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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trying to get back to my type of Normal!

Man, I'm not normal by any means.  So being sick, my normal is even worse then "My Normal" LOL!

My sleep is still off, so not getting good sleep. I think I have been on this sleep pattern for a year now. Im finally starting to get over this cold thing.  I took my 5 days of Z pack and think its just now starting to work.  My ears are starting to unclog and can here a little more.  Nose is finally starting to slow down and still have a little cough. Im on my 3rd week, so hopefully its on its way out.

I have a really low immune system because of all my medical problems. So a normal 3 day cold will take me 3 weeks to get over.  I started the new inhaler and its working pretty good,  So thats a good thing.  And the doctor upped my Prozac to 40 mg.  So hoping that starts working soon.  Im really struggling to find some creativity.  

I think my husband is finally getting this diabetes thing.  I think with me being in bed for over a week, that left him to fend for him self, and he started seeing that what he was choosing to eat was making him feel worse.  As this weekend, we were sitting on the screen porch, and he was telling me, that he finally was getting it.  And this past week, I would hear him testing on his own with out me telling him 2 hours after every meal.

I got a call from his kidney doctor and they said they are still working on his surgery date.  They only do them on Wed. and there are many in front of him.  And I havent heard back from my lab work on friday yet, Im hoping they dont find any thing else. Lord knows, I dont need any more problems, and cant afford to buy more meds. 

Other then that,  the new garden is doing wonderful.  Hubby planted it on Saturday and today, all the seeds have sprouted and are about 4 inches tall, Wow.  That was fast. Now to just keep the bugs away, we will be fine.  Seems like we spend more time growing stuff just to feed the bugs. LOL!

Okay, I have some stuff to work on in the next week  to get ready for the 2nd Anniversary at VDBC.  So I need to get busy.  And still have some projects to work on as well.

I will be back in a few days to check in.  

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K Andrew said...

You know I'm worried about you girl-I've been praying for you constantly. I love ya and hope you get better soon--I miss seeing your awesome projects!

Gillion said...

are you getting better now? Pei Pa Koa (www.geocities.jp/ninjiom_hong_kong/index_e.htm ) is one of the few Chinese natural cough remedies that have been scientifically studied. it's something like herb plus honey, and it's sweet, thick and black in color. If you have a cough, look for it! It used to be one of my favourite natural cough remedies.

if your cough persists, seek professional help such as traditional Chinese medicine physicians - I have had very good experiences with them.

Gillion said...
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Sharon said...

Removed Double post.

Thanks for the info, I think my cough is actually hanging on because of my Asthma. Im on a new inhaler, and not sure its working yet. Always some thing.