me in one year, Goodness, that is the most I have ever done. LOL!  I usually do maybe 2 or 3 a year. LOL!  Told you, im not much of a scrapper, Im trying to change that with the first grand baby due in 22 weeks.  Im so sure, I will have tons to scrap.

Here is my next set of layouts, I actually like this one, and yes it took me 3 days to do it, I get to a point and cant figure out what else to add.  And since im not in a file designing mood for 2 months now,  I just used some cuttle bug and sizzix diecuts and it worked out pretty good. And I used Becky Fleck's Page Maps Sketch, this one is January 2010.  (3rd one down on this page) It was a single layout, so I just reversed it. To make it a double layout.

This is the left side, "Brides Family" Top picture is Me on the left, My Son Matthew behind me, Bride & Groom, And my husband on the Right.  Bottom picture is My Brother on the Right and his wife on the Left,  We were the only family from our side at the wedding.

This is the "Grooms Family" Top picture is Hector's dad on left, Mom, Bride & Groom and Hectors 2 sisters on the Right.   The bottom picture are really good friends Hector considers family, he has know then since he was a small boy, and the gentleman on the right is also his boss.  These are the only family members from Hectors side at the wedding,  Yes, It was a wedding for friends of both and we were very lucky to be there. LOL!

This is how I had originally made the double layout, but when I put it in the album, I put in in on the wrong sides. So now, Grooms in on the left, and Brides on the right, so now the pictures meet in the middle, and you know, I actually like it like that. 

Here are some close ups of what I used.  The big cream flower is from Dollar tree, and the green Hydrengia is from Joanns.  The green leaves are sizzix is called Branchesw/Leaves. Rhinestone centers are from dollar section at Joanns.  Journal circle is a stamp. not sure by who.  I used Oregano Adirondack ink and Spell binders plain and scalloped circles to punch it out. and a tiny cream bow.  The tan boarder is Fiskars rope boarder Punch,  Ribbon is from dollar tree,  Photo corners are cuttle bug die cut. With green Rhinestones on the corners from Michaels dollar section. Bazzill and Luxury stack from DCWV.

This is how I got the shading on the leaves. I have had this thing for a while but never used it, it works pretty good.  Its called Fantastix by Tsukineko  It works great to pick up ink and shade just the edges of things like the leaves. And I found it was easier to leave the diecut in its shape, and ink it then remove it. 

Hope you like my layout, I actually like this one.  I think I'm getting better with each one.

Now need to work on 3 new files for the blog hop 2nd Anniversary party with lots of gives aways and prizes. So make sure you stop by my blog and the VDBC forum this Friday-Sunday. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Tabs and New October MCS Kit!

Hey yall,

I hope yall are ready for the weekend.  I have no plans but to work around the house and hopefully in my craftroom. 

You may notice some new tabs just under my blog header.  Yeah!  I figured out how to edit the HTML to add the code for those.  And now I can add permanent links to some stuff.  The first is a direct link to my files in store.  So it will be easy for you to find your way to my VDBC form store.  The next is Craft stuff im getting ready to list for sale, I have a bunch, just need to get it loaded.  And the 3rd one is my ebay link.  Im putting a few things on ebay.

Since I moved from the dinning room, and 2 spare closets and have every thing in one room.  Man, I have stuff I dont need.  So im posting them for sale.  So check those tabs often.

Now. I got my 2nd "My Creative Scrapbook" kit yesterday.

And wow. Im so happy I decided to finally join a kit club. This in the long run will save me money because every thing matches, which means, I can get more done. with out spending hours looking for stuff to match.  My first layout with the first kit only took me 2 hours, which is a first for sure.    The Oct kit is so beautiful.  And this one comes with 2 papers each which I truly love.  Cant wait to play with it.

Okay, I better get working on some new free files for the blog hop next weekend for the VDBC Anniversary party.  I have sent Chris a huge box of new goodies so make sure you stop by the forum and play so you have a chance to win a lot of cool prizes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Layout: Aunt Lois Sketch Challenge "MSC"

I finally feel good enough to play in my new scrap room.  I got first kit for the MCS kit club several weeks ago, but with being sick, I just didn't get around to play with it.  So now, I'm feeling better, I'm trying to get back in to the "Groove", LOL!  Get it, "Groove/ KNK Groove" LOL!

The kit came with a sketch and I used it as my direction to make my cutter files for my layout, 

This is part of the kit from My Creative Scrapbook kit club.  This is from the September Main kit paper is My Minds Eye, "Lost and Found"  Little flowers are from Prima I think.

I made this layout for my Aunt Lois's 90th birthday that was 3 weeks ago, I was sick so didn't go to her party as I didn't want to get her sick with my cold.  So I will run it over to her this week.  I hope she likes it.  Its in a shadow box so the flowers don't get smashed.

Here is a close up of the flowers.  The red and pink small roses came with the kit.  the white Flowers are silk flowers I got from Dollar tree . Love to get flowers there and just take them off the bush.  I used a rhinestone brad on the sides to hold the boarder.   I'm not sure I like the green leaves but it does give it a bit of color. 

Another view of the flowers. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bo Bunny! "Midnight Forest" Collection

OMG!  Is this Collection Gorgeous!

For those of you that know me.  I'm totally a Blue, White, Silver Christmas kind of girl.  And don't for get to add the Snowmen and Snow Flakes. LOL!

Yep, I do the whole tree in Blue, White, Silver, Snowmen & Snowflakes.  And yes, all the paper on the gifts has to match. Or it dong go under the tree. 

Today, some girls on the MCS forum were talking about this new Bo Bunny Collection  "Midnight Forest".  I just recently came to like Bo Bunny so of course I had to go check it out.  I was thinking it was Halloween with Spooky Trees and goblins and stuff.

  And HOLY COW! Was I wrong!   What did I fine.  You Guessed it.  Blue and White Christmas, Snowmen and Snowflakes, Oh My!.   I'm in love with this new Collection. "Midnight Forest"  by Bo Bunny.

Here are a few pictures from their site.  Be sure to visits their link above to see the rest of this collection.

                                       Paper pack

                                     6" Paper Pad

Card stock Stickers

                               12" Chip Board

Isn't this just Yummy!  I'm going to have to find it in my budget to get this Kit. Funny thing is, I live in Florida, We don't have snow, But I love Blue and white Christmas. LOL!

What do y'all think about this Collection. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blinkie and VDBC Newsletter

Do y'all see what is just above this post.  Yep.  Its my first blinkie.  I finally figured out how to make one. Its not real fancy but it works for now. LOL!  I need to figure out how to resize it a little better.   But I dont think its that bad.

If you want to add my blinkie to your blog, Just click the blinkie picture above.  And on the left.  Copy the HTML code and go to your blog dashboard, and Add HTML Gadget and paste the code.  And save your blog settings.

I looked on the net how to make a blinkie and came across this tutorial.  And I used free Paint.net to make it. And GIF Animator to make it blink.  And you must upload your GIF blinkie to Photobucket.  I tried Webshots and it didnt work.

Let me know what you think of my blinkie,  Im still working on getting it smaller but you can still read it.

And now for the VDBC Newsletter you can click that link and read the new one.  And you will want to sign up for the newsletter on the front page of the VDBC store, because,  The next newsletter will tell you all about the going on's for the Anniversary coming up in 2 weeks.  You wont want to miss it.  So make sure you sign up.

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