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Monday, September 6, 2010

Checking In

Hello all,

I'm just checking in.  Letting yall know Im still out here, I have been busy moving all my scrap stuff from my Dinning room, My bedroom walkin closet and All my sewing stuff from the spare room walk in closet.  And. Wow, is my room looking full.  But one side is all Counter tops. My friend Jill moved from her scraproom upstairs to the downstairs Dinning room. So she didnt need her counters and cubbies.  So she sold them to me super cheap so I can put them in my new scraproom.   The fit perfect.  One is 10 foot long, and the corner one is 6 feet.  So now, I have a cutter station.   And a Crafting station,  and on the end is my Sewing station.  Its really coming along. 

My husband was shocked, I had so much stuff, but the thing is, it was all over the house, So now he sees the walk in closet in our Master bath now has room to walk in and put the vacuum and carpet cleaner in there.  So they are no longer taking up space in the master bath.

Hopefully next week, I will have it all done,  I just need to put a few more things away, I had thrown in a box.  And have lots of paper to sort out that Jill gave me. 

I took some pictures of Smokey2 kitten, but miss placed my camera in the move. So Im sure It will show up soon,  And I will post some new pictures.  My son used my phone to take a picture, and trie to post it to my face book, but it said it was sent, but never showed up. So no clue on that. But let me tell you, Lord, that little girl gets in to every thing.  Will tell you more about that in another post with pictures.

Hubby been testing his Diabetes for 2 weeks and, he is having such HI's and Low's.  All we did was change from Pepsi to Diet 7-UP (the only thing he will drink, we have tried all the Zero's and stuff, he dont like them) And changed his Sweet tea from 1 Cup of sugar per gallon of tea to 2/3 cup of Splenda per gallon.   And now his sugars are reading in the 70's and he's weak and shaky.  I called the doctor, they said, that is normal, because he is not used to the low sugars. And keep doing what he is doing.  But make sure he eats more frequently.  That is fine on the weekends. But Come work week, He never knows when they will give them a lunch if at all.  Because, they have been sending the guys home around 1:00 trying to save the company money. But that really hurts our paycheck, any way, He dont know when he can eat. so he may go 4-6 hours with out eating. 

Its still a learning process and we go to the Hospital Diabetes class on the 15th. So hopefully we will learn a lot more on how to level  him out.

Hope yall have a wonderful Labor day

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