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Friday, August 13, 2010

Scotch Scrapbookers Glue W/2 way Applicator Review

Im always on the hunt for a great scrap booking glue, at a great price for a good amount.  And I think I have finally found one I'm really happy with

This is Scotch Scrapbookers Glue W/2 Way applicator.  I love how it has a fine tip on one end and a sponge applicator on the other end.  This glue is photo safe.  I have tried others like Zip dry, and they are okay, but They tend to clog the nozzle and dry up before you can use it all.   I have been using this one bottle of Scotch for a few months now.  And it has not clogged up at all.  And It last forever.  

I love how you don't need a lot.  You just tip it upside down, with the fine tip on your paper piecing.  And barely squeeze.  And a super tiny amount comes out the tip and you can either dot it on or swirl it on.  The key is Less is More.  If you use to much it will squeeze out of your paper piecing.  But its super easy to remove. I just put my finger on it and pick up the glue.

I used it on a super tiny title I made for a scrapbook layout.  It was about 2 inches long, and it was a very thing title. It sticks and dries fast.

One thing I did find, is, when it dries, your title has a tendency to bow a little. So what I do is use a telephone book on top till its dry, and its nice and flat. 

So if your at Joanns.  Pic some up.  Im sure you will love it.  Right now its on sale,  Scotch Scrapbookers Glue

If you try it out. let me know how you like it.

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