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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whew! Busy Weekend

Man, when the weekends come, I know its time to get stuff done.  So this weekend, I helped my hubby redo the garden.  Remember back in March I think it was, we had redone our in ground garden to raised beds, It was doing great, But Hubby got sick and couldnt tend to it, I tried but its a lot of work for me to weed.  And then hubbys doctor told him, he couldnt eat any veggies.  Well, he said, I guess we will let the garden go,  So we did.  And all the plants died, and the grass took over. 

So last week, we just sprayed every thing there with a heavy dose of grass killer,  it takes about a week before you see its actually working, then all of a sudden its totally brown.  So we have spent the past 2 days, pulling all the grass out of the raised beds.  And just mowed down the dead grass in between. we tried to pull it up but it was pulling up the black weed cloth and mulch, so we just left it, moved it down, and will continue to spray around the beds with grass killer. Maybe it will help keed the ground coverd like mulch. Its more like hay now.

Last week Hubby ran in to the outside faucet. And broke the pvc line,  I had a spare part in the shed to cap it off.   So that worked for then, but we need water in the back, so we finally moved the water line to the garden area.  I have wanted to do this for the past 4 years.  And now, Its all moved. We. dug a trench and layed new line. about 30 feet from where it was.  And put the new faucte againts the shed. So now. its right next to the garden. NO MORE HOSE running across the yard.  Man, had to pick it up in order to mow 2 times a week.  Such a pain.  Not no more. 

Then, a few weeks back, we moved our privacy fence to meet the neighors in the middle of the ditch, but it left a few plants along the old fence line.  So we just pulled up the 4x4 post all along the old fence line,  but left 2 where the Jasmine is growing, Its growning so nice, I hate to move it, So we just attached some lattice to the 2 4x4 to make a screen for it to grow on.  It looks nice.  And kind of tells you that is where the yard starts to slop in to the ditch.  And provides a little extra screen for the pool from the neighbors. 

When, Busy weekend and still the yard isnt done.  Maybe next week, unless its cooler this week, then may be we will get out there in the evening.

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Im still having a hard time designing files and being crafty.  Im wondering if its because my craft area is now if the back of the house.  I kind of liked being in the middle. Right where every walked by. But we will see.   I Joined my first Kit club and it should be here in a few days, as I got notice it has shipped.  So I will post and tell you about that more when it comes.

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