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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It Looks Like Im Going To Make It!

Just checking in again since its been a few days.  It took all I had to get out of bed yesterday and go to the dentist to get my stitches out.  They suggested I call my primary because I shouldn't be that sick.

So I called and yep, they said, get right over there.  So I left the dentist office and went over there.  My doc said, that the pulling of the tooth stirred the bacteria and caused a Fibromyalgia episode. Because I have such a low immune system. And she still thinks I have lupus.  But said lupus is like Thyroid problems, they dont show up on test until you really have other problems going  on. 

So she sent me for more test for lupus and other stuff. Which I know will come back bad, but hey, when your on a slim budget, you cant afford all your meds. So I know I will get yelled at when the test come back. Oh well.

Today, I started on a Z pack for major bacterial infection.  And hoping to feel better in a few days.  I got my prozac doubled so that should start helping with a few things in a couple days.  I canceled my teeth cleaning for next week, as I really dont want to go through this again.  Doc said I need to build up my immune system again before I go back. 

Today I was out of bed for 7 hours and think im about ready for bed again.  Tomorrow, Im shooting for half a day.  I want to work on a layout, for the sketch challenge that came with my new Kit.  Which will be for Aunt Lois 90th birthday present.  I missed her party sunday, But I figured I better not go and get her sick.  As she just got out of the hospital is it is.

Well, I will check in, in a few more days. 
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Shirley Fread said...

Glad to hear that you are doing much better! Some much needed rest will help plenty!
I sympathize with not being able to scrapbook or make cards as I broke my wrist and still have two weeks to go before the cast comrs off!

K Andrew said...

girl I'm so glad to hear it--I thought I was going to have to come down there and take you to the dr myself!
love ya!