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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I think Im still here!

Man, the last week has been "HELL" Yes, I said it.. I feel so bad, im just over it.

As you all may know, I have been dealing with tooth pain for a week now.  About 5 years ago, I put a ton of money in to my teeth to get them all taken care of before I went on disability. All the medications I have been on for years have really taken a toll on my teeth.  Well, I ended up getting most of my top teeth capped through the years. Only have 2 left on top to cap. But the bottoms that do most of the work.  Are now having issues.  It seems that the Dentist used the Silver (amalgam) fillings.  And it seems that they are leaking and now all my teeth are deteriorating from the inside out.  So they are all brittle.  And just falling apart.

This is what happened last week.  The week before, the filling came out, then a few days later, half the tooth fell off, then the center filling fell out, this is when all the pain started because the root was now exposed.  I have been in so much pain this past week.  I tell you,  Tooth pain is unlike any other pain in the world. It has got to be the worst. 

I told yall what happened at the Diabetes Class on Wed.  I went to the dentist on Thursday.  And of course they wanted to save the tooth.  So they tested it and it just crumbled so no way to cap it which cost $700 with our insurance.  So they checked the root and it was fine, No decay or gum disease. So my option was to do a root canal and post or some thing to the sound of $1600 with our insurance, Are they insane.  So my only other option, was to have it pulled.  For $60.  Well, the root being good, didnt want to come out.  They pulled and tried all kinds of tool, I remember hearing, things like, Extractors and Baby elevator and Large elevator, then the words, This is going ENDO!.  Lord, I knew what that meant.  Yep. More shots to make my mouth numb.   And they had to cut my gum open and get it out.  So now I have stitches in my mouth.

The pain was so bad from the trama, but the tooth pain was gone, and yes there is a differance in pain.  The vicodin she gave me, made me itch.  So I stopped taking that,  and started taking 2 darvacet ever 4 hours. Man, that stuff only last 2 hours. So your in pain the other to.  And they wonder why people get addicted to this stuff. Because when it wears off, they take the next dose so they dont feel the pain,. But I didnt. I dealt with it. I dont take pills unless I absolutely have to.

So the past few days, I have been dealing with a sore mouth with swelling, and the rest of my teeth on that side are sore from the trama.  And have only been able to eat soft soups and pudding for the past few days.  Even eating that makes my mouth hurt.  Since my Husband went hunting for the weekend.  I told my daughter and husband, they had to fend for themselves for the weekend.  I was not cooking, since Dad was gone and I can only have soup.  So they have ate out all weekend. LOL!

So yesterday after noon,  I started feeling a little better, Didnt take any pain meds.  The swelling is starting to go down.  I know this because now I feel the stitches rubbing on my tongue and side of my mouth. Yuck! But thats good the swelling is going down.   So I started working on a file for a layout challenges  im going to try and do.   And figured. I would rest the rest of the night and just cut it today.

Well, about 11 last night, I started getting a sore throat, I thought that was odd, but later that night, I had a runny nose.  And then, my throat was so sore all night I couldnt swallow, And I cant drink out of a straw or suck on a caugh drop.  So now, I have this cold.  Im not sure if I got it from my Daughter that came home with it on Wed.  Or If I got it from the dentist office.  I have a really low immune system. So I dont leave the house much. But it never fails.  I get really sick after going to the doctors office , hospital or dentist.

So now, dealing with this cold. Feel Crappy! again, And have to miss Aunt Lois 90th birthday today.  I Dont want to make her sick, she just got out of the hospital.  So will have to go see her when I get over this cold when ever that is.

So whats for dinner today.  Hubby will be home later,  So I stuck 2 roast, Carrots, Onions and stew seasoning in the crock pot, And after 8 hours, about 5 pm. Dinner will be done.  I Love my Crop pot.

I sure hope you all are nice and healthy and feeling a ton better then I am.  And getting lots of crafting done.  I so want to play in my new room.  And play with my new MCS kit.  Its just beautiful.  But that will have to wait a few more day.

Also, "Customer Appreciation Customers" you still have a little over a week to use your coupon for this month, and you can use it more then onces. 

For those that contacted me about having issues checking out with pay pal.   On your cart screen at the top.  There is a thing about using IE8 with pay pal. And have to do the compatibility mode thing for you to be able to check out.  Let me know if you still cant get it to work. 

Have a great week. I will check in,  In a few more days.  Hopefully feeling better by then.

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jordiegirl said...

Oh Sharon, you have had a dreadful time with your tooth.

I do hope you get back to complete good health very soon.

Caroline said...

Sharon, sending you hugs from me to you! I do hope you feel better soon. Try gargling with a saline solution, you can make your own with some salt disolved in warm water. This will help your tooth extraction heal and your sore throat! Don't swallow it though, it wil make you sick .... ask me how i know LOL