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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kitten updates and Scraproom Progress

I have been working on my room and getting every thing moved from the dinning room.  Man, I was crazy to think I would have more room in the bed room.  I think I would of but.  The walk in closet is full, there is a full size bed and A full size futon, Twin bed, and bunch of boxes and book shelves in there.  So I cant put the stuff I dont need all the time in the closet,  So it makes the room look full.

And my friend Jill sold me her counter tops one is 10ft long with a corner section that is 6ft.  And it fit perfect. as the room is 10 x 10. So it went all the way down one wall and wraps around to the window.

The clear mat is the first station,  I have my sewing stuff set up under the counter and will do my sewing there. All my sewing stuff was my other walk in closet in the bathroom. You can see my paper cutter and blue robo on the counter.  This fist station is where my friend Jill will sit and use the robo when she comes over to scrap.   And down the counter is my purple cutting mat.  That is my scrapping station.

Wow, this looks so unorganized, I just need to get some matcing baskets I think and that will make it look better.  But you can see my scrapping station where the chair is.  And my KNK in the corner. and behind it is all the stuff im going to work on this next week. Wedding layouts and Present for Aunt Lois's 90th birthday.  The section along the wall is where I will do my cutting. On the side, the black shelf is all my unmounted stamps.  I still have to move my inkpads and some stuff on the walls in here when I get the wall shelves up.   That big black sams bag is all the new stuff I have bought this past year that I need to organized and catalog the stamps and put them in DVD cases.  I will work on that when I have free time.
This dont look much different then in the dinning room. I was really hoping, I would be able to get a nice big IKEA EXPITE but, no money in the budget for that.  So I just moved my same old Wire cubes in here and the white shelf Jill gave me last year.  I just used curtain rods  and tie wraps to attach them to the top of the wire cubes and used a white sheet and sewed curtain. So I can pull them closed, It drives me nuts to see all that stuff that dont match.  Sitting on top of the wire cubes is my Scrap wrack and yes, I do use it.
Here is Smokey Kitten,  She is such a ball of energy. Oh My!  She gets in to every thing. Here she is on the counter.

And here she is in my wire cubes when I was just starting to load them. One of the albums had ribbon on it and yep. She found it. To her, my room is an amusement park.

This is Mr. Rusty.  he is part Main Coon.  So he is pretty hefty and has such big paws.  But this cat, has no cares in the world.  He sits, Yes I mean sits. Like we sit on the floor.   And he wont move. He just looks at you like your supposed to walk over him.  Well, he took to the kitten,  and he is actually teaching her.  When we first got her, she would bite you. Well, Rusty will play with her and when she gets to rough and bites. He will use his big paws to hold her down.  If she dont stop, He bites her on the ear and she runs off.  Then she comes back and Rusty licks her head.  And shows her love.  So now, She has not bit in over a week.  And is getting more loving. And lets you hold her.  She is still overly stimulated by touch.  So you cant pet her.  You just have to let her lay with you. If you pet her one time, she gets up and moves all around.

Those that play together eat together. LOL!  She has her own bowl.  But she insist on eating with the other 2 cats.  The big gray cat is Lizzy Bell.  I think she is a little put out with the new kitten here. She gets frustrated with her, But let me tell you, Lizzy dont mind playing with all the kittens new toys. LOL! 

Other then that. Hubby hasnt been feeling well. His doctors are still trying to schedule an appt for the Kidney stone removal.  They are so large that they wont come out on their own.  But they make him fill like he has pain in his lower back on both sides.  We go to our diabetes education all day class next Wed.  Hopefully we will learn how to level out his Hi's and Low's.

Well, I guess thats all for now.  I cleaned off my counters in my room. So Im hoping to start on a new project tomorrow. I have to have it done by next sunday. So with over a week, may be I will get it done.

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