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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club!

I told yall yesterday, I had some thing exciting to tell yall.  Well, I almost forgot to post and tell yall today.

So what is this news. Well, If you read my title.  You might know what it is.  A few days ago.  I was on the net surfing for some creative inspiration to get me going again.  And I came across some absolutely beautiful layouts.  Just my style.  So elegant and lots of details and such beautiful flowers and embellishments on these layouts. 

So I went blog hopping,  And all these blogs had the same kind of layouts.  I was totally in love.  So I Joined my very first Kit Club.  Called "My Creative Scrapbook"  OMG! Are these kits beautiful. I also joined their forum.  Wow, these girls are talented.

This is my first kit club and joined just in time last week, to get in on Septembers Kit.  Isnt it just beautiful?  Look at every thing you get in this kit, A few of these papers have lots of glitter on them.  I love all the prima flowers.   I am hoping this helps me to get more pages done, since every thing matches, Which was my biggest problem. Matching stuff.  And this Main Kit is only 31.99 a month.  Not bad I dont think to get all this stuff and have it match.

I was planning on creating a project with it today.  But looks like its not going to happen. I am dealing with a really bad took ach this week. I can handle a lot of pain, but tooth pain has got to be the worst.  And I just cant handle the pain,  I had a 8 hour class today at the local hospital for my husbands Diabetes.  Well,  We packed our lunches. And went, and were there the first 4 hours, And I was in so much pain, I was shaking. And my husband being difficult and saying, He dont have Diabetest. And not wanting to listen.  I was just not up to dealing with him since I was in pain, so at the lunch break, we came home. And I took some Darvacet. And that helped a little.  But not much, I will have to reschedule the 2nd part of the class next month.  But in the mean time, Im going to the dentist tomorrow. And get this tooth pull.  And hopefully my pain will be gone.

So for now, Im logging out, and taking more pain meds and headed to bed.  Man, I hate tooth pain worse then any thing.

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Caroline said...

I do hope you are feeling better today Sharon, being in pain is no fun! Maybe you need to use some shock tactics with your Hubby. How would he feel knowing you could be facing old age on your own because he didnt want to look after himself. take care of you, hugs, caz

Sharon said...

Well, I already told him, I have spent 26 years of my 43 years with him, And I will not live without him. SO he better get serious about his health. Or if he goes Im going with him. We will see what he does now.

Today, I have a horrible migraine (Must have a storm brewing) along with the mouth pain. I hate having stitches in my mouth.