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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3D Poinsettia Flower Bow Tutorial

Here is my next 3D Flower "Poinsettia" Bow.  RM00107

For this project.  I used my 3D Poinsettia as a bow for a Christmas Present.  It made such a beautiful and unique bow.  In this file,  I also added a matching tag.  So its the perfectly wrapped gift. 

 After I wrapped my box.  I measured the top where I wanted this Flower bow.  And resized the file so that Flower was a little larger then the top measurements.  So that I could curl the leaves and it would still reach the edges. 

 I used my Score Pal to make the veins in the petals.  If you notice in the picture.  If you line up the first petal so 2 lines are in a good location on the petal.  Look at the 3rd petal and it will be lined up as well, so you can do one side of one, and one side of another. And when you get around your done. Make sure you do the line down the center first. 

 You can use either side you like.  I like to use with the Valleys.  So when I ink them, the veins show up better. 
 Here is how it looks after you ink.  Use a sponge and Die inks, and rub or drag over the petal. So that it makes the veins show up better.  The front one is inked. 

Next take a wood skewer  to roll the petals either direction.  I roll the bottom and middle layers under.  And the top layer I curled upwards. 
Do the same thing with the leaves. And again, you can use either side, its up to you.
And here you can see the vines on the first one that is inked, shows up better.  Try and use a color paper lighter then the ink you want to use. So you get good shading on the veins and edges.
And you curl the leaves either under or up. Or curl just the edges, or just the tips. Its really up to you.  If you want a Distressed look,  Lightly mist with water.  And crumple up and let dry and then carefully open.  And you will have a distressed look. I like Clean and elegant.
Next, If using as a bow,  Use several thick pop dots for your layers. If using on a scrapbook page, then use glue dots in the centers and use small pop dots under the petals so they stay up.
I used just a little Stickles "Fruit punch" on the edges of the petals of the flower.  And used Yellow stickles on the center.  And there you have it.  A beautiful bow to use on your presents. Or scrapbook pages or cards.

If you would like to make these for your Christmas presents or Scrapbook pages.  You can get my file in my part of the store. "3D Poinsettia Bow & and Tag" 

Tomorrow, I have some thing really exciting to me to show you.  I hope you enjoyed my picture tutorial. LOL!  I dont know how to do videos.

EDIT: Added new store link for this file. 
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Lynn C. said...

You did a GREAT job on the video, Sharon, but I don't have a score pal. Was wondering if the Scor-It-All works just as well? I may have to invest in a Scor-It. Love all these tools.

Sharon said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for the comment, And I dont do videos, LOL! Im not familiar with the score it, But If it has little lines in it, yes, it will work, also the crafters companion or any thing with lines you can use a small tip stylus with will will work just fine. Or you can get super creative with the flower petals and use embossing folder. That would look beautiful.


Jnett's Place said...

Nicely done Sharon!

bzyPTmom said...

Great job Sharon--beautiful poinsettia!

Anna said...

Just beautiful!!!

K Andrew said...

This is AMAZING lady! I love love love it! You are going to sell these like hotcakes--and rightfully so--they rock!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

This is beautiful Sharon!! I bet I could use my daisy punch to make these and just cut the tips to a point aye?.....I don't have a Score Pal but I did try some embossing on some of my DT blooms this month just using a foam pad with an embossing stylus (one of those tools with a small round ball at the end) it worked pretty well. Awesome tut hon!

~Gabi xx