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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Playing Together!

Things are going pretty good with the new kitten in the house. Old man "Rusty" still don't care who is in the house, that is just how he is. He's like "What Ever"!  all the time. LOL.  Lays in the middle of the floor and expects you to step over him instead of him move. LOL!

Lizzy Bell was a little upset yesterday.  She would hiss and growl at the kitten to show her who was boss.  And Lizzy about freaked when she was laying on top of the recliner, swinging her tail and it caught the kittens attention.  Kitten Smokey jumped on her tail. And Lizzy freaked and hissed at her.

Last night, we bought the kitten some balls with the bells in them. Hung some of the balls on yarn on the know on the entertainment center drawer, so it swings.  And let me tell you, Lizzy thinks all the toys are hers.  She has been playing with them none stop.  So finally the kitten got to play with them.
Today, they played together, Lizzy is still laying on the scratch pad.  But she offered to hold the string for the kitten to play with.
Bandit usually plays with Lizzy and the string.  So he is wondering what is going on here.
Smokey2 was worn out after playing and needed a nap. She tried out sleeping inside the cat bed today. LOL!

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