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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Common Sense Health!

Good Morning All!  Is it?  No, not really, But we will go with it and hope it changes the day. LOL!

I am up way to early, I was awaken by a headache this morning.  My brain fluid is high, I know this because of the Skull pressure, Pain in my neck, Vision is blurry, Face and Eyes are swollen.  A few hours upright in the recliner will should help.  The shunt will then drain the excess brain fluid.  This is what happens if I lay down for more then 4 hours.  And yep. I went to bed a little early last night.  Go figure.    I would sleep in the recliner, but m a side sleeper and that is a little hard to do in the recliner.

So, Did you catch my title?  Common Sense Health!.  Yep, That is what this post is about.  As we get older and Life really starts to hit you in the face.  Okay, make be your like me and been sick since you were a baby.   But any way.  Your always looking for better ways to improve your life.

Well,  With Hubbys new diagnosis of diabetes,  and me having been boarder line diabetic all my life,  and with our first grand baby due in 5 months.  We need to really try and make our selves healthier.

So on this "World Wide Web" Super information Highway. (The Internet. LOL!) I have been doing a lot of looking for health imformation.  And have come across one I like.

Yep, its called "Common Sense Health"  Its a great newsletter with lots of great information.  You need to register for the news letter to get it in your inbox.

Todays Newsletter is about "How to Balance your Hormones Naturally" This page shows you a list of things you may be having issues with if your Hormones are out of balance.  As we get older, this happens.  So maybe your having a few of these things going on.   Read this article about "Glycemic Foods" And here is a list of Food to eat and what to stay away from. "Glycemic Food List".

Im printing out this list to make my grocery list.  And take this with me.  To help me remember to pick up better foods.

I hope yall find this newletter helpful.  I really like it.

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Nancy said...

Are you sure your shunt is working properly? One would think they would drain properly sitting or lying.

Sharon said...

Hi Nancy,
Yes, my shunt is working, If it wasnt, I would totally loose my sight again.

I have a lumbar shunt so its in the base of my spine. So I have to be upright for it to drain right. It usually only takes a few hours, but then later in the day, I get a lower skull headache from where the brain has shrunk and slides down on to the spin causing a headache.So have to lay back down. This is why I spend a lot of time in the recliner. The right angle.

I have been living with this for a few years now. When we have a storm brewing, my brain pressure goes up like a barometric pressure gauge.