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Monday, August 30, 2010

Taking a Short Break

Hello Everyone.

I just wanted to let yall know, That several life issues have come up and im taking some needed time away from file designing to deal with these life issues.  As im just not feeling so crafty these days.  I do love to design files and use my cutter.  But when Im in a depression mode. I just cant create.  

You see, One of my 24 medical problems is Bipolar.  I have been doing really great for the past year on my prozac.  But when a lot of things come up.  I still have a hard time handling all the stress.  So im dealing with depression, stress, and lots of other issues at the moment.

My Dear Husband, has been sick for several months, and we now know what his problems are.  He was diagnosed with a small tumor on his left kidney, they are pretty sure its benign as they usually are, but its causing a lot of trouble while its there.  Causing high calcium levels and lots of large kidney stones in both kidney.  Doctor called today, Said he needs to have them removed as they are to large to remove on there own.  So then Last week, We got confirmation, that my hubby has Diabetes.  Which explains a lot of his problems.  And he is not a happy camper. He as been denying he has if for several weeks.  And after repeated testing, The Doctor tells him, he can no longer deny it.  The proof is in the test.   So he is feeling bad like he is falling apart with all his medical issues. Which these are just the newest ones. But he still feels bad this is just another added expense to the already tight budget.   But we will do what we can do and take one day at a time.

But in the mean time.  Im trying to move all my crafting stuff to the now spare room since my son moved out.  And its a slow process.  As im not really in to it right now. And man is my dinning room a mess.  As I had to take every thing off the shelves to move them.  So may be that will motivate me to get it all moved to the bedroom faster.  

Kitten Smokey, Wow, what a ball of energy. I have never had a kitten that gets in to as much stuff as she does.  I took a picture of her last night in one of the cubes in my new craft room.  I will post that later in the week.

I will be checking in every once in a while at the forum to see whats going on.  And maybe posting a few updates here.   Also, As promised, I will we working on my email to past customers with a coupon code just for you.  As a thank you for your past purchases.  To use in Sept.  So be watching for a email from me if you have purchased from me in the past.

Hope yall  understand my needing to take a break, I promise to be back soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Caroline said...

You just relax and take good care of you and your hubby. sending hugs from "Down Under". cheers, caz